Flies, horrible flies

  1. Almost this exact same thing happened to me and a roommate like 10 years ago! We went to find the cemetery where the night of the living dead was filmed and got really lost. It was super late by the time we finally got home and when we opened our door we just kind of walked through the living room and put our phones on chargers upstairs and then came back down and our living room was filled with flies. It was like 3 am and they were EVERYWHERE. We screamed and ran upstairs and tried to figure out what to do and put on long sleeves and gloves (we were also grossed out) and came back downstairs and they were totally gone. We both saw it. It was undeniable. It was just genuinely a creepy night.

  2. I totally get that. We couldn't seem to think of anything else that night. WTF caused the flies and where did they go? I mean, I felt them under my feet. On my skin. CLINGING to my kids' clothes and skin. It was...more than horrifying. There were several more incidents in that house; I plan on writing up the best one for Halloween night.

  3. This is terrifying! I can’t imagine the bad dreams it caused. But I hate that your daughter remembered it. We always hope our kids are unscathed from scary things. Glad you’re all ok.

  4. So do I. We thought we were successful in keeping them protected. Sucks to find out after the fact that they weren't as untouched by this evil place as we thought.

  5. I commented on the most recent post, so I went to the profile to read this story. I do have another experience that has a similar situation:

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