People who works/worked in graveyard shifts, what’s your most scary paranormal experiences?

  1. I worked in a hospital for 20 years that had six main elevators. I’d have to visit patients for paperwork at night, so I was constantly going from my office to the various 8 floors. At night (and only at night), one of the six elevators would constantly stop at the third floor of offices, despite nobody being around to press the button on that floor or in the elevator. The hallway lights on the third were motion activated, so the elevator doors would open to reveal darkness. I learned to never take that elevator. If it was the only elevator available when I needed it, I’d jump in, press the top floor, and get off before the doors closed. Then I’d watch the counter screen above it go up, but it would stop on third.

  2. The elevator constantly stops/opens on the third floor at my hospital too, which was shut down. Used to be a cancer/hospice unit.

  3. It might have been malfunction of that elevator. Our office elevetor doesn't like floor14. It just stopped funktioning right before floor 14, if someone where to press 14. Now they fixed this issue. But i remembered about novel that i recently read from your post. It was "unlimited flow" ,"horror" kind of novel with sentient electronic devices that kills people 😄. One of sentient was elevator. Creepy novel.

  4. I worked in a hospital with the same issue, generally things that involve 3's are tied to the demonic and are a sure sign of their presence. Hospitals are places of death, accidents, harm etc. all of which they're drawn to, I've had many experiences while working at a hospital of all units I encountered hospice's were the most active.

  5. I worked graveyard shift in a psychiatric crisis facility for a while. We’d had a few deaths on the premises over the years. We had some people come in and fatally OD in the lobby, a couple people died of medical conditions in their sleep in our rooms. We were also in a terrible neighborhood and had a few past instances of people being shot and killed in our parking lot. And on one occasion, one of my coworkers dropped dead of a heart attack during our shift. The building is old and creepy, even without that history.

  6. In Peoria, IL at the AMC theater for a midnight showing. Got out and went to the bathroom where it felt off. Finished at the urinal and turned around and said anyone else in here? All 12 faucets turned on. I said okay that’s enough and they shut off. Thinking it was a sensor issue I asked if there was any faucet that they’d prefer I not use. One turned on. I kept my cool, went to another faucet, washed my hands and left. Just bizarre.

  7. Your experience sounds similar to mine. I was stationed at Fort Hood at the Army Medical Center in the late 00s/early 10s. I believe the hospital was constructed in the 1950s

  8. Janitor at a psychiatric hospital most psychiatric hospitals are haunted. The older the psychiatric hospital the more paranormal activity you get. I currently work at one of Canada’s oldest psychiatric hospitals that is still active. The facility opened in the 1860’s and is still active and the original buildings are still being used. I have seen shadow people and doors open and close by themselves and I have been scratched once.

  9. I had a similar experience in an old shopping centre once! Was out shopping with family and I had to nip to the loo. The taps in the sink are motion sensored so you had to wave your hand in front of them to get them to work. I was alone in the bathrooms and suddenly one of the taps triggered and turned on. There was nobody else there. I was waiting for it to happen again and it didn't, thinking it might just be a fault in it....but nope. I was in there about 5 minutes and that only happened once and didn't happen again. Doesn't help that this is an older shopping centre from the 70s, so it already had a creepy vibe to it.

  10. I work as an Anesthesiologist and we are routinely part of the cardiac arrest / code team of the hospital. When a cardiac arrest call comes over our pagers, we need to get there asap. The hospital I work at is a new building, but it is attached to the old, and now mostly empty, hospital by a link bridge. The old hospital is about 150 years old and was built on the site of an old Roman fort. It only has a few wards open on it. I’ve come across some strange occurrences as a doctor working nights in a hospital, but this shook me to the core and has made me question everything.

  11. Damn. That’s creepy. But kind of makes me a little sad? Like, he knew he was dead? Like I hope he found the mortuary. I hope he found what he’s looking for and he’s at peace.

  12. This wasn't all that scary but it's the only story I have. During the early days of the pandemic, my hospital clinic was closed so to keep getting paid I took on a role as a Covid screener on some 3rd shifts at the ER. I sat by the walk-in entrance. It was usually pretty slow since it was one of the suburban locations and serious cases came in the back via ambulance. To enter you walked through 3 sets of automatic sliding doors. One night the doors opened in consecutive order as if someone was walking in. I asked the security guard who was sitting at his desk if that happened all the time, and he said, "nope, never saw that before". About 5-10 minutes later the doors all opened again in opposite order as if someone was walking out. The guard and I just looked at each other again and shrugged it off. I never saw it happen again although I didn't work there for long.

  13. I didn't work overnights, but I worked early morning opening up a restaurant that served breakfast. I had to get there at 5am every morning and I was usually there by myself for the first hour or so of the day. One morning I was opening and someone in a dark coat with a black hat walked behind me in the kitchen and went down to the basement without opening the gate for the stairs. First I thought I might have forgotten to lock the front door when I came in and and one of the older people who would get there at 530 to wait for me to open the doors at 6 got in...that is until I hollered down and nobody answered. I went down to the basement cautious as fuck and nobody was there. I thought I was nuts and told no one about my encounter until my coworker told me about her experience opening by herself, with someone walking behind her in a black coat with a black hat going down to the basement without opening the gate to the stairs.

  14. For a second I thought I found my brother's reddit until you were said basement. He had a similar thing happen at an opening shift for a coffee shop.

  15. Night shift at hospital many years ago. Walking thru an empty unit at 3 am. A call light comes on. No beds in any of the rooms. Was creepy but i turned it off thinking just an electrical short. Then started walking in hall. Other side of unit on opposite side light lit up. I ran.

  16. Not mine, but my cousin's wife story. She is a nurse and was nightshift in a big hospital in São Paulo. She was in a floor where is the same where the morgue is, and she saw a blonde woman with white clothes walking fast through the corridor towards the morgue, when she saw that woman she got after her, asking who she was, and she cannot be there because it is a restrict area, the blond woman ignored her and pushed the morgue's door, when she got inside the morgue there was no one in there. She felt her skin crawl, and immediately reached a security guard, who told her that she was not the first person to see and report that blonde woman in the morgue, and she should move on and let it be.

  17. I’ve seen an old lady with an IV on the morgue level at U of I hospital in Chicago. No way she was down there on her own.

  18. My husband used to deliver water and would start early in the morning when it was still dark in the winter. Well one morning he was delivering at a house out on a hill with a long driveway. He got out of his truck to deliver water and he said an old lady hunched over with gray skin and wild white hair came from behind the truck and running towards him. He freaked out and jumped back inside, but he went back out (cus some old lady wasn’t going to scare him lol) and he checked around his truck and she was gone!

  19. Worked graveyard shift in a prison that was built in 1910. Saw many spooky things, chairs moving, doors slamming in admin areas, when admin staff was long gone, and of course the occasional self doubt of "is someone sitting/moving over there?" when all inmates are locked in cells and sleeping.

  20. I work at a jail that was once a Tuberculosis camp. Many people have died there obviously. So in the one building that was also used as a on site crematorium has a attic. The building is completely unused, and hasn’t been touched since the 80s. The building stairway leading to the attic is locked.

  21. Reminds me of when I worked as an officer doing patrol around the area I would often park at the tower to go in and use the bathroom, heat up my food or just take a break. My Lt. would meet me over there some nights just to sit and shoot the shit when it was a slow night.

  22. Back when I worked nights right out of high school, I was staying with my mom and I would be up late at night on my days off. While playing on my computer, I kept getting the uncomfortable feeling someone was watching me. I put a mirror up next to me to watch and affirm there was no one there but it happened often enough to bother me. My lizard brain was telling me a little girl was behind me even though I had no real reason to believe they were male, female, old or young. Several times I would feel like someone was standing at my bed when I woke up, someone short and thin.

  23. Woof. Worked for a hotel. There were a couple hotels in the company, but not many, and they operated under the procedure that on weekends, a manager had to stay the night. We called it “manager on duty”. It went from Friday 5pm to Sunday 5pm, you could stay in the hotel once a month or so, and all meals were on the house. Trick was, you couldn’t leave. All that was fine by me. I was a single mom and the small break was nice. I’d use the outlets, solve generally simple issues and sleep uninterrupted.

  24. I worked at this (locally) well-known haunted bar/restaurant in my city for many years. I had several encounters with our resident ghost (Emily).

  25. I was a theater tech, so we'd work weird shifts sometimes late into the night/early morning to get something done - put up lights, tear down sets, that sort of thing.

  26. That is so scary. And I’m sorry but I laughed at the “beh” part. Like, what, they weren’t impressed with the theatre set that night, “beh!” Lol. But dang that is so creepy.

  27. There was probably another person there. Our brains can sense other people’s presence or being watched very well. But it’s unconscious, so you were not consciously aware that your brain registered presence of another living human

  28. I initially read that “who work in graveyards”. I actually work in a literal graveyard. Old one. Thousands of graves. In the dark at times.

  29. I worked at a bar in a small town. It was originally a bank, so it had a huge vault in the main area then vault downstairs in the basement that was used to store liquor and money drop.

  30. I read it’s a common con to try to convince the property is haunted, to achieve easier rent or purchase. The noise was connected to the couple, certainly

  31. I used to work graveyard shift as security for a large animal park. The back gate was down a long winding road and was to be used for the employee entrance and deliveries. Beyond this, the road ended and it was all private property of the park, so most of the time, really nothing going on around for miles aside from the animals that were nocturnal making their usual sounds. Once the park guests had left for the day, only a few remained in the evening hours and most were security or keepers that were required for some round the clock care. Even the road itself, I had a nice view from, you could see headlights approaching a long way off so nothing could really sneak up on you. Since the side road didn’t have lights, it was quite easy to notice when an approaching vehicle was heading down the side road.

  32. My grandfather was on guard duty late one night when he was in the US military. He was stationed at the gate of a missile silo at an American base (I suppose it’s considered a base?) in Germany. This base consisted of buildings that were formerly operated by Nazis during WWII. Hell, one of the buildings had been named after Adolf Hitler before it was renamed. While my grandfather maintained his position at the gate, his friend was guarding from the highest level of a tower in a neighboring building.

  33. I used to fry donuts for a local grocery store and worked 2am-9am. There was always talk about "Charlie" the ghost in the back of the freezer department where a lot of our baked goods are stored. Me and my manager would work by ourselves and she only ever had two encounters with him. He knocked stuff over one night and later that same week he had come right up behind her and SCREAMED in her ear. She whirled around and screamed back "Don't do that!" I didn't personally witness these events but she was so shaken when she came back and I have no doubt that it truly happened. We never went back by ourselves and Charlie never bothered us again. I think she scared him right back.

  34. Hospital phone ringing in corridor? More of a story/question seeing as there are hospital workers here and I can’t find an answer to this. I was walking down a very long corridor in hospital and there was a phone on the wall. I know this is to call 2222 in an emergency, but as I approached it started ringing. It rang the hole time as I got to the end of the corridor. Just the normal ring ring. I considered picking it up because I’d had an experience with a ringing phone in the past. However, I didn’t pick it up and I’ve been dying to know why it was ringing every since. It was an empty corridor about 50-100m long. The phone just dotted in the middle. I asked a family member who was a nurse for years and they don’t even recall the corridor phones so couldn’t give me an answer. Why would someone ring the random phone?

  35. We had someone accidentally call the emergency phone a few times in our student lounge back when I was in undergrad. We picked it up on those occasions and it was always just a misdial, fortunately.

  36. This one is short. I work at a laundromat and do the closing at night. There have been several occasions when I have heard and saw a brief glimpse of a person, I get ready to say we're closed for the evening and no one is there, even though I heard talking this is especially disturbing because this happened a few times after I locked the door. One of those times it happened near the washer it would usually stop by it sounded like a dog was barking from inside the washer. I have no explanation to this day but I remember wanting to leave as fast as I could, I have more stories but those took place on the day shift and a story about how what ever is haunting the place almost got me fired, that story is more of a caught on tape story.

  37. I work in a prison. My shift isn't graveyard as I get off at 11pm. However we get hit with mandatory overtime very often and I will stay until 3am. One night I was working in a maximum security cellhouse, and at about 1am I see a face in the window of our supply room that is in our shower area. This guy is just staring at me, he was a younger white guy 20's or 30's with a clean shaven face and blond hair. Reasonably I say it's time to make a round, and everyone was in their assigned cell and most were sleeping. No cell doors were open, and our inmate custodians were already locked down for the night. I check the shower area and saw nothing. I had chills for sure, but nobody was back there. I start talking to coworkers and come to find out that an inmate a long time ago got his head split open in the showers.

  38. I asked a janitor at my work once he used to work overnight in a nursing home. Thought it was strange to see an older resident walking towards him at 2 in the morning and said hello as he walked by. When he stopped to ask where he was going he was gone

  39. I used to work late in my office while in graduate school. Sometimes the elevator in the building would open or be in use and no reason for it. I never saw that during the daytime. I also had a colleague say she heard a sneeze once when no one else was around. Overall, the place also gave a creepy vibe.

  40. I used to work in a super market part time as a kid in college and past 1 am. You would see a shadow. Darting past the departments. I on,y stayed there a few months. Fuck that.

  41. Maybe a person stayed over. I had a show on the local TV station recently.. About IKEA.. People have been staying overnight in IKEA

  42. I worked night shift at a psych facility for 3 years, and I have a few stories told to me by others. This one I experienced for myself.

  43. Not quite nights but I worked anywhere between 3pm and 1am for the Disneyland hotel. I worked in the bell department specifically. First day in the department I was told it was haunted by a bellman that used to work there and I’d occasionally hear him working. I mostly passed this off, of course a group of 30+ employees that’s 98% male is going to mess with the new girl and they’re famous for it anyway. They regularly decorated the Irish managers desk in stereotypical things and got away with it to give you an idea of what this circus of caffeine monkeys was used to getting away with.

  44. Let me preface this with I was working for over 30 hours straight when this happened, so i don’t know if it was real or not. I used to work for a body transport company that would service funeral homes. A lot of times when people die and the funeral home picks them up, it’s actually a third party company and not the funeral home, especially when it’s in the middle of the night. I was driving to the funeral home with a body in the back of my van, and was growing increasingly tired as I was on my 30th hour in a row without a nap. This was my last one for the night and then I was done for 2 days. The funeral home I was dropping the body off to was one of several owned by the same family, but they processed all of the bodies out of this one location, so sometimes there would be bodies lined up all over the basement. When I got to the funeral home, it was around 2:15 am. I opened the garage door, and removed the stretcher that the body was on from the van and into the garage. I pushed the stretcher down the long narrow hallway that led to the elevator. No matter how long I didn’t is job, I always felt uneasy going into the basements of several funeral homes at night, however, this one was not one of them. At this point I just wanted to be done and go home for some well deserved sleep. The basement had a long narrow hallway that paralleled the one upstairs that led to the elevator. At the very end of the hallway, there was an open area to the left where the bodies that have already been embalmed lied waiting to be placed in caskets. In the middle of the hallway, to the left, was the prep room where the funeral director or trade embalmer would embalm the bodies we dropped off. This is where I was headed. I took the body to the prep room and pushed the stretcher next to the embalming table, lining them up evenly. I pulled the sheet that the body was laying on to move her from my stretcher to the embalming table. I then removed her clothes, placed a head block under her head, positioned her arms, put a sheet over her and was finally done. Leaving the prep room, I made a right to head towards the elevator. As I was traversing the long narrow hallway again, I felt a chill go from the base of my spine all the way up my neck. My next thought was, don’t turn around, don’t turn around, don’t turn around, so naturally what did I do? My dumb ass turned around. When I did, at the very end of the hallway where they kept the bodies waiting to be moved from tables to caskets stood a man in his 60’s, in a black suit, not moving, not blinking. We made eye contact for a micro-second and then I noped it the fuck out of there. I ran to the elevator, ran down the narrow hallway upstairs and out the garage door. I don’t know if what I saw was from a lack of sleep or actually paranormal, but I quit that job shortly thereafter. It wasn’t worth my while to risk my life whether it be due to paranormal activity or sleep deprivation to make someone else rich. When I think about that night 5 years ago, I hope that the family who owns the funeral home saw the video camera footage of a grown ass man, 6’4”, 250lbs running away from nothing and got a good laugh out of it.

  45. I used to work nights as a house keeper in a hospital. And i used to clean the basement and that included the morgue and the morgue offices.

  46. This day wasn’t a paranormal day but, I worked security overnight at a hotel/condominiums. It was called The Browns Hotel (Catskills) formerly. So long story short we had a resident that would take the bus into town from our front gate across the street. So she waiting at the bottom but other cars are trying to pull into the hotel cause a small amount of back up. So this idiot kid in his daddies sports car decides to not wait and take the shoulder at full speed and he slams into this woman and she goes flying. They called in a helicopter to take her away and had the road blocked off for at least a mile in both sides. So fast forward 2 nights and I’m doing my normal rounds at like 2 am and there wasn’t many guests on the premises let alone any wondering the halls at that hour. But I went to round a corner and I see the woman that got hit walking towards me. I nearly shit. Turns out she was a lot tougher than anyone else thought. She had basically just a giant bruise on her hip. She was just up walking around for her physical therapy.

  47. My dad worked as a guard for a large corporate building on third shift 9pm-5am. He was all alone in this large building. He’d walk up and down the aisle of desks, computer, etc. He’d see a shadow ducking just as he’d go around the bend and it would disappear. He’d keep seeing it right out of the corner of his eye , but once he’d go around the bend it was gone again. He’d see that every night. On dad’s days off , his co worker would experience the same thing.

  48. I worked a graveyard shift my hospital as a pharmacy tech last year and during this time the hospital reactivated a floor in the old wing of the hospital that used to treat psychiatric patients (since the 80s).

  49. Worked at a distillery on the night crew. Building was known to be creepy/ haunted by some. My last week was full of stuff because I kept calling on it since I knew I was leaving. The SCARIEST thing that happened was seeing a full apparition that looked almost exactly like me standing on the other side of the warehouse 10 minutes before we were done. Seeing a shadow as very common almost an everyday occurrence even when I moved to days. The whole place was bizarre.

  50. I’m a surgical nurse and I can’t say I’ve seen much. You have the odd “ call bell” goes off in the room of a deceased patient. But if you ask any of the porters they all say the basement is where stuff happens. I have the most paranormal experiences when I worked as a PSW in a nursing home. Every night there was something.

  51. I worked overnights at a widely known wine and spirit retailer, the store was closed but two or three of us would run orders throughout the night. It was a huge store with an attached warehouse in back. The bathroom door off the back end was big and heavy and even shutting it slowly it would make a sound loud enough to hear it towards the front end. There was also just a general eeriness about that corner of the store that no one could ever put their finger on. Anyways, when there were only two of us and one would be in the office on the other side of the building and one in the main part of the store, the bathroom door would slam. Loud. The first time I heard it happen I about shit my pants because I thought maybe someone had broken in (even in my first few weeks there, people had made multiple attempts) so i radioed my lead - he responded with “oh, yeah… about that…” and told me that the rest of the crew thought it was the resident spirit and they all just generally ignored it and spent as little time as possible alone in the store. So that was fun. Straightening up shelves and aisles on that end I always expected to look up and see someone staring at me over the top too. We always felt like we were being watched from that corner/side of the store.

  52. " In the back room, up the ladder, in the door, do you see it? " " Yea, it's watching us" " Woah!! Gone to the right!! Through the wall" " I couldn't see through it" " Blacker then room itself"

  53. I work overnights and had a coworker OD. I’ve seen him walking along the path in front of the window. So has a coworker. Not really scary, per se, just unsettling.

  54. It wasn't really graveyard shift, but it was a closing shift at a retail store of sorts. One of the first times I'm closing by myself too.

  55. Same thing happened to me ,when I was in a hospital with an infection.It was at midnight though and I didn’t sleep that night..six months later I was in same hospital’s ER for food poisoning and same thing happened,except it was like 2am ..It actually made me feel better ,although it was probably the IV meds for rehydration..

  56. I worked in a hotel that was rumored to be haunted. In it's heyday it was a luxurious place, everybody who was anybody stayed there. It was during prohibition and there were gangsters, Al Capone was rumored to have stayed there, Teddy Roosevelt before he became president, him and his rough riders stayed there, there were murders and a bunch of nastiness that supposedly went on there back then. The place closed in 1950 and was abandoned for awhile. Then in the 70s it was turned into condos that were quickly scooped up and they decided to run it as a hotel with cooperation from the condo owners to pay for their maintenance fees and such plus earn a little money. Well I worked night audit and on my first day they told me about the ghosts and I'm thinking right new guy big place, initiation time so I let them tell me their stories and I nod and say oh and what not. I didn't believe in the paranormal at that time, when I was a kid I got mixed up in the occult and such really deep so I thought this is kids stuff. So they tell me the trope of how the building was on an Indian burial ground, cliche, and there are a few spirits from the early days still hanging around. I say ok thanks for the heads up. Well I found out those spirits are true. I was told the bellhops experience, he was called to the fourth floor, it was winter and hardly a soul. Well he was on the floor and saw a naked man, except he was covered at the waist and he stared at him angrily and vanished well Gus, that was what we called him high tailed it out of there and was so shaken he had to take a week off. My experiences came later. I was doing night audit, that is when I posted charges to the rooms, and it was very quiet, I was alone no one in the building it was around 2 am. And I hear a door slam violently a couple of times. So I go to investigate, no one around,the door is secure. Another night, I'm thirsty so I say out loud to myself, which I do often when working alone, I want a diet coke. Go to the vending machine and one is waiting for me. On another night I'm alone it's quiet and I'm involved in my work and I hear my name called real loud and no one is there. There were people who would suddenly get up, pack up and run like hell out of that place and call the next day, they saw people dressed in old fashioned clothes in there room or shadows standing over them. The basement would flood mysteriously several times a month for awhile. Felt sorry for maintenance he thought he beat it, had a new cap put on with a lock. So he goes home. I'm there everything is going well until the alarm goes off, I go to investigate and sure enough the basement is flooded so deep you could go swimming but the water was freezing. So I high tailed it out of there and had to make the call to Chuck the maintenance guy who yelled at me and accused me of pranking him and promised a beating when he arrived. He gets there yelling and screaming at me for waking him up telling me it's impossible that the basement is flooding and he begins to take off his belt, I'm in my twenties, I open the door and point and say, does this look like a prank. Well the beating never happened. The poor guy looks like he's about to cry. So defeated he weighs in the water shuts off the main and turns on the pump. I felt bad for him and at the same time a little sadistically happy since he was going to hit me. Justice. Another night I hear a scream and the basement floods again. But Chuck is already down there so he witnessed it first hand he was working late on another problem and just as he was getting ready to go that happens but he caught it early and went home. He didn't hear the scream though. Now these didn't happen on consecutive nights there were breaks of days, sometimes weeks in between. Here's a Bonus one that I hesitated in talking about. One night I was there doing my job and it was late spring, we had guests, and I'm doing my thing organizing the next days check ins and check outs and around 3am this guy with his gf comes running to the front desk scaring me half to death, he's in his tighty whities and she in a robe. His leaves nothing to the imagination, I'll leave that there, he's stuttering trying to tell my something he's wide eyed and shaking and she's pissed so she tells me she went to go to the bathroom and she comes out and sees a woman only not a woman because she's translucent jerking her bf off. Now I'm really trying not to start cracking up so as not to be rude, I couldn't help it and I just started laughing at the poor people. I've never heard that before in my life. But she continues, she screamed and the girl looks at her and vanishes, he wakes up and wonders why his dick is out, thinking his gf was feisty he asked her why'd she stopped and she tells him it was a ghost. And she's mad at this female ghost, I'm thinking they're stoned or saw a strange porno or something and the jokes on me. But he's genuinely scared and she's in a jealous rage and I'm at a loss for words. So I wrote down that the couple had an unpleasant experience and didn't sleep very well. They were comped another night, but declined. I had to retell their story and had the hardest time because I couldn't stop laughing. Sorry for the long post but you asked.

  57. I wanted to add that I smelled food cooking but there wasn't a restaurant, there used to be one and heard glasses clanking. Look the place up MONTAUK MANOR.

  58. I wanted to add, as employees, talk about haunting or ghosts was forbidden. It meant termination if we told the guests. Except Halloween that was the only time we were allowed to talk about it and only then. If a guest told us they saw a ghost or had an experience we were to comp them another night or give them vouchers to a local restaurant. We weren't allowed to confirm anything. Except Halloween because instead of driving away business it would attract it. And I did research. The place was actually built on a burial ground but back then they didn't care about such things like they do today.

  59. Cleaned Hospital at night. My scariest paranormal activity was driving away from a place we weren’t supposed to be…we drove and thought we had escaped so we slowed down to 35 mph (on a dirt road so 35 is pretty fast). My friend and I looked out the passenger side window in front and backseat and saw an upright thing (definitely bipedal) running along side us…we freaked the fuck out and told the driver to gun it and he did…the thing stayed even with us til 55 mph and then it turned off toward a field and we never saw it again. Had nothing to do with working nights though, you never said they had to be connected.

  60. I was stationed at Fort Hood "The Great Place" in the late 00s/early 10s. I worked primarily at Carl R Darnell Army Medical Center (the old one across from the new one).

  61. I worked in the kitchen at the oldest bar in a Midwest state. I took the stories from the old bartender and the owners with a grain of salt. I was young and really into the atmosphere and history. One night, after visiting the attic storage room for supplies (which was supposedly the most haunted area) I cursed and yelled at the supposed ghosts for not helping with the nights work. Some time later, as we were cleaning up the kitchen after close, a rack of pots and pans came off the shelf high above our head and landed directly on us. It wasn’t hard enough to cause injury, but the distance meant it was a definite push and not a fall. They flew at least 10 feet across the kitchen to fall on us. As they were to our side, and high above, the physics did not line up. After several moments of reflection, we picked everything up and set it to the floor while finishing up our work. Explaining that to the day shift was a conversation I wasn’t a part of, being a young hand not involved with the “adults”. It was awkward for several shifts until we just went back to our old selves. Our “respectful” self, at least for me. I was offered a better position but denied the opportunity and quit soon after. The feeling never left me and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. It had become real for me, not just old barmaids tales.

  62. I used to work overnights stocking shelves. During my lunch break I'd get an hour around 3 or 4, so I would go home sometimes and bullshit for a bit. One night I head home and get on the desktop to check some Myspace. The computer desk is next to a window that has a streetlight that can be seen. This is looking out on the front porch.

  63. The other night my family was sitting around the table playing a game, and suddenly, the heavy back gate started rattling like someone as trying to break it down. The outside cat freaked out and my first instinct was to jump up and grab something heavy before darting outside.

  64. When I write on the phone, I hit enter like three times for each paragraph and that usually makes good readable paragraphs without funky format.

  65. Not much happened. But it sure was weird but my first year of working at this breakfast joint maybe two times have I seen things just fly off the shelf. And once the lights shut off. Idk if someone working there had something attached to them. But it nothing else happened after that year.

  66. Not graveyard shift but I had to be at work at 6:30 am. I was putting the tags up before the store even opened and heard a child laughing. I scrunched my eyebrows confused looking around them shrugged and carried on. Then a few min later I heard what sounded like a child crying. I'm looking around the aisles confused and concerned and I only find my coworker but she didn't hear anything. The doors were locked because we were still closed. Nobody came in. My coworker found out that before our store was built there, a funeral home used to stand there....

  67. Not exactly "graveyard" shift, but at a previous employer, I had volunteered to stay late to unload a shipment that didnt show up on time. Everyone else had left for the day, even the owner, leaving just me in the building The pallets needed to be taken from the loading bay on the ground floor, up to storage on the third. Took me a few hours, during which quite of bit of weird shit happened. Sound of someone whistling in the warehouse as I passed through. A loaded pallet jack meeting resistance as I pushed it, and actually being pushed back by an unseen force when I let go of it. Freight elevator up/down momentarily reversed (that could have admittedly been a wiring issue. The owner didnt waste money on electricians that were actually licensed). And the boss showed me security camera footage the next day of one of the doors he had locked himself, and was still locked when he came in that morning, opening and shutting by itself several times(he didn't think it was me, because I was usually on camera in another part of the building when it happened. He just thought it was cool). I wasn't actually scared, just slightly amused and a little annoyed, but it was weird.

  68. I would have been annoyed and scared regarding security on that door….you locked it, but it sure didn’t act locked! I’d be worried someone could open it somehow if it was able to do that.

  69. Not exactly graveyard shift, but in winter of 2020-21 I worked at a historical house museum that stayed open late on December weekends so people had more chances to come see our Christmas decorations. It was only about 6:30 this particular night, but already pitch-black outside.

  70. I used to work the graveyard shift at my old crematory. I used to have to walk across the whole crematory and funeral home to get to the front office to print out all my permits. One night I was walking toward the office and when I got into the chapel I felt kind of weird so I used my phone flashlight (we kept the light off at night everywhere except where I was working) and when I looked down there were three footprints in ashes leading directly into one of the rows of the church pews. They were footprints without shoes, they were very large, and the second toe was longer than the big toe. I don't know why that detail stood out to me. I text my boss even though it was like 2 am and asked if he was walking around barefoot because he sometimes slept at the location, and he reminded me that he was out of town for the next couple days. I thought maybe he was bullshitting so I went upstairs to check the other two offices and "apartment" but nobody was there and the alarm was set. I always felt like my boss's dad was wandering around there, and I felt like he watched me when I would rake out a specific retort we had. It was very unnerving at first, but like anything else weird in the funeral industry, you get used to it. If I can find the picture I took I will post it.

  71. I worked night shift at a Walmart that was undeniably haunted, despite being a relatively newer building (it was only 11 years old, but was admittedly built on the grounds of a graveyard, with the graves having been dug up and moved elsewhere.)

  72. I’ve had two. I work with adults with disabilities and one night I heard a thud in the other room. There is a resident who has a room attached to it. I went to check the noise and saw a figure standing there in the dark. I knew it wasn’t that resident because I could see their door closed through the figure.

  73. I dont have to work that late to get stuff. My store is built on a corner that was a graveyard. The corner didnt have bodies but the houses and so behind were. Its also surrounded by two active graveyards and a river where many homeless been found dead and other bodies that came from up river.

  74. My brother is a cop and he was working the night shift one night and decided to take a nap in the back of a cemetery for his lunch break. He was awoken by a witch cackling. He noped outta there, no clue what it was.

  75. Nothing big deal. The first building we worked in before moving, people always said the second floor was haunted. We worked on the third. A couple of people had only been down there, but never experienced anything other than it “being creepy”.

  76. I worked on the top floor of a former college dorm. Every night I would hear the sound of walking down the main hall outside of my office. At one point I moved my desk so I could see the hallway. My desk chair had wheels so that the moment I heard the footstep I would push myself out into the hall and never saw anything.

  77. Worked in a truck stop as the only graveyard shit worker, and would constantly have cooler doors open and close. I could chalk it up to airflow and pressure but it was always a different cooler and the doors needed quite a bit of pressure to be opened. Not really scary tho just kinda annoying.

  78. Getting a phone call at noon telling me I’m mandated to work that night because someone called in sick.

  79. Every night working alone in a large place could get to you. But there was always that one night things seemed off. Like you weren’t alone. Or were being watched. I had a security company I had to call when coming and leaving and that helped kind of.

  80. Working in retail, I'd work late or early hours and be in the stores a while by myself doing random tasks, and stuff across the store would just fall by itself.. it wasn't drafts, or myself, stuff would just often fall by itself, with no explanation..

  81. Worked at a newspaper where I'd be there until 2 or 3 in the morning, all alone. There were many times I'd hear people walking around and when I'd get up to go check to see who was there, there would be no one in the building but me. I'd hear doors open and close, hear boxes being moved around, see the lights flick on and off and once even heard the printing presses turn on and the room was pitch black and everything was unplugged.

  82. I work at a funeral home, nightshift, so i pick up people who die in the middle of the night and then do make up and dress people who are going out for their services early in the morning. Most nights it’s me, one co-worker, and the dispatcher lady who watches the night phones for our funeral home and several others. So it’s like 4:00am, my coworker is on a call, dispatcher lady is eating in the break room, I’m dressing this old dude and he won’t fit in his clothes so i have to cut them down the back. I set down the clothes and pull out the scissors and this is cliche but the whole vibe flips in a second. I feel like there’s someone there so I look around, my coworker is still gone, dispatcher lady is still in the break room. As I’m walking back from the break room to the dressing room I hear footsteps and the trash can wheels rolling in there and I’m not about that life so i take a smoke break myself. When i go back in, dispatcher lady is surprised because she thought she heard me working in the dressing room. No one was in there. When I go back in the scissors are on the floor. I get where the ghost is coming from I guess so i don’t say it out loud but in my head I apologize and explain that it’s cutting his suit or going out naked and while still feeling uneasy until my other coworker comes back i am able to dress the man with no further incident. Not extremely spooky but it’s the one I got 🤷‍♀️

  83. I worked in an inner-city level one trauma center for 30 years. I saw people die every day . Only once did I see something. I was the last one to leave the room a lot of the time. This time it was an older woman who had passed. As I was leaving the room, I was pulling the heavy leaded door shut, and I looked back at the patient. I thought I had seen something. I looked at her and above her body was some sort of waviness in the air above her. I stared for a bit. Then I left the room. I just figured it was her energy leaving her body. But it’s odd ,as many people as I have seen die, that’s the only one I’ve actually seen it visually. Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that her death was not trauma induced. I also had a patient come back to life after he had been declared dead. I was getting ready to take him to the morgue. Another person was with me. We were kind of talking and Sort of taking our time. I heard what I thought was a gurgle. But I ignored it. A few minutes later , the person with me gave me a quizzical look. I said, you heard it too didn’t you? We both just figured it was just some gases leaving the body. A few minutes later, the gurgle came back. And then it became more frequent. I called the STAT team. They told me they already pronounced him dead. There’s no reason for them to come back. They weren’t sure what to do if someone came back to life. Lol. Then I called the patient’s doctor. He said, you can’t kill this guy. Too bad we were in a little faster getting him ready to go to the morgue. This would’ve happened in the morgue . He was putting a room, and the gurgling did stop the next morning.

  84. I work at the hallamshire hospital in Sheffield uk. I was on a night shift sat in a room of 4 patients that I had to watch because they were confused (I work on a neurosurgery ward). At about 2am on one of the hottest days of the year 3 years ago, I heard footsteps coming down the corridor of the ward of women’s heels. Then a woman with a pale face and a long fur coat walked up to me and said in a stern voice, “is this not neuro ICU?” I was taken aback as it was strange to have someone on the ward at this time that wasn’t a staff member or a patient. I replied “no, that’s down on k floor” and she said, “well it used to be on here!” And marched off down the ward (it used to be neuro icu over 40 years ago) She then marched down the ward and the nurse in charge was on the corridor and tried to ask her who she was saying “excuse me who are you? Can I help you?” But the woman just marched on past her as if she wasn’t there. As she neared the bottom of the ward where the double doors are to leave the ward, another member of staff was coming through the double doors and naturally held the door open for the woman to leave. She left the ward and the nurse in charge got us all together at the nurses station to try to find out who the woman was and if anyone had let her onto the ward (we have to use a key card to get onto the ward). None of us had let the woman onto the ward. I said, “right, I’ll go down to k floor to find out if they are expecting anyone or if she turned up on there ward as that’s the ward she was looking for” So I ran down to k floor and asked the nurse in charge there if he was expecting anyone or if anyone had turned up there which he said they wasn’t and no one had turned up there. I went back to my ward and told everyone what he said. We then decided to call security to see if anyone had used a key card to get onto the ward but they said the only key cards that were used to get on to the ward were staff that were working that night. I never used to believe in ghosts before this happened. Its so strange it blows my mind. She looked like a real solid person and she spoke to me. It kind of freaks me out to be honest.

  85. Worked as nightguard for a big church with a run down kindergarten beside it. Was doing midnight shifts with my mate. First round through the church and we came upon the kindergarten and something caught our eyes.

  86. Probably some vagrant who has decided to sleep at a graveyard and pisses and shits and has to be cleaned up. If you’re ever homeless go sleep at a cemetery, ain’t nothing gonna fuck with you

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