Who else can’t deal with dark, heavy themes in their entertainment anymore?

  1. I was a big fan of MST3000 in the late 90s but haven't watched much recently. Hilarious show but my kids don't get it at all.

  2. I had a similar thought the other day. Everything is sooo heavy and has been or a while now. There was a post on here recently about the first rap song you remember. For me it was Rapper’s Delight. I sat and listened to it for the first time in a long time and was just struck by how light-hearted and “fun” it was. It didn’t take itself too seriously. You can’t say that about Kanye, Jay Z, or many (any?) other modern rappers. Culturally I think we’ve lost that ability. It’s not just limited to rap.

  3. i think the first rap song i heard was "Eighth Wonder" by Sugar Hill Gang on Solid Gold. Dug it! Moved on to Run DMC and then into full hip-hop appreciation.

  4. Have you ever went over a friends house to eat And the food just ain't no good? I mean the macaroni's soggy, the peas are mushed And the chicken tastes like wood

  5. Just in about the last 6 months, I really just cannot mentally deal with all the stress I get from watching these shows. I have too much stress and anxiety as it is, I don't needed added in as entertainment.

  6. Monk is also great because it feels like traveling back to the early 2000s, minus all the Bush stuff. Watching it now, it feels like a completely different, much more innocent time. Last year I binge-watched Monk over the course of a month or two, having never saw it when it was on the air, and I swear every time it was like taking a time machine back to 2005-2006 but without any of the bad stuff that was happening then

  7. I noticed this like ten years ago when everyone was urging me to watch Game of Thrones. Some people’s preferred form of escapism seems to be to escape INTO a world where everything is dangerous and terrifying and death lurks around every corner and no one helps each other and everyone is out to fuck everyone else over. I personally don’t get it

  8. Yeah, it is dark and dangerous, but folks are empowered in a setting like that because they're seeing themselves as protagonists. In reality, most folks feel like NPCs. No real control, no real power, very little influence. Let folks have their escapism, not everyone is satisfied with keeping their house clean when the world is on fire...

  9. That series was started in the ‘90s, when everyone was so safe they were worried about the meaning of it all. 1999 was peak in movies for this: Office Space, American Beauty, American Psycho, Girl Interrupted, The Cell, and of course The Matrix.

  10. Oh for sure! I really tried with Game of Thrones, everyone was watching it. But there was this point where I just couldn’t watch it anymore. It was after the famous wedding scene. I was done

  11. I get it to a degree. For example, I can dig into The Walking Dead or any apocalyptic type movie or show because I feel we could at any moment be in a real apocalypse. Probably minus zombies. But I like either watching escapist comedy or really awful, hope-this-doesnt-happen shit.

  12. Same here. Chernobyl was the last series I watched that was heavy. I remember when it happened too, I was about 17ish.

  13. The last "heavy" series I saw was Man In the High Castle in 2015. Then life started to get unrelentingly grim. Then it became a case of "Why am I watching this thing that makes me depressed when the world outside is ALSO depressing?"

  14. For some reason for me it was after having kids that my tolerance for grit and violence started to wane. Of course they’re the ones now watching American Horror Story with my spouse. All that stuff gives me anxiety. And forget post apocalyptic tv/movies. Those I can’t watch because they just don’t seem like fiction anymore.

  15. I’ve been saying this for years! I miss 80s and 90s family sitcoms, for example. Everything is so depressing now. That’s why so many people rewatch and rewatch shows like the Golden girls

  16. I’m the same way. Used to watch Mad Men and often would find myself matching Don Draper drink for drink without thinking about it. Much more intentional about what I watch now.

  17. Yep. I think some of it is just trauma from the events of the last couple of years, since spring 2020 was when I first noticed I couldn't handle anything dark. But I also think that I've grown weary of the idea that dark and gritty in entertainment represents complexity and maturity, while kindness and good things happening are viewed as simplistic and unrealistic. I reject that firmly.

  18. “I've grown weary of the idea that dark and gritty in entertainment represents complexity and maturity, while kindness and good things happening are viewed as simplistic and unrealistic.”

  19. The closest thing to a dark show I can watch is Barry (which is fantastic BTW)… Life is depressing and anxious already- If I wanna be sad I’ll watch the news.

  20. My partner and I have stopped watching TV and we watch you tube now. We take turns watching videos, honestly, its way better than TV, it gives us so much to talk about, it's fun discovering the things you can see on you tube, and we can avoid heavy themes.

  21. Youtube is great for that. I discovered Leland Sklar who is the bass player for Phil Collins, Toto and has played on over 2500 albums. He started a YouTube channel as covid started as a way to share all his experiences and some bass tracks.

  22. Restoration channels on YouTube have become my meditation. Specially the non-narrated one that’s a wonderful mix of craftsmanship, asmr, and ocd.

  23. I've retreated super hard into all things '90s as the world goes to hell. My 10.5-hour '90s playlist is pretty much the only music I listen to, I wear overalls and Docs and flannels, my entire apartment looks like Pee-wee's Playhouse (which I watch whenever I'm feeling like shit even though I was 15 when it went off the air and hadn't really been watching it anymore), etc. I ignore the dark, crazy stuff that so many people are into, in favor of rewatching Sanford and Son - that Hawaii two-parter was horrible, but it was still better than Game of Thrones - or Mr. Show or The Simpsons or whatever. I had anxiety brain last night so I knocked out to a continuous stream of fkn Frasier for three hours.

  24. For what it's worth, I think everyone on the planet has had a very full plate of reality these past few years. If you're still participating in your life, you're doing pretty good, considering all things. I just wanted to put a positive spin on you protecting what goes inside your mental space :)

  25. You seriously need to take your friends advice and watch Ted Lasso. I mean, it’s still a show so the characters are going to have struggles, but the whole thing is pretty light and positive.

  26. Jason Sudeikis had the line in his SNL host monologue that describes it perfectly. He said he was surprised by how popular it was because it is about Kindness and soccer, 2 things Americans hate.

  27. Ted Lasso reaches out and hugs you. You will not regret watching it. I smile just thinking about some of the scenes. 100% recommend!

  28. I'm fine with the gritty stuff, but I can no longer stand sitcoms; the obvious stupidity makes me irritated and start yelling at the TV like a Boomer.

  29. Oh gosh, I was such an edgy angry goth punk kid. I hated happy endings. They were so phony. I wanted things to be real and sad and representative of life all the time. Or even more sad and dark.

  30. btw, i like your name! I'm re-reading Gaiman's Sandman comics and it was a bit eye-opening for me how gritty and horror-genre we liked things back then!

  31. Yeah sort of. I don't mind dark as long as it's a happy ending (or mostly happy). "Everything sucked then everyone died" yeah if I want that kind of crap I'd watch the news.

  32. I was just saying this. Everything is so dark and heavy, and for a goth girl at heart, it's really a bit much. And this is how people irl life are too. Like don't you just want to dance while Rome is burning ? What else are we supposed to do?

  33. My bestie and I used to LIVE for the weekends when we would rent 2-3 horror movies from the local video store and order a pizza and hunker down. We had subscriptions to Fangoria and Gorezone magazines and ordered latex and wax materials to do our own SFX- fake shopped off feet, eyeballs with a pencil jammed through them, you know, kid stuff.

  34. Yes! I don't know if it is related to life experiences or what, but anything heavy and dark is a no-go for the past few years. I watch a lot of British people baking on Netflix, play a lot of Animal Crossing, and do crosswords on the NYTimes app. Holy crap I'm old.

  35. Im old too, and have been happily avoiding all things dark and dangerous since I was 21. Life is so much better without: murder as entertainment, ignorant screamfests as entertainment, misdiagnosing people’s mental health for entertainment, etc.etc. I watch mostly PBS and a lot of classic movie stuff, Ted Lasso, and cooking shows. Didn’t see GOT or Breaking Bad. Life is hard enough without being forced to watch violence or hatred. Ain’t paying for it, ain’t watching it.

  36. Me. I’ve always been very sensitive but now I have to actively avoid things that I used to be very blasé about. I think it’s a combination of being old enough to know that my mortality is real, and I’ve consumed enough “difficult”topics. I don’t feel like I have to “grow” any further about it.

  37. I still watch shows like Forensic Files and Cold Case Files, they focus on catching the killer. I steer away from those shows that like going into detail about the nature of the crimes, or wanting to dig into the mind of whatever murderer.

  38. I haven't been able to since 9/11. Seeing all those people die live on TV made it impossible to watch pretend like die on pretend TV.

  39. Same. When Better Call Saul ends tonight, that is it for me. I loved Breaking Bad, but due to the current state of affairs in the world, I just can't watch that kind of stuff any more. I tried to watch Animal Kingdom, and I have heard that it is really good in a Breaking Bad sort of way, but after a couple of episodes, it was back to Disney and Pixar for me.

  40. I can't. I'm happily avoiding anything that might upset me. I've been watching What We Do In the Shadows and other such comedies.

  41. WWDITS has been one of the few comedies I’ve really enjoyed in years, in no small part by the excellent cast of actors.

  42. You might like Toast of London (Matt Berry). I think it's hilarious but unfortunately it's only available via YouTube because it isn't on any streaming platform in the US.

  43. I've been like that for a few years now. There's enough depressing stuff in real life that I need some hope in my entertainment. Evil wins often enough in reality that I got to fiction to escape from that.

  44. Exactly. That's why I'll never watch the Handmaid'sTale or any of the CSI shows, etc. For me, it's all cute little comedies, sci-fi, and British murder mysteries where they somehow make murder charming, like Midsommer Murders.

  45. Me. Wife binged Chernobyl five times, I couldn't bring myself to it. Not with the Zaporizhzhia power plant currently existing in a Schröedinger-state, and also because I lived through and remember the original one.

  46. Yeah, I'm completely over distopia. It has served us terribly. The world needs to get in the habit of thinking creatively about a world we want to inhabit.

  47. As someone who rolled their eyes when all my friends told me to watch Ted Lasso, and then watched it and fell in love with it despite my cynicism, just watch it. I’m only halfway through the first season though.

  48. I think it's the too much doom scrolling we do. Eliminate that and you have bandwidth for some dark entertainment.

  49. Not only do I not enjoy heavy drama, lately I just want to rewatch old shows that I’ve seen before. I just need something easy that isn’t going to need me to expend energy for entertainment.

  50. Get into prepping and survivalism. Don’t take it seriously and do not spend a lot of money. It can be something as simple as doing an inventory of the batteries and flashlights you already possess, or increasing how far you walk every day. Again, don’t take it too seriously and don’t take it too far, but in small doses it seems to tweak my little monkey brain with positive feeling of control. And hey ya never know some of it might actually come in handy one day.

  51. You're not alone. I'm so burned out on cynicism. These days I appreciate anything with strong threads of kindness and hope.

  52. I don't care how well done something is, if Breaking Bad taught me anything it's that if I feel more stressed out after watching something, it just isn't worth it.

  53. I can’t handle the stress anymore either . I know it’s just a story but I can’t help imagining what it would be like to be in those situations. Maybe it’s because they make it seem real . I have no problem with over the top stuff like Bond or John Wick .

  54. I'm OK with a little darkness here and there, but I gotta say, Ted Lasso and Star Trek: Strange New Worlds were both a breath of fresh air.

  55. +1 on Star Trek SNW. Probably 10 years ago I would have dismissed it as trite or lacking nuance but right now its totally what I need.

  56. I'm feeling the same, and since darker themes (which should not mean violent or gritty but it has trended that way more and more) have been my main form of entertainment for most of my life so far, the way current entertainment has a 'push the envelope' approach has ruined a lot of it for me. I made an exception for Stranger Things, because it's really good. But I won't be rewatching. As a lifelong Star Trek fan, the current ST franchise deciding (in their words) modern audiences want more violence... as if those of us saying we'd rather not are time traveling, ruined new Star Trek for me.

  57. I feel all of this so hard. My wife and I waited forever for the new season of Ozark to drop, and we haven't watched it because we just can't with the horrible people doing horrible things.

  58. Oh, totally. I also work in social services, so at the end of the day I just want to watch something that is low stakes and light hearted. I just can’t deal with the heavy themes anymore. I watched JoJo Rabbit recently and I cried like the world was ending at the end. I think I needed a good cry, but I would just rather avoid any potential existential crisis moments.

  59. Same here. Stopped with the heavy themes right around when Trump got into office... or maybe it was even earlier, when my mom started to die.

  60. It’s so funny to see this because I often wonder why this drastic shift occurred in me… I used to love dark, heavy movies. In the 90’s I was obsessed with Natural Born Killers, The Doom Generation, Reservoir Dogs, Lost Highway (any David Lynch) and the list goes on, anything with heavy themes and a fair amount of anger and violence (even if that violence is quiet or passive like in certain music) At The Drive In and The Mars Volta, The Deftones come to mind… Now, I can’t stomach any of it. It’s like there’s enough real life dark, heavy shit going on in every day life that I’ve lost the ability to be “entertained” by these themes. I still have an appetite for fairly dark music at times; Tool, Radiohead, Ministry, NIN, etc but rarely and I’ve got to be in a certain headspace to go there. It’s like my feelings got deeper or I feel it too much ( no matter how good it is ) and I just can’t. Only at certain times and in very limited amounts… I’m glad I’m not the only one who finds themselves feeling this way.

  61. OP, thanks for this. I just kind of assumed that it was another example of me being a headcase. I tried watching Star Trek: Discovery, and it was kinda not too bad at first, but then they went into the mirror universe and holy fucking Christ is it dark and violent and gory.

  62. I’m a lot more sensitive to really dark things. Years ago I would look forward to shows like “Autopsy”, and now it gives me anxiety.

  63. I'm just about to a point where the heaviest contest I can handle is Pixar. Even games are way too much anymore. Mario Kart ftw.

  64. Wow this odd. In the past few months I’ve done the same. I can’t be entertained by darkness anymore. I will watch something campy like RuPaul drag race, Portlandia, Absolutely Fabulous, hell I even started to watch Daria again. It’s better for my sanity.

  65. Same here. Plus I have difficulty watching anything where people harm/torture each other or screw each other over. I don't know why people enjoy that kind of thing. But everyone has their own thing I guess.

  66. Totally. I used to love Criminal Minds, CSI, type shows. Now I’m either watching The Office on repeat, or shows like Only Murders in the Building. Yes it sounds heavy but it’s fun with Steve Martin and Martin Short. I just can’t handle any manufactured stress, I have enough of that from my own life

  67. I've been a fan of Supernatural since the beginning. But last year, while watching it through for the gazillionth time, something clicked. I was watching the episode "Clip Show" where Crowley goes after some of the people Sam and Dean previously saved. Seen the episode at least two dozen times. But last year, I paused it and went, "Hold on. Crowley, these people had nothing to do with you. No contracts. Not evil. No stake in your war with the Winchesters. You went after them for no reason other than they were Winchester-adjacent. And in passing, at that!"

  68. I stopped doing horror movies a long time ago unless it’s like old school Universal Monsters stuff. No gore or slasher etc. And yes to everyone who said news and commentary. There was a point last year where my left eye twitched for three months straight. Don’t torture yourself with things you can’t change/fix. Do your best to be a good human. Take the extra time to journal or listen to music or read an edifying book.

  69. I feel you. I'm basically down to Hallmark movies, PBS shows, and cartoons at this point. I can still do some MCU stuff. As for reading... I was on a huge thriller/mystery kick and have had to scale back to cozy mysteries and cozy scifi/fantasy. And gaming? Forget that. As much as I miss it, I just can't handle the stress.

  70. Same. I find them kind of annoying, because it's such a trend for every fictional show to be bleak and depressing. I've always loved horror movies and movies that push the boundaries, but now everything has to push every boundary, and most shows, especially dramas, are full of characters who are all amoral.

  71. I am there with you. I just need lots of laughs in my entertainment to help me get through life right now.

  72. ONE other show that has murder in it but is light: Only Murders in the Building on Hulu. Maybe it’s because I just love seeing Steve Martin and Martin short on TV again, and they’ve had everyone from Sting to Nathan Lane as guest stars. Sorry to comment twice but I enjoy it despite the title and main plot.

  73. Same. Idk why but it’s definitely been the last few years. I just can’t with it all anymore. It’s too much. Everything dark, specialized, gruesome. I think our day to day is just enough I guess. I want to relax, laugh, be entertained.

  74. Not yet, but I can see your point. I finally read the Handmaid’s Tale book and started watching the series. It’s freaking me out how something written in 1985 and filmed in 2017 as a dystopian fiction seems to be coming true. Its so hard to watch considering current political events and the pandemic still going on.

  75. For many years I've actively avoided those darker/heavy themes. I want to walk away feeling happier than I went into it. I want to laugh and have fun.

  76. Interesting this is brought up. My wife and I can’t watch the dark stuff like we used to. Since covid, we got hooked on K drama and the light hearted sweetness allows us go to sleep peacefully at the end of an otherwise stressful day.

  77. I used to watch a lot of crime drama, like SVU and stuff like that. Recently I just haven’t been feeling that sort of thing.

  78. It’s not just the state of the world, it’s the decade plus of the “dark and gritty” being beaten to death over and over and over again.

  79. I haven’t been able to do the dark stuff for years. If it’s grim or violent or mean, I’m not interested. That’s not entertaining to me. I like shows and movies where people are kind to one another, human beings are capable of love and growth and empathy, and the world isn’t such a mess. That’s not to say I never watch serious content. I do. I find huge value in movies that provoke thought and analysis, I just find no value in morbid or cruel stories.

  80. This resonates with me soooo much. It started with me coincidentally about 4 years ago when I decided to kick alcohol out of my life. My partner at the time loves suspenseful shit, but I noticed my nerves couldn't handle it.

  81. I go through periods when the darker the better—it’s like I’m getting something out of my system. But other times I need something light and silly. I most recently binged the Neal Patrick Harris series on Netflix and loved it. Can’t wait for season 2.

  82. I can, no issues. But I do tend toward cartoons and weed.. just cause Aqua team Hunger force is hallarious, and duckman, drawn together etc.. but I still go back to dexter, breaking bad and profit here an there. So no not totally but less the I used too.

  83. Starting to lean in this direction. I dropped The Walking Dead halfway through & never looked back. I'm kinda still figuring out what kind of fiction I do want to consume, & how dark is still fun.

  84. I can deal with dark stuff, but I've gotta have some kind of conclusion (ie True Detective). I think I made it through S2E1 of The Walking Dead. Like, the little girl is gonna be in the barn and you are gonna drag out for 13 episodes to get us there? No, I'm done. This is a waste of time.

  85. Same. Life’s too short for drama. However, my grandparents always enjoyed shows like In The Heat of the Night and Law and Order even when they were in their 80s

  86. I can still watch dark themed shows, but really have no desire to. I'd rather watch a sitcom or something I don't have to be fully invested in watching each episode to keep up.

  87. I’m with you. I feel myself reaching for “Billy on the Street” more frequently to improve my mood.

  88. Over the last few years, I've stopped both reading and watching dark and depressing things. I just can't anymore. I used to love crime shows and dark "psychological thriller" type books. Now I'm mostly reading sci-fi and romance and watching cooking competitions and The Bureau of Magical Things.

  89. It's one of the reasons I was overjoyed when Star Trek: Strange New Worlds came out. While there are some dark moments (if you know, you know), but for the most part it goes back to a more positive frame of mind. It is such a palette cleanser. But I'm with you. I loved em dark, but now, reality is so damn dark I need a reprieve.

  90. I can’t watch Handmaid’s Tale, ever. It’s too close to reality & I felt that even when this first season came out & none of this gestures vaguely had happened yet

  91. I only watch dark, heavy, gritty type shows. A comedy has to be very very good for me to watch it. Like Parks and Rec or the Office good.

  92. I highly recommend What We Do in Shadows. It’s on Hulu. I devoured it when I learned about it. Most I’ve literally laughed out loud by any sit com besides Always Sunny in Philadelphia

  93. I don’t know the answer, but I’ve been recently disappointed when my husband told me the (80s metal music I put on that we have both always loved) made him physically nauseous.

  94. Same. I noticed this while I was watching American Horror Story. Great show, but can’t do with the way it makes me feel after watching.

  95. Yeah my wife and I noped out of AHS watching the first episode. It had an amazing 1970s John Carpenter vibe that was so up my alley but just couldn’t do it

  96. Yes, very much agree and I’m not even “sorry” about it. When friends insist that I watch “Breaking Bad” because the acting is so good, I just say ok thanks for the suggestion but it’s not for me. I even got a little tired of “Virgin River” which is more of a romantic drama because there is some violence. I currently am re-watching Seinfeld reruns late at night, and in time I’ll re-watch Friends from the beginning. The only crime-based show I can currently tolerate is the reboot of the original Law & Order with Sam Waterston and Anthony Anderson back - maybe because they tie it up neatly at the end, and it’s more legal procedure than the crime and violence itself - but that’s about as far as I get into crime shows or violence on TV.

  97. I was always like this. Horror, even the very idea of horror, distressed me as a child and I've never really learned to handle it. In my 20s and 30s I did become desensitized to action-style violence, and by extension managed to enjoy, for example, the blade series where the gore was supplementary to the violent action, but only when I was in the right mood. But as I get older, I no longer really need that thrill as much and I find myself returning more and more to my original tastes.

  98. I used to argue about the cognitive dissonance of directors like Tarantino who claimed in absolute terms that violent movies do not affect people but then in the next breadth would gush about the reason they got into movies was their ability to move people and profoundly impact them. You can’t have it both ways.

  99. BLEH, I have been sick of the doom and gloom shit for a long time now. I HATE zombie shit. I have ever since the beginning since Night of the Living Dead. You know what, if everyone is eventually going to be a zombie, what is the point of going on?I am not going to fight and claw for a shit existence. I'm looking at YOU Walking Dead. I have had enough of post-apocalyptic garbage. Yeah, the world sucks, it's all dark, horrible and everyone is awful. Guess what, if I want to be depressed I can watch the news, think about my job, interact with family that irritates the shit out of me. I don't need to watch never ending, relentless doom and gloom all the time in my free time for entertainment.

  100. Sons of Anarchy was the final straw for me. I can't do any sort of violence in movies anymore, and I've grown to HATE the "True Crime" podcast industry.

  101. Me… me in so many comments here. Walking Dead - when Glenn got his head bashed in that was it for me, no thanks. True Blood - loved it at first but then it became a porno and you know I just can’t. Animal Crossing / British Murder Mysteries YES !!! Old horror is still awesome- can’t do slasher movies. The movie Saw nearly made me barf 😆

  102. Me OP!! I have to work to be a positive person, and to keep myself mentally uplifted. I've had to detatch a bit from the world and focus on what is in front of me and get satisfaction in trying to do good in my small circle. That being said I have no interest in swamping myself with horrible made-up things, I have a hard enough time shedding real-life horrible. I find entertainment that makes me laugh or focuses on the good that people can do and be are what I enjoy now.

  103. I love dark and heavy, but appreciate light sometimes too. Schitt’s Creek is my favorite “light” show.

  104. About 10-15 years ago I was into extreme horror, movies like the Saw franchise, Gaspar Noe, Asian horror, Megan is Missing, etc. Now I find I don't have the stomach or heart to watch stuff like this anymore, the world has become a horror show.

  105. I think I’m on my 4th or 5th time through Schitt’s Creek and I’m still laughing out loud. The writing is so good and the cast are hilarious.

  106. If you want something heartwarming and pleasant and uplifting, check out Joe Pera Talks with You. It was on Comedy Central, and just got cancelled, but there are 3 excellent seasons. So wholesome. And peaceful.

  107. Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing are two amazingly fun and for me relaxing games. I have also become an avid Lego person. Love it even though it has been an expensive new habit to have. Also, thanks to many streaming channels, Tubi, Roku Channel etc. I have been watching old shows ones. All of this has reduced my stress from everything. We get hit on all sides these days so I am glad I’m not the only one who feels and is going through this.

  108. I've always had a morbid curiosity and tend to gravitate towards psychological horror, deadpan and bleak-ended movies and shows. I haven't gone out of my way as much for them lately (past couple of years, especially after lockdown in 2020); perhaps because the algorithms have started bombarding/force-feeding me with more dark and disturbing content in my social feed troughs (here and Quora) which started getting annoying after awhile. It's like, c'mon, I don't wanna see that stuff every single time I log on.

  109. I have a really hard time of it. Like the show "This Is Us". It takes me a long time to process an episode of that. I mean, it's not a show you have to think too much about but god, they lay it on heavy, and I don't have the energy for that anymore.

  110. Yep, that's me. I rarely watch TV now and only read or listen to music. I just cannot handle anything dark, anymore.

  111. I’ve always been drawn to gritty things but in recent years I also feel compelled to not overdo it. There are some things these days that just hit way too close to home. I could never go near watching something like Chernobyl these days.

  112. I like clear cut good versus evil and I want the good guys to win. Won’t watch the dark anti hero stuff anymore.

  113. I wouldn't say that I "can't deal" with it, but I don't particularly enjoy it. When you think of the drama shows of the 70s and 80s, they were a lot more light hearted than what we've had since then. Watching a movie or TV, or playing a video game, should be an escape. I can still watch some drama stuff, but it's mostly British as that stuff tends to be a lot less dark. And yeah, Ted Lasso is awesome. Also really enjoying that Julia Child show, though I forget the name. Maybe just "Julia"?

  114. Especially during the pandemic, I couldn’t handle anything more challenging than HGTV. Now I can occasionally take in shows like Stranger Things, Only Murders in the Building, and still lots of HGTV. Escapism for sure. I watch the Marvel movies, too.

  115. i just watched the first two (very short) seasons of “ugliest house in america” and i laughed my ass off with my kid and SO.

  116. I agree. I used to love true crime. I used to love the shoes you mentioned. But the whole killing characters off left and right for entertainment is a turn off now. I think it may be the older I get, the closer to death I am and it’s not so fun anymore.

  117. But seriously though, Ted Lasso. And Schmigadoon! if you’re an old musical buff. And Only Murders In The Building. Bridgerton for the sexytimes.

  118. I'm still ok with shows and movies like that. If anything, I appreciate them even more, especially if they are well done and give me something worthwhile to think about.

  119. I dont have any suggestions on the dark stuff except that the world is VERY overwhelming at times and it can get to a point where it does get to you at times.

  120. I'm mostly with you on that. I reread things, but there are some books I've greatly enjoyed that I can't face anymore. I'm pretty sure I'll never read The Handmaid's Tale again. Or this odd book, Lord of All Things. And I used to like Patricia Cornwell, but murder mysteries aren't as fun anymore.

  121. I got to a place where I couldn’t read Stephen king anymore after being a huge fan. I just finally realized the uplifting parts couldn’t outweigh the horribleness that you had to go through to get there

  122. I am EXACTLY like you. It has gotten far, far worse for me with age. I used to watch crime shows and forensic shows in college. I found it fascinating. One day I found myself in a dark depressed state with all I had learned of the bad people and awful things in our world. I had to quit watching anything like this. Now I can hardly handle anything. I mean awful things, especially any shows or actual news of bad things happening to children (or anything cruel) triggers me to the point where I am crying and almost traumatized for the day. I can’t deal with it. At all. I get to where I am barely functional. I hate that I feel like I am burying my head in the sand when shit happens and I am frightened to look. And when I didn’t bury my head in the sand, I was a mess and felt helpless to do anything to help. I don’t know. Maybe I have deeper issues.

  123. Yes. I constantly rewatch Schitt’s Creek. It’s my comfort show. Marvel movies are my go to movies. Those are the worlds I’d like to live in. Where actions have consequences, there are protectors to make you feel safe, and I would live in Schitt’s Creek w the Roses.

  124. My favorite show of all time is HBO's Leftovers. It is very dark, but also escapist. Come to think of it, I guess it could be compared to Covid and Opoid deaths of the last few years. We lost several people to both.

  125. I feel similarly, given the last few years of * gesturing at all this *. Some different positive, feel-good media to recommend:

  126. My wife's been watching old black and whites from the 40s-50s, back when life was simpler and people were kinder.

  127. Can’t say I relate to this specifically but I remember growing allergic to cringe comedy like The Office and Curb Your Enthusiasm. It just hit me one day and I haven’t been able to watch any of it since then, probably 5-6 years back

  128. There are dozens of lighter, fun series. comedy i.e. Kimmie Schmidt, Working Moms, Res Dogs, etc. But unfortunately we live in a Handiemaids Tale world lately. Ha. Why we like the dumb, escapism of Marvel, The Peacemaker, etc. Art is a reflection of the world and these are dark, eMo times. Like total 80s English Goth background music daily. 😊

  129. I don’t mind heavy, but I’ve started to become bothered by the intent of it all. Like, what’s the point of gore in a fictional setting? What’s the motive of the director, producer, and studio? Why is literally every show or movie produced save for bob ross reruns predicated on some form of bad guy, or problem? Can’t they make an exciting movie where everything goes right; where there’s no problems whatsoever?

  130. I thought it was just me. I used to love those types of shows. Not anymore. I tried to watch Ozark, and realized I couldn’t even root for the little boy. I’ll just stick to light and funny.

  131. Rifftrax, Bob's Burgers, MST3K, Futurama, that Friesian horse channel on YouTube-- that's about as heavy as I get these days. The world is a hideous place and if I want violence and hate I don't have to look very far to find it. It'll be there when I want it. But right now, give me the happy love, please.

  132. I'm stressed enough without seeking it out in my entertainment. I read short stories or light novels. I watch fun movies and shows, nothing heavy. If they even hint at a sick kid I'm out.

  133. I've never been much of a fan or dark or heavy themes in films. I want to be entertained, not made to cry. I only watch comedies and silly things.

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