I suffer from voice to skull. I was trying to record the voices when I heard singing in this video. It starts at 26. I could not hear the singing at the time.

  1. Y'all are gonna have to put a description or some shit into these videos you post because I'm not giving something a view just because the topic aligns with something I want to expose.

  2. You're not going to pick anything up. The voices are made by compiling sounds together from passing vehicles. The singing you hear is one part of the "voice" you would normally be hearing. There's probably bass somewhere forming consonants, but your phone isn't picking it up the same way your ears would be.

  3. The entity that is controlling the "voice to skull" technology is the same entity that hurt people in Havana. It is advanced technology beyond what we humans have available. The only entity that could have technology like this is the entity that created life on this planet. They can do total mind control like they did with Jesus.

  4. OP, post your topic statistics. Please. If you have any sort of humanity and want to put light onto this. post your views, ratio, etc.

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