yo this subreddit is wild..!!

  1. It is a crazy subreddit. All of this crazy stuff you see, but if you say that you think it's demonic or talk about the Holy Spirit you'll end up banned, lol. Gangstalking is very real, but one of their main strategies involve mimicking mental health disorders like psychosis. So if we talk about what's happening we immediately sound like we're having some type of psychotic episode. Then they fill online spaces with people who claim gangstalking, and purposely act crazy to help make us all look delusional. I've experienced it myself.. it is very real. It's understandable why people who've never experienced it have a hard time believing us, but it is without a doubt, beyond mental health disorders.

  2. i think they purposely prey on those with mental health issues... either that, or we all start behaving like this when we feel something's going on!

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