No work

  1. Nah but fr though the amount of work they probably put into these dogs is crazy. You gotta feel for some of those dogs.

  2. Dogs probably just tripping ballz with all the coke they have him sniff for training. He just wants someone to hold him till he sobers up.

  3. Anyone else think the disparity in upvotes and comments on a post that is not funny at all is weird

  4. That pupper understands that an 8-hour shift gets him a few treats, but it gets his agency millions of dollars in extra budget that he'll never see.

  5. At LAS airport, if you have a really early flight, you can see the handlers with the trainee pups. Cutest thing ever.

  6. I work at dodger stadium sometimes and this is more common than you would think. Had a bad day at another stadium and asked if I could pet the dog, they even let us play fetch. 😭

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