Dogs chasing the ball, don't you dare tell me otherwise!

  1. Sheep in sanctuaries and as pets are completely different to the usual farmed sheep! Not scared at all, super friendly, cuddly, distinct personalities, they recognize their own names even. It melted my heart when I saw it in person, they're so affectionate and gentle (except when they want a hug). It's too bad so many people eat them and mistreat them for wool.

  2. Growing up, we raised one of uncle’s lambs, after mother rejected him. Our cocker spaniel had a strong maternal streak. He babysat kittens, whenever he got the chance. He immediately took to mothering Lambsie, who grew up to think he was a dog. Lambsie also used to scorch himself, toasting against the enclosed wood fire (skin insulated by wool), so he had charred bits on his outer fleece. Best pet ever though!

  3. Day 46, The oppressors continue to appear unaware that I have infiltrated their inner sanctum.

  4. Hey that’s amazing! I was veggie for a very long time and always thought I was helping animals. When I learned more about the dairy and egg industry I was so mortified and went vegan because sadly vegetarianism is a great step, but still causes huge amounts of suffering and slaughter :(

  5. I don't understand how reddit can bring posts like these to the front page, still sheep/pigs/cows and feel no remorse. We wouldn't eat those labradores, why do we eat the sheepdog? They both just want to play.

  6. Omgosh hilarious! And so funny how the sheep heads them off on the way back, like “maybe I can’t pick up the dang ball but I’m bigger than you guys anyway!”

  7. We have all heard of Labradors being used to herd sheep. Now witness a sheep being used to herd Labradors. Is this a step forward or backward in the process?

  8. The Lab in the back is smart. You can see the cogs going around in his brain: stay back and you'll get to the ball first. He's got it all figured out!

  9. When I was young, whenever someone came over, all our dogs would go running and barking to the door, as would my parakeet Tweety. She would walk among the dog bowls while they were eating, pecking a bite here and there, get a drink out of their water bowl. The dogs never reacted, they never changed their habits. I thought that's just what birds did, and didn't realize for the longest time it was unusual.

  10. Day 10. The others still suspect nothing. However, I'm concerned my inability to actually catch the spherical testing device may eventually become my downfall.

  11. We have a lamb that’s has had different animals living with her in the same fenced area and she has always gotten attached to them that she hangs around with them and follows them every where they go, for instance chickens, wild hogs, calf’s, goat’s and every time we sell the animals she’s been hanging around with she cry’s out for them and you can tell she misses them.

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