Can someone please tell me what they talking about 😹😹.

  1. Orange cat just said he has the high ground, it’s over. White cat is saying you underestimate my powers.

  2. Im pretty sure there was a bitch you know thats my spot in there too. Right when it gave the crazy eyes.

  3. my two cats, they won't both go on the bed at the same time. They take turns coming into my room and if one tries to come in while the other is in there then they dance fight like west side story.

  4. Not strange when a cat has something very important to say. And in this case, "Thats my spot and get off it right now!!"

  5. All those folks that learned Picasso died in 1973… I imagine that’s how the convos went. Some of the funniest tweets I’ve ever read.

  6. And I quote…” it had two long arms and two nuts and two hooomans at the front of it and it was really big and really fast and when it went by it went like this…”

  7. The orange cat just told the white cat how high the gas prices are currently. At least that's the most shocking thing I can think of.

  8. He is telling him he knows he is not supposed to be on the bed, and he is about to get them both busted.

  9. Affair. Ive seen enough to know how sarcastic wives talk when the sway like that. "How about when you bought that milk with that box of condom huh, we never fuck, huh? Checkmate bij"

  10. Gray cat: "there was this old video of a marching band on a football field. One of the drummer girls was tripping balls and face was like this. I don't know what she was on but I admire her passion to play."

  11. “Alright now listen here jeeerrrry! If you don’t get me so god damn cat nip yous gonna get the slip pity paps!”

  12. The cat uprising. You need to run. I am currently being held hostage. The coordinates of my location are 53.606590, -2.429451. Please send help.

  13. White cat: bloody hell dude, is this where you've been? Been trying to reach you regarding your scratching pole warranty

  14. She's giving him a very severe warning about either not covering up after he's done in the litterbox or for not finishing off the mouse in the house yet 🐈

  15. "Bro, do you see these birds flying around in here too? This last round of Nip has got me feeling really weird"

  16. He is politely, but sternly telling Jeff that he can't keep ordering pizza and secretly adding pineapple without anyone knowing.

  17. The white cat is simply explaining to the orange cat that the plan to kill the human is solid and they need to leave right now because the human is napping in the lazyboy.

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