With all the reports of WB looking to replace Ezra Miller, I thought this fit

  1. They could do like Netflix did with Army of the Dead, where one of the cast members had sexual misconduct allegations come up about a year after filming completed. They digitally replaced him with Tig Notaro, and it looked pretty seamless to me. Granted though, this was a supporting character not a lead, so this would cost quite a bit in CGI labor to replace Miller with Gustin. Probably cheaper than reshooting the majority of the movie though.

  2. WB, come one, it's now or never.... Make Grant Gustin lead the DCEU as Barry Allen/The Flash please!!

  3. As great as this would be I don’t think WB would offer Grant the position since he’s already got the spot on TV. I think it’s unfortunately a rule.

  4. Has that ever worked though with a TV actor doing a show that's very much drama level and plot cheese that fits TV (like CW) then going across to a more serious Film incarnation?

  5. Grant does seem like a decent, normal guy that doesn't have to do over the top stuff to get attention. Ezra seems like he needs to have the spotlight on him constantly

  6. At this point, they need to kill the DCEU and either start over fresh, or walk away for a decade before coming back to it, assuming superhero movies are still a thing at that point.

  7. Arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and harassment for drunkingly lunging at people at a karaoke bar. A couple also filed a restraining order against him for bursting into their bedroom and threatening them/stealing belongings.

  8. In addition to the incidents listed below, the police were called out 10 or 20 times on him while in Hawaii for a couple weeks.

  9. Say what you will about DCEU movies but it wouldn’t be as messed up if there wasn’t so much drama with the cast and company

  10. That's like saying "if it weren't were for the burger, the bun, the cheese, lettuce, tomatos, and everything else in this hamburger, it wouldn't be bad".

  11. It would be like Marvel bringing back Iron Man/Tony Stark and recasting Tony as someone else. Matt and RDJ are both perfect for their roles and you don't recast someone that is already perfect for a role. You let the character die before that happens. Hence, why Iron Man died.

  12. I sincerely hope they fire Ezra after this. He was just a terrible flash. His version didn’t take hardly anything seriously. I couldn’t stand him. Not to mention his version was basically almost nothing like the comic iteration.

  13. Firstly, it’s not their fault how their character was written. Actors pretty much have no control when it comes to their character ‘matching the comics’.

  14. I saw Grant as halfway to portraying Barry Allen and Ezra as a totally different guy.. but he was OK In the Snyder cut of Justice league. Likeable in a couple of scenes actually

  15. Ditch Barry and bring in a Wally West flash. preferably a ginger hair flash. They're already replacing batman & superman with batgirl and supergirl.

  16. Grant's built up a good reputation over the years in his run as Barry, it honestly would feel earned if not deserved if it it did happen.

  17. To think WB got rid of Johnny Depp, Ben Affleck & Ray Fisher, but decided to keep Amber Heard & Ezra Miller. Wonder how that's working out for them

  18. Holy shit. Warner Bros needs to just give up at making superhero movies. They obviously just are not going to be successful.

  19. this is funny because the whole justice league movie i was like that's the not the real flash. my barry can phase out of this.

  20. Ezra isn't being recast, it wouldn't make sense at this point. The best course of action is to release the film next year as planned, then do a soft reboot a couple years down the road.

  21. Grant will never be movie Flash couse he allready did flash on cw for what 6 years... They need a new fresh face to play the scarlet speedster, I think Ezra is having a mental breakdown , I really hope he gets out of what ever is bothering him and be the flash we want him to be ... And stop drinking dude ,u just become an ass to everyone...

  22. No way he'll be replaced. Ezra is one of the LBGTQ icons. People like him cannot be replaced or else WB would lose the LBGTQ community fan base which makes up 80% of their total fan base.

  23. They are NOT an icon. LOL words have lost all meaning. I can make up stats too. 37% of DC fans fart 3 times when they watch a DC movie. Fortunately, only 5% experience a shart.

  24. Most LGBT fans don't care about Ezra haha, especially after their actions lol. It's mainly Snyderverse people who like Ezra and don't want him gone.

  25. Ezra isn't a lesbian icon but even if we just roll with what you generally meant.. Ezra is a terrible poster child and does no favours to people who identify the same way

  26. Now he's gotta act like a newbie again just got Barry who shouldn't have trouble taken down these villains now I have to watch it again. 🙄🙄😫😫can we just get a new actor I know who would be a perfect pick too.

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