why is Facebook making it harder to advertise

  1. My main business is advertising on Facebook. I suffer the same issues as you do on a daily basis, while I hate it I try to look from the opposite side:

  2. You are right, but why would I go to the trouble of verifying my domain, business and myself ( I don't think Facebook should ask for official documents, I think they don't need it) and then put in fraudulent ads. Is renting accounts safe? What if they because of some reason stop their services or something?

  3. I had an account manager and they had no ability to do anything. They would just waste my time acting as if they could help. Even with a permanently banned account, my long time account managers just wanted to talk ad strategies to get me to spend more money (on the account that was permanently banned lol)

  4. Facebook doesn't even verify my business, I have provided company registration documents as well as Company House documents(UK thing) with my address and it still gets rejected. And they have banned my personal account twice. They are a pain to work with.

  5. There are some factors that facebook keep in mind before creating problems lile that for the user. I will put some solutions down the line. As i have 5 ad accounts running on a single business manager and. I have three new business more on my personal profile. So,

  6. But if I'm creating an ad account, a business manager and following their process... And they block me on the first time I create an ad, how am I supposed to get the account to mature? And how is anyone going to experiment with their ad copy or image design if it just gets you banned?

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