I eat a shit ton of meat do u think that’s immoral? I’m sure there’s other meat eaters that are apart of this subreddit

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  1. do not eat what you aren't prepared to kill. the ethical carnivore. I personally could never kill an animal and thus, I refuse to eat them.

  2. My opinion- no. Listen to your body as well. I tried to go vegan and ruined my body with a bunch of oxalates. I had to go back to rating meet and potatoes because that’s how I was raised. Make sure that whatever you cos one is what your busy agreed with. There is no one straight diet for every person because every physical body is unique and different. Eat pasture raised and humane animals and animal products. Spend the extra money. Factory farmed animals are not a frequency that one should consume.

  3. No it is not immoral. I went on the carnivore diet for health reasons and it cured me of many ailments and improved my life drastically. I am not strict carnivore now but my diet is. 90% meat. These body's we have now are made in "Gods" image which makes us predators. We prey on animals so we may be healthy. As above so below. I think the whole design is disgusting but what are you gonna do? Don't hate the player, hate the game.

  4. To be honest… for that bacon factory farmed pigs are shaking, shivering in terror, trying to dig their heels into the ground to avoid their fate. They hear the other pigs screaming as they’re killed and can’t move cause they’re shaking so badly with fear. In dark tiny metal corridors mechanical belts drag them to be slaughtered at which point they’re screaming in agony. This is based on footage I’ve seen. If we did this to other humans we’d be the most abhorrent serial killers but many millions of us pay to do this to pigs and other mammals just a little less intelligent than homo sapiens, yet it’s condoned.

  5. Yes. Animals are like us confused souls who end up being killed in inhumane ways just so humans can eat them while it’s possible for us to eat plant based. If you think there are humane ways to kill animals then you might as well say there are humane ways for entities to harvest our energies. Could you look an animal in its eyes and view it as nothing more than food?

  6. I’ve thought about this however what gets me is nature. Certain animals need meat to survive and keep the food chain in balance. We’re made up of the same meat and bones as lions etc. The bigger fish always eats the smaller one etc. so how do we know this is just the way it’s designed? Like what if fish, cows and certain animals truly don’t have souls, what if they’re just NPC programs and are here solely for us to feed on? I do get how some animals could be different, like a dog you can see a personality in its eyes. Really tricky one for me…

  7. I eat meat. I'm a bit conflicted on it. I went from not caring what I ate, to thinking we should strive to be kind to animals, to being conflicted about it. On one hand the material flesh of animals is just an illusion. So the question really boils down to whether or not they're imbued with a soul and spirit like pneumatic humans are. Though not all humans are pneumatic, some are hylic. So it seems animals may be hylic as well? But is it right to kill, harm, eat, etc. animals and beings if they're hylic?

  8. Look up "I'm a Rofschild. Axe me a question" OP of that thread recommends plant-based diet. Eating meat is blood sacrifice because humans and other animals belong to the animal kingdom.

  9. I agree. Blood sacrifice and the energy is collected by other beings. There was an article I read from this guy who has spent his life researching what this sub is about and he titled the article “they made us eat meat”. He brought the argument of why there is so much agenda to pushing meat as something delicious loads of ads. Food programs etc. he also said that they proved that there is a secretion that takes place when animals know they’re going to be killed and this goes into the meat which people then consume. Yogis say that humans are consuming fear and these secretions make it more difficult to become peaceful, to meditate and to focus of what is truly real

  10. People also forget that plants are conscious. Read studies on how trees talk to each other through mycelium, plants can read your mind (study done with electrodes on leaves), cut grass has a smell because it knows it has been harmed/etc.

  11. So I’ve done primitive courses before, been very very very very hungry. Weeks with low rations, to the point of blackout when you want to stand up. I will tell you I am also conflicted when I am well fed, but I’ve been hungry enough that if I had crossed a baby deers path I could have killed it with my hands and felt happy.

  12. I eat carnivore because of (mental) health reasons. I used to have serious anxiety all the time, low energy, brain fog, no motivation, depression & weight problems.

  13. Very well said. This vegan moral superiority is a croc of shit. Just another guilt trip/trap. I also healed myself with the carnivore diet. You can't argue with results. Good for you, I am glad you found a way to heal yourself.

  14. Dude there’s literally tons of foods that don’t require meat. I still eat meat here and there. We have been programmed to eat meat since birth. So I know stopping will be hard but come on man you probably stuff your face with meat every day. Going without meat for weeks is easy. It’s just family events that fuck me up sometimes.

  15. it doesn't matter what you do. sin, don't sin. eat meat, don't eat meat. it doesn't make a damn difference. make your choices according to your own free will. pay no attention to the morality of this place. it is skewed.

  16. Personally idc what anyone does even having gone vegetarian but pain most certainly exists still. Food for thought.

  17. How does the same go for eating plants exactly because plants do not have pain receptors, a central nervous system, nerve cells, or a brain, which means they lack anything that neuroscientists know to cause sentience, unlike animals?

  18. It's more so immoral because you're contributing to the factory farming industry which is cruel. If you can guarantee the animals are treated well, there's certain animals I don't care about being eaten - male ducks, dolphins, cats, otters, penguins and roosters - since they are violent rapists. Cows, pigs, chickens, fish, goats and lamb shouldn't be eaten until they die of old age. Cows and fish act just like dogs. Eggs shouldn't be eaten at all.

  19. Yeah, kind of. I still do it but I would like to get to a point where the only meat that I eat are animals that I've killed myself while thanking them for their sacrifice. Kind of like that one scene in Avatar.

  20. I eat mostly meat, don't worry, there is no good or bad , your body needs meat to survive.Its as you can't expect zebras to live off meat or lions to eat grass, that's the human body.

  21. No. We are able to utilize everything within this realm, especially if it fulfills a need. Animals can be humanely farmed and killed, and that's where I personally would draw a line if I had the resources to supply my own food not from Aldi's.

  22. There is no such thing as karma. And you live inside an omnivore body. If you feel bad about it, change, but there is no punishment in the afterlife unless you believe it. It’s all an illusion. Akvile Sava, a prolific OBEr, has met remorseless killers in the afterlife who choose to live a happy carefree life on a different planet. Everything is just a game of let’s pretend to be someone else, whether in this world or another world. Everything you are being told to feel bad about in this world will not affect you unless you believe you’re supposed to be affected. Everything including guilt requires your consent.

  23. I stopped eating cows after getting to pet a sweet cow on a private farm in Michigan a couple years ago. Made it more personal. I wont give up chicken and fish tho! I think if you have a sense of gratitude and mindfulness about it, its ok.

  24. Well, if you watch a video of where meat comes from... you could see how barbaric and evil it is. A sentient being clearly suffering/being tortured. That's why I don't eat meat, nor any other product that contributes to animal suffering. I just think it's extremely cruel and wrong (and sick). I don't see how this world could truly, fundamentally be a better place with it continuing.

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