IMPORTANT Info For Your Health You May Not Have Known! Them Reptiles Are Crafty.

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  1. Of course! That sounds like a great way to get all that stuff down all at once. Gonna actually try that. Maybe minus the maple syrup. Hard to find any without added sugar. Thank you!

  2. Yes, they contain fluoride & chlorine which is absorbed easily into the skin. Try to stick to natural water sources for swimming.

  3. I take Lugol's iodine daily and I recommend it 100%, but everyone should be careful with it, especially when they first start taking it. Too much iodine can be toxic, and may also cause hyperthyroidism. Don't stress about it or let me scare you away; just be mindful. It's safe if you don't go crazy with it, but understand that "large doses" means a few drops of Lugol's per day, not half a bottle.

  4. Hey man I agree w majority of your post, but what if i have like 8 cavities that need to be filled

  5. If you can make it down to mexico there are naturopathic dentists which remove metal filings for a 1/3 or the cost (I know of one in puerto Vallarta) My hubby wrote a very informative piece on I think it was DuPont and the Teflon coating. When people in close vicinity of the plant got sick with strange cancers, They just moved the plant and called the chemical a new name after changing one tiny ingredient. These people are vile. Last I heard they found that same chemical in the hair of an Inuit girl in the arctic. I’ll try and find my hubby’s article.

  6. It’s a safer option but it’s still not the best. It releases nickel & chromium into food which is toxic. It can also have a plastic lining on it you can’t see. I use stainless steel because of the cost mostly but someone recommended cast iron and other alternatives you might wanna look into. The cheaper the product, the more likely it’s toxic. Anything from China is typically toxic for you. Them Archons really got most things covered but there are better alternatives. I recommend Googling that one to learn more. Vintage cast iron I’m guessing it full proof. Hope this helped.

  7. I’ve found benefits with it in the past but I think people have to really ask themselves what their honest intentions with it are. Spiritual gain, pain relief or avoidance? Weed can typically make you less grounded & increase anxiety but it can also expand your perceptions temporarily. I personally think it’s best in moderation. I chose to give it up all together personally. But who I am I? I’m no professional. Hope that helps.

  8. I think high dose cannabis for ceremony or pain only. I was shocked when I returned home to Canada and saw so so many pot shops. Every second store! WOW! You know now they are trying to dumb us down. But I feel the power of the plant may just wake some normies up!! Let’s pray for that!! Tell your friends high dose sessions get the teachings from this amazing plant goddess

  9. I’m trying to be more active on here! I’ve learned a lot being completely dedicated to this topic & the truth in general. ❤️

  10. Good point. Mainstream soaps & detergents of any kind typically are harmful to our health. I added to my post. Thank you!

  11. I stoped reading when I realized that they genuinely don’t understand the pineal gland. The pineal gland works with melatonin,sleep, day/night cycle, and it can synchronise daily rhythms. If it were to be calcified that’s called cancer. YOU WOULD HAVE CANCER.

  12. What healthy food can I bring to work? I like to eat sandwiches, they saturate me and are easy to prepare. But of course it's a lot of bread. I have no idea what else I could bring to work.

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