I wanted to make a sleeping platform for the back of my car. One thing led to another and now I'm working on an augmented reality design tool that lets you build things out of real parts!

  1. I didn't even have to look at the link. That is my favorite example of ADHD and I came here to comment that this would do well on the ADHD or ADHDmeme sub.

  2. This is probably my worst personality flaw... And it scares my wallet, because next weekend I have to do maintenance on the car, and last time I had to do any maintenance, I ended up with another 80HP 😅.

  3. Oh wow. Now that I’m almost 40, I really need to rewatch this series. Before, I mainly focused on the kid aspect… because I was a kid then… But it seems like there’s a lot of humor to be found from the adult perspective, too. I totally understand every bit of his frustration in that scene.

  4. God I was just thinking how I wish I had a program for this because my wife is incapable of visualizing but absolutely needs to be apart of the planning process.

  5. 100% agree with this. I've been planning "Mega-Deck" for our backyard. Multiple tiers, hot tub, hammock, cook station, partially covered. While deal.

  6. There’s already a product like this that’s being worked on and being used by companies like Mercedes Benz AG and I think it’s backed by Logitech

  7. Oh there is market for this. You are confusing this with the cartoonish meeting BS Zuckerberg is trying to push.

  8. This is cool but I also built a sleeping platform in the back of my car with leftover lumber and it took me an hour or two. Then I went camping for 2 weeks.

  9. I don't want to be dismissive of your hard work (and this looks really cool!), but I feel like what you really want is an off the shelf 3d scanner and then traditional CAD workflow.

  10. I'm in agreement. While the application is pretty awesome, I can't imagine tweaking design details while staring at a truck bed with a pair of VR/AR goggles on. Would much rather be at the workstation with my keyboard, mouse, and reddit to distract me.

  11. My god. I so need this. I have a Rift I don't use, I have a fuck ton of extrusions and I'm basically always fucking up putting together the dumb shit I'm doing.

  12. I love it, very cool….but why god why 80/20 extrusion. I can only imagine all the unbroken edges catching everything.

  13. This is an awesome demo, but I can’t help but think that the accuracy wouldn’t be high enough to actually start cutting things up. I’m sure the software makes all the corners work out, but where the supports come down to touch the floor, that felt real fuzzy. I’d be worried about placement getting offset a few mm here and there too with all moving around.

  14. Man, the ways such a combination of VR + 3D printing could revolutionise industry and the production process (wiping out so many manual labour jobs too most likely 😞) could be beyond the scope of what my brain can currently imagine.

  15. It would probably be a better idea to copy what you did on the top on the bottom. That way you don't have concentrated pressure points where the legs are. It would better distribute the weight you put on top. just am observation... It's looking pretty cool!

  16. For a sleeping accommodation in a car you should learn from the best! If you haven't yet - watch Top Gear Africa Special (season 19, episodes 6 and 7)

  17. It looks like everything you're inserting is from 80/20 and the website is also almost exclusively 80/20 parts. Do you have some sort of partnership with them?

  18. Seems interesting but no where near as easy as just measuring the available space and going on mbsitem to do the same thing but with a lot more function

  19. Your elderly neighbors were probably staring at you from behind their blinds, worrying about the druggie waving his arms around inside an empty car.

  20. This would be insanely helpful for an engineering team working on design prototypes. Instead of one person at a time drawing crappy and confusing sketches on a whiteboard (or however the team does it), building it live with a group of people who can all see and edit the same prototype would make communicating ideas so much more effective

  21. I've dreamed about this! Excellent, interesting work. If you want a sounding board or crash test dummy in the professional fab world, I'm sure you could find it (right here)!

  22. I can’t wait for the day you can do this but with clothes/shoes. You scan your body, build the color/cut, style…maybe w templates like they use in shoe sites. And boom you get clothes made that fit your body. Out that on a monthly subscription when they send clothes based on your body scan. I’d love to get clothes regularly but also send back for recycling.

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