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  1. I like it for covert settlement missions and exobiology but it has its issues. I bought it at a discount and feel like I got my money's worth. Now's probably the time to get it though rather than when it's full price imo

  2. I bought the lifetime pass when I first bought Elite so I had Odyssey the day it came out, but didn't download/play it for several months because of the way people talked about it on this subreddit. Several months later I played it out of curiosity and really, really enjoyed myself. The updated UI and graphics alone are probably worth picking it up on sale.

  3. Thanks for the detail. I'm an on off player on the last while, I'll play for 3 months then switch to something's else and probably be back again in 6months. It's good to know that the game performance has improved since launch.

  4. I have odyssey and I like it for the UI changes. I honestly never go into stations or even my fleet carrier. The times I have done ground mission stuff it's been fun but I know that there is just a whole new engineering grind to do and I honestly couldn't be bothered. My system handles odyssey just fine but I have a 3090 so I can't comment on performance in any relative manner. It changes a lot in the game and offers a small break if you get tired of being in a ship. The new srv is fun for pew pew. It's cheap and if you don't like it or have performance issues you can refund it or just load I to horizons until you get an upgrade to your rig.

  5. I bought it a little over a month ago, just before setting out on a long exploration trip. So I haven't tried anything with suit engineering, and I'm not particularly interested in the FPS elements (though the on foot tutorial mission was kinda neat). I love Elite because I want to fly. But I am enjoying the extra element of getting out and walking around on planets while I explore, and doing exobiology. It feels like a more complete experience, somehow, that I can do that.

  6. IMO it's worth it, especially on sale. I've tried the on foot combat but I have limited modern FPS experience so I can't really offer good feedback there, though I do enjoy it. The settlement missions I haven't done much of.

  7. Love it, it adds a whole new element to elite, and keeps things fresh when you get bored of one play style or another. Also I want to mention that I have had no bugs at all with odyssey, which is shocking considering what other people have said. So overall I’m happy with what I paid for.

  8. The on foot CZs I totally agree. But the settlement missions can be quite good, and are at least as good as the in space missions or the old horizons SRV settlement missions.

  9. Honest opinion, I’m tired of seeing this question posted several times a day, every day for a year. Just Google this question and find someone else who posted it.

  10. Odyssey kinda killed elite for me but others love it so theres no harm in you trying it I guess. I still play now and then but only horizons.

  11. I've had fun with it but it is very disconnected from the rest of the game. Odyssey feels like a separate game where the only connections to the rest of the game is using a spaceship to get from A to B. The graphical update is pretty good though.

  12. Get it. I've been playing it for a few months and love the better graphics. I don't do any of the FPS stuff though, I'm just not interested in that aspect of the game. I haven't had a single issue with the game.

  13. I bought oddessy 2 days ago. I played the tutorial last night and I have a shitstorm of a computer. I had to change the graphics to low so it wouldn't lag as bad and at that resolution I couldn't read anything on the screen.... I love ❤ oddessy. I may not have gotten the best experience out of it but my first taste of it has given me more than enough reason to work toward getting a better comp. (BTW any help with what I should be looking for in a comp that will play it would be much appreciated) I would suggest that if anyone wants a more in depth experience with ED that they pick up oddessy.

  14. Depends what you want out of the game. I cannot go back to the old Horizons view any more, and it depends what you rig is, I get good performance out of my setup.

  15. As a VR only player major it was a huge letdown on foot with that stupid 2d screen...but I cannot go back to Horizons, the atmospheric world's can be stunning and as an explorer that's worth the money for me.

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