Hi I just got elden ring for my birthday and what should I do when I start playing ?

  1. Literally did this. Ran for my life grabbing what loot I could for the first couple hours of playing until I got enough confidence to fight.

  2. Don’t touch Stormveil Castle for the first 15 hours at least. Explore Limgrave and Weeping Peninsula, get used to combat, level up a bit. And enjoy:)

  3. Second to this. The areas you are meant to explore in early levels are not obvious. Limgrave and weeping peninsula will get you started.

  4. Hard agree. I decided to brute force and learn the hard way and beat Margit at level 15 and a +1 ugi. I then went and cleared out limgrave and weeping and went back to stormveil around level 40.

  5. And that guy on the horse with all the shiny armor. Don't waste hours of your time like i did trying to beat him right away.

  6. I should have done this when I started lmao. The castle was the worst area in the whole game for me apart from Miquella haligtree

  7. Got to “Her” a couple of days ago and beat my head against the wall for hours trying to beat it. I’ve decided to go on hiatus for a bit. My pride is hurt and I refuse to continue with the story until I conquer that fight

  8. First of all Happy Birthday! Welcome to the fold. First things first, enjoy yourself. Secondly, take it slow.

  9. Have a good cry before you start playing to just get that out of the way. Be prepared to die a lot and be very confused for the first 20 hours. Then get ready for the addiction to take hold

  10. This is the exact scenario I went through. First FromSoft game. I kept dying and had no idea what to do. I decided the game sucked and gave up for like two weeks. I decided to try again and haven’t been able to put it down since.

  11. 1.Don't fight the guy on the horse 2.Don't kill the guy near the site grace calling you maidenless.You'll need him later 3.This game is massive.No shame in looking stuff up 4.You can summon if you want it's in the game for a reason 5.Don't avoid raging(too much) we all did and still do it And 6 Good Luck on your journey,Tarnished

  12. I feel like some of the boss designs were specifically created with summons in mind. Never a bad choice to utilize every resource the game gives you, including cheesy strats to overcome challenging foes

  13. I legit thought that might be the case when I first got into the game. I had just talked to Varre for the first time and I thought, "well clearly not all NPC's are bad, and that guy looks like he might be a royal guard or something, so he's probably a good guy!" I proceeded to walk straight up to him and get the absolute shit stomped out of me 😂🤣😂🤣.

  14. There are no rules, just ignore this sub entirely until you're way deep. Play how YOU like it and forget all the scrubs around here who would inevitably tell you you're doing it wrong.

  15. There will be a guy in a white mask when you step off into an open world. He will call you "maidenless". Be sure to punch the living crap out of him for that.

  16. I headed south but I’m honestly not sure what to tell you other then get your horse first. Every play through that I’ve watched of this game is completely different from one another and my own.

  17. Expect the words “YOU DIED” to get burned into your screen and tell any friends you know how sorry you are that they will not see you for a while…

  18. If you're struggling with a boss or an area explore other parts then come back to it. You can explore a huge chunk then return to previous bosses if you're having a hard time.

  19. I'm about 35 hours in but my advice is take it slow and explore. Level Vigor first. Lastly, guard counter is incredibly strong. If you can learn the pacing for the enemy attacks (which can vary wildly) you can really punish, while also protecting yourself. Good luck and enjoy! If this is your first FS game then you are in for a ride.

  20. Don't watch a walkthrough of an area until you've experienced it for yourself first, then go back and watch because things are hidden incredibly well everywhere. You'll roughly know by damage output and received what to avoid and where to go first. Take your time and enjoy!

  21. Look under every little stone you can find, there is something everywhere. Hidden npcs, hidden caves, hidden items. Search through and through

  22. Just enjoy the game without consulting anything that's meta and play whatever you have the most fun with! Don't be afraid to try new things as this game has a lot of potential builds and weapons.

  23. Alright one big thing I can say is don’t let the word maidenless get to you. Some people get pissed off and attack NPCs and then call Elden Ring trash cuz they screwed up and don’t wanna just restart their game…OR just avoid negativity and enjoy the game

  24. Accept defeat and embrace death. You're gonna die a lot, it's going to seem unfun, frustrating and downright awful for awhile but once you level up and refine your stats/gear you'll find the game can get a lot more fun. Once I got to about 25 I felt like it eased up a bit and had more opportunities to be aggressive and start fights with groups of enemies.

  25. Don’t attack npcs that don’t attack you. You could lose questlines that way. Even if they call you maidenless.

  26. Play how you want, look at a playthrough before playing like I do or don't, seek help when needed, if you want to. Enjoy your playthrough.

  27. Don't look up anything. Just explore everything by yourself, step by step, there is something to find everywhere.

  28. You should die… a ton, like the rest of us. Get used to it as well. You are going to get wrecked through the whole game. And not know why you develop Stockholm syndrome with the game. I’ve never loved a game I hated so much before. Welcome to the club!

  29. Don’t be afraid to explore! If you feel like you’re hitting a wall, see if there’s a place you haven’t been to yet. You might find better equipment or learn something that helps you get better!

  30. Get used to dying, but remember to pick up runes. However, if you loose your runes just do your best to shake it off.

  31. I suggest playing as blind as possible. The game intentionally does not let you see the scope and size of the world from the start, and heavily rewards exploration. Experiment, and do what you want, and learn from your mistakes at your own pace. That was the way I played it the first time and I'm REALLY glad I did, as there's a sense of wonder I got from this game that I haven't felt in other games, and only happened because I refused to look up guides and the like.

  32. When you get out of the starting cave, there is a boss you have to defeat right away. He is wearing gold armor on a horse. If you don’t beat him immediately you lose

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