ran into a Nazi at McDonald's this morning. Crazy that people will actually put shit like that on their vehicles.

  1. The 21st Panzer division fought directly against Canadian forces at Caen in June and July 1944 after DDay. The division fought alongside the 12SS and Panzer Lehr. The 12SS is the unit that murdered captured Canadian prisoners. Guys a real patriot for sure.

  2. So gross. As a canuck vet, I do not support nazis, fascist or authoritarians of any stripe. Racial hate as politics is à terrible trait of humanity.

  3. Hate to break it to you, but we have nazis who serve as troops. Nothing about those two stickers seems out of place.

  4. When you don't even have to say anything to advertise how stupid, useless, and disgusting of a human you are

  5. Just like right-wing American “patriots” who say “If you don’t like it here, then leave!” while flying a confederate flag, this smooth brained ape doesn’t see the contradiction between being a Nazi and supporting the same Canadian armed forces that helped kick their asses in WW2. But, he is going out of his way to advertise his tiny IQ, so I don’t know why that surprises me.

  6. Don't get into an argument with someone like this. His stupidity would astound you. He is most likely NOT military but just a wannabe gun nut

  7. What’s the 21st Panzer Division thing about? I mean, other than admitting being a Nazi? The 21st Panzer Division lost to the British, then lost to the Americans, then surrendered to the Russians. Is this person trying to claim that he’s a huge loser?

  8. If my grandad saw that, he’d molotov cocktail that truck with the driver inside it. He killed many nazis and was not ashamed to admit it.

  9. When did we, as a world, start socially accepting this to be okay? Back then, Nazis went straight to prison.

  10. Right!! I seen this post and was like when did we start accepting these people be loud with their bullshit. How do cops see this douche canoe driving around and not pull him over and do at the very least a mental health check. You can’t be in your right god damn mind to broadcast this.

  11. I'm not a nazi, but after a nice candlelight dinner and a couple glasses of wine...who knows where the evening might go.

  12. Apparently the 21st Panzer division was involved at Juno which means it directly was involved with Canadian forces. What a patriot.

  13. Funny that he would fanboy a division of the nazi army that was almost completely destroyed not once but twice, almost every member of this division was erased from this planet and all it's commanders killed before the end of the war... Guess he loves losing.

  14. At least he’s doing everyone a favour by broadcasting his thought processes, or lack thereof. No need to look for red flags. It’s already evident.

  15. This guy seems so unhinged that he would likely pull a gun just for calling him out for being a Nazi. If it was just me I may have had a few choice words to say but my 6 year old was in the car.

  16. I’m just going to assume it’s a fat middle aged white guy, that never leaves his driver seat.

  17. Holy crap. I love how these assholes think that it’s ok to say the quiet part out loud now. I hope they get something exceptionally painful, but not fatal; just long lasting.

  18. I have a good number of friends that are nazis. It’s 0. 0 nazi friends is the only good number of nazi friends to have. POS nazi

  19. I called one of these douchebags out as they walked back to their ride. Felt great flinging some filth at him while he stared dumbly back at me and could only muster a “suck my d—k” and a honk of the horn. Insult, shame, mock and ridicule these dumbasses as much as u can. They’re stupid as it gets, so they’re easy targets and great for a good laugh.

  20. All you can do is shake your head. I like the direct contradiction of the support our (Canadian) troops sticker and the 21st panzer division sticker.

  21. Ah great. Another domestic terrorist. I can just picture what he looks like. White, generally unkempt, shitty beard, kind of overweight, no chin/jaw, and of course - some Oakleys.

  22. How to: Become well acquainted with the Edmonton police department and the RCMP. This $50 sticker bundle will get you pulled over every time you drive your family to dinner at 7-11

  23. Depends on which cops are on duty that evening. I'm willing to bet that there's a few cops who wholeheartedly sympathize with this nutjob's beliefs.

  24. Dunno, EPS literally had the coffee and donuts out for the anti-mandate KKKonvoy Tonka Truck ain’t got no job so just drive around bunch a few months ago.

  25. How is it legal promoting or displaying Nazi-ism in Canada? We should honestly fucking arrest people for it like they do in Germany.

  26. At the very least, something like this should be enough to trigger a visit from a social worker to check on mental health issues.

  27. It's not. There was a guy out here in Ottawa with an anti-vax sign off the high way. Then he added fuck Trudeau after a couple weeks. Ok fine. Then he drew in some swastikas and it got taken down in a couple days.

  28. Ahh!!! I took a picture of this exact car like a year ago in a Home Depot parking lot - I can't believe I'm seeing it again lol

  29. I wonder how this guy feels about getting his McDonald’s from all these non white people. I mean are you not scared somebody you absolutely despise is handling your food?

  30. Serious question: were these people invisible before Covid? What did they do with their batshit crazy before Covid? Trying to figure why they are so more noticeable now.

  31. Social media has allowed them to find eachother. Also google and facebook want your clicks so they walk people through to full on crazy. Documentary about it:

  32. His wife took the ram to the freedom rally so now he has to actually wait in traffic and not drive over curbs and medians when he gets angry at someone

  33. I just moved to Alberta from BC and the shit I see on vehicles here is nauseating. It’s honestly frightening and some days I really regret moving to this conservative dump 🤢

  34. There's a guy who drives an orange truck with a window wrap (idk what to call it?) of the confederate flag with maple leaves instead of stars

  35. These clowns don't realize how stupid they look. Their entire identity attached to owning a gun.

  36. No. Refer to the news story last year about the inbred shithead flying a literal swastika flag on his property. Nothing illegal about it, just shows that the definition of freedom of speech restrictions that these fuckheads complain about is imaginary.

  37. Pro tip .. nobody cares if a fucking Nazi doesn’t like Trudeau or gun control. In fact no one but Nazis care about what fucking Nazis think.

  38. He's actually right about one thing...if I didn't have spoons, I wouldn't have been able to inhale pints of Häagen-Dazs! In conclusion, spoons did make me fat!

  39. I sometimes consider casual keying. I don't actually do it. Besides that mofo doesn't care about his paint job anyway. But I consider it.

  40. I would have thought those stickers would be reason enough for the RCMP to investigate that person’s firearms storage situation and do a bit of a colonoscopy.

  41. Those people just failed to pay attention in middle school history is all. That and they never watched a WW2 movie seeing as how nearly all of them show that eagle at some point.

  42. They're doing their best to water down the implications of currently existing fascist ideology, in addition to attempting to delegitimize any criticism of the right wing ideologies they serve.

  43. the irony of the “HONOUR OUR HEROES” with a massive maple leaf being there along with the crest of another unit that belonged to the former government of a country that is very clearly responsible for the war that literally killed the second highest amount of Canadian soldiers in our country’s history really capitalizes that this dude has no fucking idea what he’s on about and is just following the most macho man views he can read about on facebook.

  44. Leave it to Darwinism, this dipshit will most likely blow his head off loading his shotgun or run over himself adding a new sticker while on a hill in neutral.

  45. How much more does this guy have to say/not say before it’s just straight up probable cause to search his home and truck for illegal weapons?

  46. Not a Liberal or Trudeau fan but Trudeau has to put up with this much ignorance and still wants the job? Got my vote. These dudes convinced me.

  47. Je l'ai toujours dit - Pourquoi ce sont des gens avec des pick up qui dépense et écrvent des niaiserie sur leur véhicule ( bon F*ck ça c'est parfaitement comprenable par contre )

  48. ….. did you just bring Alanis Morissette into an arguement about nazis without quoting anything and assume we all know exactly which Alanis Morissette song you are referring to?

  49. Saw an asshat with a Black Sun on his window leaving work last week. There just out in the open now, no fear.

  50. people who put any sort of political beliefs on the back of there cars just annoy me even if i agree with them. I don't agree with this guy Nazis suck

  51. How does anyone is his neighborhood tolerate this. I would have ripped that Nazi sticker off so fast and replaced it with a pride sticker.

  52. Imagine being such a dumb unfuckable jackass that you feel the need to broadcast your own racism and hypocrisy as a personality plus. Fuck this guy.

  53. A far-right American poser, that's all they are. This is what happens when all your information comes from far-right American conspiracy websites. This is why a lot of these people think the first and second amendments apply to them.

  54. It is wonderful to see these induhviduals express their sexuality so openly. We should celebrate these wonderful people for finally opening their closets and allowing all of us to know how much they want to f🍁ck Trudeau.

  55. At first I only saw the gun and ccfr stickers and was like “weird but not horrible” then saw all the rest and was like “ok who let this man buy guns”

  56. I'm just flabbergasted that he's outed himself being horny for the PM. I don't think that the PM swings that way.

  57. People with stickers on their cars are actually sad creatures. Clearly no one listens to them in real life so they go and try to make themselves heard somehow. Pretty pathetic IMO.

  58. When your whole identity is wrapped up in the cartoonish amount of idiotic bumper stickers you felt the need to plaster on the back of your truck.

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