Is it weird to bring a food scale on a cruise? I regret this

  1. Hi, thank you for the advice. On second thought, I won't bring the food scale because you're right, my friends will notice. I'm mainly worried about not being able to regain control when I come home and triggering a binge cycle where I gain back 50+ pounds again. I think you're right though... I need structure instead of strict calorie counting. Maybe I'll just eat 1 protein, 2 vegetables, no starch.

  2. I’m also going on a cruise soon and monitoring this post. Totally get it. Me personally, I’m calling the cruise line and trying to plan in advance. Going to slip the head waiter some cash for them to exclusively bring me salad and tell the rest of my party I’m seasick. Good luck on your cruise.

  3. Seriously I’m in Spain at an all inclusive resort right now and I hated myself during the whole stay beacuse I felt so disgusted by my drinking and eating.

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