I'd forgotten how insufferable Dublin tech bros / sisters can be to listen to if you happen to be sitting near by

  1. Same here! I loathed working for a Big Tech company for that reason, just too many bros/ladybros in those environments (and it was weird being the only woman in the room/on the call at a certain point - was less the case elsewhere).

  2. Thanks for being balanced. My post was never meant to be an attack on all tech workers in Dublin however unfortunately Reddit being Reddit it was interpreted as that.

  3. My favourite is the “Googler” / “Noogler” who introduces themselves as such, not realising you do not give a fuck what this is and just want to punch them in the face for not speaking normally

  4. I've moved from penny pinching pharma to money grows on trees big tech in the last year and it's actually insane. In the pharna company I worked in, there'd usually be no milk in the fridges for teas and coffees after lunch time so people just did without it. Then I was in my big tech office the other day and someone was complaining about the poor selection of non dairy milk. But there were 3 kinds of non dairy milk....I had to smile and nod and walk away

  5. Yeah that's Tech. All you can eat for free as much as you want if you work for the big guys. Nobody will say anything if you chuck half the food in the bin once you're no longer hungry.

  6. There is yeah. I’m in big tech myself and there’s a serious % of absolute wankers who try to over complicate things just to sound superior. It took me way too long to know what a “container” was because the big tech bros around me kept making it sound like magic. A quick 60 second google and I had my answer. I really don’t know why they try make it sound crazier than what it is. I could literally then go and explain it to my non tech savvy parents (they always want to know about my work) the same day using the basic explanation. Like most tech stuff can be explained to non tech people. Not all of it. But most of it can. You’ve just got an awful lot of “well this is complicated so let me explain it to you the most complicated way possible” people out there.

  7. I probably should have inserted '' some '' into my post title. Fair point. In my experience though and I'm sure I'm not the only one it goes to people's heads easily.

  8. I'm jealous of the income, but all my tech friends pretty much hate the work they have to do and are in terrible physical shape from so much time hunched at a desk. I'm pretty good at scripting, a course and I could do what they do. But times would have to gets lot tougher for me to sacrifice my health like that. So take solace if you're jealous. It's not all roses.

  9. That's the thing though. I'd say a good few are miserable but in public it turns into a dick measuring contest. At least in my experience.

  10. I know a few nice ones - tbh I don't envy them they often work mad hours and it seems like a really boring/high pressure sector by and large.

  11. Pretty much all of the above is true. Today I also got a free massage and took my dog to the office. And fuck yeh I’ve worked hard to get here so eat a bag of dicks.

  12. The loud guy on the Southside dart speaking to no end in their pseudo American accent and the person they're speaking to doesn't get a word in.

  13. Bitch isn't a male focused word sadly. You know that yourself. A term used for female canines we all know that. However it is also negatively associated with people who identify as female. Goodnight.

  14. If you work in tech you'd know inturn nurses in Ireland for example are paid less than basic level non degreed tech workers with a second language.

  15. As a tech bro based in the US, I'm shocked tech salaries in Dublin are considered "high" especially given the cost of living. I really have no idea how the rest of y'all are surviving out there 🤯🤯

  16. I did computer science. I regret it. I have the tech world. I was on college with some sounds heads but lots of them were these rocker /nerdy type guys, and that's fine. But now they have found a way to become loaded and are quite good at it, and they think they are god's gift to the world. Lots of fat rocker lads who would have been picked on in school now make much more money than their bullies and it's gone to their heads. I had one guy in college and he was so fucking smart. Like I wouldn't be surprised if he was in half a mill by this stage but they guy walked around thinking he was Steve Jobs, such a fucking ego.

  17. As a software engineer, tech culture is horrifying. The amount of people that buy into the American corporate bs is painful. A healthy percentage of tech people are pedantic as fuck too. The amount of bollocks roles that pop up too like a chief innovation officer who can’t code.

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