fun clip from a while ago

  1. You could start out with her next to you on the couch and lure her on. Then when she's comfortable being lured try it from the floor. I basically taught him to jump on my lap while I was on the couch and then threw a treat so he would jump off immediately. Then I added pillows underneath and then I transferred to sitting on the armrest into standing :))

  2. What kinda doggo is he, my weakness is wiry hair looking dogs like him, ps his tricks are amazing , my shih tzu mix would just look at me and go back to sleep :)

  3. Any tips on how to train this? My pup is a German shepherd mix, she looks exactly like a German shepherd except she has webbed feet and an obsession with water. She's got so much energy that I have a literal need to train her often. She's also an incredible people pleaser. I think teaching her stuff like this would help her a lot especially for the times she's just unable to burn off the excess energy.

  4. This is a good 👍🏻 and regular training. I’m not saying that I agree with every breed it’s in the interaction with the breed.

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