Weekly Questions Thread

  1. I think you've basically got it. There's a big distinction between what we'd picture happening when you grapple, and what actually happens in terms of game mechanics.

  2. Your main question got answered, but one other thing to consider with grappling is you can drag the creature around.

  3. Does anyone know how many things (or just people if that is easier) live on the material plane in 3.5? I have some character building that depends on it.

  4. Sanctuary is a little odd. Say an enemy goes to attack my fellow PC who is under the effects of Sanctuary. They must make a WIS save; they roll a 5, which is a fail, so now they must choose a different target. They attack me instead (say I’m within range), roll 18 to hit, and then I take damage. Okay. But if the PC they initially wanted to attack was not under the effects of Sanctuary, they would have simply missed with their initial roll of 5. Has the enemy just been given a second chance to hit someone thanks to Sanctuary?

  5. Dice don't have predetermined outcomes, so that's not how it works. There is no "initial roll of 5", there's just a WIS save that turned out to be a 5. Sanctuary doesn't give second chances, it puts up an extra check that needs to be passed, reducing the odds of success.

  6. My DM is not around right now. 2 of the players in our group are having an argument on how tye spell "Dream" works. Word for word, it says "a creature known to you..." can be targeted.

  7. The way it's written makes it sound as though you just have to know of the creature, which would basically just mean that your target has to be a creature and you must have some knowledge that they are a creature who exists and not some fictitious entity. Of course, the particulars are up to DM interpretation.

  8. [5e] An old DM of mine had us come back to life at full HP, but with a curse when we died. We rolled a d20 for what curse we get. I remember one of the abilities was becoming more werewolf-like and becoming afraid of silvered weapons. Another was super cold hands that could deal some cold damage but came with other issues. We used this for our Curse of Strahd Campaign. Does anybody know what this table is and where I can find it?

  9. I'm not familiar with those dice, no. But yes, I'm sure they exist somewhere. The only ones I can think of off the top of my head are

  10. there are dice with faces that are not the full spectrum and repeat the possibilities. they are with different symbols though, not numbers. like the ones used for Star Wars game from Fantasy Flight.

  11. Your proficiency bonus scales with your character level and applies to checks using skills you're proficient in and attack rolls using weapons you're proficient with.

  12. The manuevers that only take effect if the target fails its save - they make the save vs that calculation of the DC.

  13. Every character has a Proficiency Bonus that gets added to certain attacks, skill checks, saving throws, and other things that they are proficient in. The bonus is based on character level, and can be found on the chart with the rest of the class features.

  14. why would you even bother? you have a better cantrip at hand but if you really want firebolt, MCing gor one lvl as a DSS is purely beneficial to you anyway

  15. Magic Initiate, Spell Sniper, Aberrant Dragonmark, Strixhaven Initiate and Artificer Initiate are all feats than can grant you Fire Bolt access. Some of them are setting dependant or are intelligence based though, so choose wisely. The ones you are looking for are probably Magic Initiate (Sorcerer) or Spell Sniper (Sorcerer), which can grant charisma based cantrips.

  16. Pact of the tome, magic initiate and spell sniper off the top of my head. Also aftificer initiate, but probably a worse option than the others since it makes you use int to cast it.

  17. 5e. My Druid character just claimed a magical staff (Curse of Strahd campaign). I like the magical properties of the staff, but using it will mean I use my very weak strength stat. Is there a way round this? Could I have the magical properties transferred to another weapon or the staff turned into a different weapon? Or a way to use a different stat with it?

  18. Druids have access to the Shillelagh cantrip, which allows you to use quaterstaves and clubs with your spellcasting stat instead of str/dex. Staves are generally considered usable as quaterstaves.

  19. Why do you care about melee attacks as a druid? And if you absolutely must hit somebody with the staff, can't you just cast Shillelagh?

  20. Why would you ever use it to attack with? Your cantrips will always be better. And if you need to, use Shillelagh I guess.

  21. Since you'd (presumably) be using it as a quarterstaff, your DM might let you cast shillelagh on it. RAW, I think you technically couldn't because it isn't a quarterstaff, but it's not the biggest stretch.

  22. Our DM did a group vote for next campaign, and unfortunately barovia won. My group of 5 is all new that includes me and we have a cleric, barbarian orc, damphir rouge, and a fighter human. The cleric hasn't decided race yet but in our current campaign the cleric and barbarian are the tanks and we hide behind them a lot. The cleric is thinking about being a fairy this round though. My question is about best character build for this really difficult campaign. I was thinking of building a van Hellsing style cleric (Stan Bellsing) but I am currently a wizard and love it. Would a druid or wizard be a match against undead or should I play cleric/paladin to try and boost the group?

  23. Druids and Wizards aren't particularly weak against undeads, as long as you don't rely on poison or necrotic damage. So play what you want to play. If something doesn't work, you can still change your prepared spells. Improvise, adapt, overcome !

  24. Any advice on how to provoke a pacifist PC into combat? He's an Oath of Redemption Paladin and I really like the character, but I want to push him to the point that he will draw his sword. Any creative ideas or DM's with similar experience with a pacifist player? 5e

  25. If the party is able to get through combat without the paladin dishing out melee damage, then it sounds like you've probably under-powered the enemies.

  26. I'm starting a character who is currently a self-proclaimed pacifist, but it's not my intention to stay that way. My character has just always been good at violence and hasn't experienced friendship and family. So, I foresee her realizing quickly that is more important to protect your family, than it is to uphold whatever moral stance you've taken. She'll never be a murderhobo, but she will be our party's protector and tank.

  27. kill them. when they roll a new character prompt them to create a new character concept instead of repeating the old one. it aint "creative" but neither is stalling the game out by bringing an uncooperative character concept to the table

  28. If you want a "pacifist" character, play a different game than 5e D&D. D&D started as the child of wargame and has never even tried to move beyond. in every edition over 85% of the rules have been "here is how you kill stuff. and here is stuff trying to kill you."

  29. First- do you think your player will enjoy this sort of provoking? Some players love seeing their characters pushed, but others are happier the way they are. If you're not sure, you may want to talk to your player first.

  30. Any suggestions for a free printable 5e character sheet that you can fill out on a computer? I tried the WotC one, but it's pretty bad.

  31. My DM is planning on a Dark Sun campaign soon. I'm fairly new to DnD and was gonna go with a Leonin Psi Warrior, just wanted some thoughts and opinions.

  32. Playing a wild magic sorcerer (8 levels) Wildfire druid (2 levels) multiclass. Sorcerer is the base but i found him too situational and kind boring so i dipped into druid to spice things up. Which to an extent it did but we've just leveled up and i'm not sure which class to put it in to. Any suggestions or advice?

  33. I can't speak for your DM, but I would give players one or two chances to retrain during a campaign. They're not obligated to do so, mind.

  34. Important to note that i enjoy the character and my party adores him too, i don't want to lose him but recognize sorcerer just might not be the class for me.

  35. is there a decent character builder that has access to all the book without me having to either spend a fortune on books or download an entire app on my computer?

  36. aurora maybe? but that includes "downloading an entire app" (lol) so i guess it doesnt meet your insane restrictions

  37. Wizards of the Coast offers only a small amount of content for free, this is the content available in the SRD. Any content which is not in the SRD is illegal to use without the permission of Wizards of the Coast, which typically means that you need to purchase it. No other entity can legally offer that content free of charge, so any service that does so is piracy. Even if I were to personally promote piracy, this sub does not and in fact it has a bot that automatically deletes messages that contain links to piracy sites.

  38. As an Artificer wanting to subclass as an Artillerist and use the Enhanced Arcane Focus infusion, I'm in dire need of a wand to infuse now and, at level 5, convert into my Arcane Firearm... so how do I get a plain, nonmagical wand? Tasha's Guide told me to start with 2 simple weapons of my choice, and a wand was not part of that list.

  39. ??? nonmagical wands are in the PHB. i mean they're RIGHT THERE. it's a mundane item, presumably like other trade goods you can find em in a shop. fuck why even use a wand? just get a staff or a rod, they're all the same for this purpose

  40. Most* wands are magical items so you CAN turn one into an arcane firearm but NOT an infusion. You would ideally look for a staff, just a plain wooden one, 5-10gp I think, should be available from any magic item component shop, or even 'druid' shops. (any arcane focus should do: wand, staff, rod)*

  41. I'm playing a shark based Fighter. I've already got an idea to the build- (Using battlemaster to bully, with Sharkin traits to target wounded enemies) And I'm trying to come up with a magic or heirloom sword for my character for the next quest. (DM is taking each of our characters through our backstory, giving us a magic item etc) and I'm struggling to think of a greatsword that would fit, or at least the stats for it.

  42. Putting aside whatever properties your homebrew Sharkin race has, many shark monsters have the Blood Frenzy ability, which grants them advantage on attack rolls against targets that aren't at full HP. Obviously that would be beyond busted on a weapon intended for a PC, but for something like what I'm imagining, an oversized cleaver-style sword with a vicious row of magically treated shark teeth edging its blade, 1d4 bonus damage on enemies below full HP seems appropriate. For an additional situational boost, perhaps it could treat immunity to slashing damage as resistance, as the teeth take hold and tear into even the toughest hides and flesh.

  43. This is something that your DM should come up with. Why not give your DM some ideas on what this legendary sword may be and let them work out the mechanics? Also I am not familiar with any "Sharkin" race.

  44. because they have their generic fantasy castleland in Forgotten Realms (and now whatever part they have of Matt Mercer's generic castleland.)

  45. There are so many settings that Wizards can't really do them all justice. There are fan works for bring Mystara to 5e I believe, but sometimes our favorite things don't always get the update we want them to.

  46. What is the weird combo? Tieflings can make excellent sorcerers. What "sub par" spell are you thinking about?

  47. Doesn’t seem like you have control over their movement. Which seems pretty broken tbh. They can just move out of range of everyone and not have to hit any allies.

  48. No, you do not control their movement. The affected creature must attack as you direct if able, but they can move normally.

  49. [5e] [Any] [Meta] (sorry I don’t know which one I should use). Is there a sub or other place I can go to for feedback on my homebrew? Thank you.

  50. When playing as an echo knight in 5e while multi classing as a rogue. Can you stealth attack using your echo? If you can, is a swashbuckling echo knight viable?

  51. stealth attack isn't a thing. you can sneak attack with an echo, all it says is that it originates from the echo. the echo does not count as an ally for the purpose of sneak attack.

  52. How can I be a more engaging player? I'm really struggling to find interest in my current campaign setting, at no fault of the DM. I think I just don't love the module currently and struggle to stay interested and pay attention during the sessions. My BF is the DM, so I really don't want to drop out of the campaign all together (although that would be my first option). We are playing Wild Beyond the Witchlight, and we have a party of 7, all online, with several characters playing the loud and overly confident archetype, and have spent the last 3 sessions (3 hrs each) in the Carnival. We have 1 ride left, and all my party wants to do is go on the rides. I read ahead in the campaign, since I needed to know if there was any reason to keep playing and find out what happens, and I am only slightly more interested in it than before. So again, how can I seriously be a more engaging player or help push the story forward in a setting i have little interest in, and the other party members don't seem to want to do anything other than be silly? I hope this doesn't come off sarcastic or to complainy, I seriously need to know how I can make this campaign better for both me and the DM, since we both are super bored of the session pace.

  53. Think about what it is about the current state of the campaign that you arent liking and what sort of things you want to see more of. Then, talk to your DM and the rest of the group about it. In an online game, it's a lot harder to notice someone not having fun than it is when they're in the same room as you. Either they'll work with you to make things more fun, or you can decide that this just isn't the campaign for you and you can bow out.

  54. [5e] Is there any difference between the Leomund's Tiny Hut spell and the Tiny Hut spell? Because not only do they have separate entries on dndbeyond, Leomund's Tiny Hut is allowed for Twilight Domain Clerics, while Tiny Hut isn't.

  55. Tiny Hut doesnt have the trademark wizard "Leomund's" name on it so that it can be part of the SRD and be used by third parties.

  56. They're the same spell. "Tiny hut" is only available in the free SRD, I think they excluded Leomund's name for trademark reasons or something like that.

  57. Nope, they're the same spell, one just has the name the caster that made it attached. It usually happens when a book releases the spell with the caster's name attached, and then later a standardised version is put out.

  58. I'm planning to run my first game with a group of 2-4 friends using the Dragon of Icespire Peak campaign [5e]. I'm currently reading the adventure book and had a few questions that I hope can be answered by people who have played the adventure.

  59. DOIP Dragon of Icespire Peak Two of the three starter quests are DEADLY for level 1 pcs with the monsters easily able to outright KILL in one blow if they crit!

  60. (1) You're welcome to allow other races into the game, but some quests might not take their abilities into account. For instance, some races have natural flying speeds, innate teleportation, or invisibility. Druids and tieflings won't really break the adventure,...

  61. TL;DR - It'll be fine, regardless of what race and class someone picks. As for the adventures and quests, I'd stick to what is on the notice board in the campaign as they are meant to give more detail to the surrounding areas and keep things relevant.

  62. Icespire Keep is an enclosed adventure, and I would be careful adding other side quests as a new DM, though once you feel comfortable adding to the mission board, you certainly can, just try to keep them of similar level and scope to the other quests, and don't just add additional content and levels. The level range in official adventures is what you want to stick to or you will run into balancing issues.

  63. The first is a DM and setting dependant question. Though generally mortals and gods see the multiverse on such different scale that an evil act by a good God can seem evil to a person, but may be for the greater good on a cosmic scale.

  64. The DM decides how gods function in their setting. So ask your DM, or if you are the DM, you get to decide.

  65. [5e] How do I know how many gold coins my character starts with? I’m creating a noble character and, in the background, it tells me that my character started with 25 gold coins. Another player created an orphan and says that he starts with 125 gold coins. I don’t understand this.

  66. You are correct. What the other player did was maybe roll for gold instead? Each class has formula on table you can roll on for gold. BUT if you roll for gold you don't get ANY equipment from you class or background.

  67. How would you handle copper and bronze weapons? I wanted to do a post apocalyptic campaign where the knowledge of iron and steel has been lost so the players have to use wood, stone or bronze weapons but the idea I had for it, making all of those normal weapons while iron is treated like a +1 and steel as +2 , sounds a bit limiting and maybe a bit too simple so I wanted to see how other would handle it or if there are already rules for it somewhere.

  68. The Theros setting is based on Ancient Greece, before widespread use of iron. As such, most metal in the setting is assumed to be bronze. That's about it. Everything functions identically, it just looks a bit different. They do hint that a select few know of iron and are just starting to work with it, perhaps the beginnings of a cool adventure, but they don't explain what the difference is mechanically.

  69. Iron isn't better than bronze, it's just more readily available once you learn to work it. Good steel is better, sure, might be worth +1 attack but not bonus to damage.

  70. I’d treat them just like any other weapon. +1 and +2 weapons aren’t just better because they do more damage, it’s because they’re actually magical.

  71. how do i get into dungeons and dragons? i dont know if people at my school play it, and if they did they are probably older than me. the only place i know in my city where they play dnd is in a a board game shop , i think they wouldnt let a 13 year old play it where all the players are like 20. should i play online if i did get in to it?

  72. Ask as the local board game shop if they have a youth (12-15 ish) game or one could be set up. Check your local library. Check facebook (I know, I know, but for local groups it tends to be the way).

  73. Pretty new master here, is a half red dragon veteran alone (without any support) a good "boss" for a six players group of level 4 or is too easy? (it should be a pretty hard encounter, the end of a 3 sessions quest) . Any advice and ideas, like for others creature to support him or similar would be appreciated, thanks alot.

  74. The general rule is that challenge rating = required level for 4 characters to beat it. This is very loose, but since you have 6 level 4 characters for a boss fight, look for a cr5 or 6 monster, or cr4/5 with some minions.

  75. Detect thoughts: if I cast it and ask a question about a particular topic, do I learn information about the topic? Or do I need to probe deeper? Example: I cast detects thoughts on a sus npc expecting that they eat people, I ask if they are going to eat us, do I learn the answer or do I need to probe deeper for that?

  76. The spell does include the statement "Questions verbally directed at the target creature naturally shape the course of its thoughts, so this spell is particularly effective as part of an interrogation."

  77. I am playing a 5th edition campaign and I was wondering are chaotic good characters above executing enemies for the amusement of the party?

  78. Killing someone for amusement is an undeniably evil act. No character who considers themselves “Good” in any sense would kill someone for a laugh.

  79. I have yet to find anything that suits my purposes better than a simple backpack. What specifically do you plan to carry around?

  80. So, devils and demons are completely different things in DnD. Devils = lawful evil, live in the 9 Hells, make deals with people. Demons = chaotic evil, live in the Abyss, and other than the top demons, mostly enjoy murdering people and anything alive. Tieflings have devil blood/curse mixed in and are unrelated to demons.

  81. If an Evocationwizard upcasts Thunderwave to a third-level slot, does the number of creatures affected by Sculpt Spell increase with the upcast? Or is it static to the original spell level? (ie, would they only be able to save 2 creatures, or would it be 4?)

  82. In theory, I always go with the idea that if a rolled 20 won't pass, I don't let them roll. I.E. your halfling wizard with a STR 10 won't be able to lift the boulder off of his comrade no matter what he rolls, so why let them roll?

  83. Nat 20 is only a guaranteed success for attacks and death saves. For a skill check, it's just the highest possible roll. That could still lead to a failure for a particularly difficult skill check, especially for a character with a low modifier. It would also be insufficient to save against effects from various endgame entities without a positive modifier, too.

  84. Has anyone allowed PCs VATS style hitting certain body parts of the enemy? I'm new to this and playing 5e but especially for the archers in my group Im planning next session to let them specify where they want to hit on the target. Center mass gets normal AC but head shots or specific body parts will have higher AC to meet the added challenge.

  85. I agree with the previous comments. For the big evil guy I sometimes split up the hit points in hit areas like head, tentacle 1, tentacle 2 etc. This way archers have for example an easier time hitting spots that are high up in the air and it mixes up combat in general without changing the whole fighting system..

  86. This is a good intentioned idea, but unfortunately the game is not at all balanced around this mechanic existing. If combat is boring there are likely other reasons.

  87. The upside is attractive, but the downside of mechanics like this is that it can really big down the flow of combat when you pile on. I'd probably rather not use this and keep things moving at a good pace.

  88. You get it at level 5, it’s incredibly powerful and stays powerful for multiple levels, it’s got good range and area of effect, and it just feels cool to cast.

  89. Is there a template or a list of questions to help weed out potential problem players and help them understand what the campaign is going to be about?

  90. probably nothing pre-made will work for you because you're not going to be the same DM as whoever made that questionaire. Think about what thing or things are important to you and ask your players that.

  91. I'm a relatively new DM, running HoTDQ with 4 PCs that are friends of mine. Early in the campaign I tempted the party with a legendary magic weapon (homebrew weapon) that they successfully stole from a shop. The weapon has proven to be way too strong. Anyone got any tips on a fair way to get rid of this weapon or nerf it?

  92. Have some high level squad from so and so mage society learn that it's been unearthed and had been used and come and take it either peacefully with coin in return or by force in which it should be plainly clear they're outmatched. Then put it under lock and key and traps and monsters somewhere never to see the light of say again lol

  93. "Hey players, as a new DM i made a BIG mistake with this weapon being WAY TOO FUCKING STRONG for your level. Unfortunately for the game to be fun, with combats being a challenge, i am going to need to nerf the weapon. it will start with X stats and gain Y at level ____ and Z at level ____"

  94. Improve your DnD campaign with this one easy step: stay far, far away from that godforsaken website.

  95. I wouldn’t give this weapon to anything less than a level 20 party with epic boons in play, this thing is absolutely absurd, I don’t even have to get past the dormant state effects to come to that conclusion.

  96. Just starting as a DM. We had our session 0 last night, and things went well. We’re running Lost Mines. A few of my players had questions about what kind of organizations/cults/sects/Druid circles/paladin orders are active in the world before they make something up on their own.

  97. Lost Mine has got some characters in it that are from a few of the big Sword Coast factions (Lord's Alliance, Harpers, and Xentarim) which there's a guide for

  98. There's some information out there about some general groups in the Forgotten Realms (less specific about particular Bard colleges, Druid circles, etc.), but you're probably better off doing a combination of things you make up and things the players suggest. I don't know if LMoP addresses any big factions, so check the module before you put in anything new.

  99. I want to make a small campaign where the PCs are on an island and need to explore and find their way home. What's the maximum level I can allow them so they don't just teleport/fly away?

  100. For something like flight, keep in mind the spell's duration. How far is the island from their home? At level 8, a character could polymorph into a sperm whale and carry the party on their back. In an hour, it can travel about 7 miles (at normal speed, not dashing).

  101. Teleportation Circle still requires the PCs to read another teleportation circle for the destination, so they still might not be able to just bamf out at Level 9. I think the earliest options would be Transport via Plants or Wind Walk as 6th-Level spells.

  102. The closest is the spell Tenser's Transformation. It let's a wizard be like a level 10 fighter for a bit.

  103. You want it to be balanced, at least close to? How about this. For every bolt more than 1 you have a -2 to hit and you add 1d6 to dmg for every additional bolt. It also counts as 1 attack, no matter how many bolts you use.

  104. I remember hearing about something call DnD Beyond a few years ago, and how you can use it to make character sheets. With that being said, is DnD Beyond still around and is it only for making character sheets, or can you host/join games on it?

  105. D&D Beyond still exists, and in fact is now owned by Wizards of the Coast so it's about as official as any online character organizer can be. It includes a dice roller and the ability to create "campaigns" but it isn't a virtual tabletop like Roll20, Owlbear Rodeo, or Fantasy Grounds. It's more just a bundle of character sheets with shared rules for character creation. Though an official VTT is coming and will likely include D&D Beyond integration (I'm not really in the loop on that one though so I may have missed something). However, there are ways to link D&D Beyond to at least one VTT, by using the Beyond20 browser extension to allow you to use your D&D Beyond character sheet in Roll20's tabletop.

  106. Preventing healing for a full day is really potent. Many powerful enemies, the kinds you'd use as bosses, get much of their power by regenerating health during the fight. Vampires for example regains 20 hit points each round. Preventing that healing requires knowledge of how vampires work as well as the ability to take advantage of that knowledge. Off the top of my head, I only know of one other ability players can use that prevents healing (though I'm sure others exist), which is chill touch, a spell with a very short duration comparatively.

  107. I’m going to DM a campaign for my first time and my PCs are at level 1 and i’m having them fight goblins what loot should the hideout have?

  108. The easiest (and IMO, best) way is to just pick any CR appropriate statblock and make it a construct. I’ve lost of how many monsters my players have faced that aren’t actually ‘real’, but instead just a statblock with a different creature type.

  109. It can help to start with a prepublished adventure, something small like Lost Mine of Phandelver or Dragon of Icespire Peak. But there's nothing wrong with starting out with your own material. However you do it, keep in mind that you'll get more experience as you go. Nobody starts out as an amazing DM.

  110. 5e Is there any good homebrew barbarian subclass similar to the wild magic barbarian? I’m the DM and both me and the player think the official subclass is pretty bad and he asked if he could use a homebrew. He found one on Reddit that was kind of crazy. Anything similar on D&D beyond? I’m ok with it being really good I just don’t want anything too crazy.

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