How accurately did Jurassic World Dominion portray Therizinosaurus?

  1. It's hard to say if Jurassic World's Theri skull is accurate or inaccurate because no Therizinosaurus skulls have been found yet, but the head in the movie is very different from the long and slender skull of other Therizinosaurids (such as Erlikosaurus) and Therizinosaurus (such as Beipiaosaurus). Researchers mainly think that Therizinosaurus was a "giant ground sloth" of its time and they used long claws to collect plant food just like sloths. Therizinosaurus may have sat on their pelvis and used their tails as a "seat" while eating (their pelvic girdle was robust and suited for a sitting behavior). Some scholars have also speculated that Therizinosaurus could have lived in small families of a few individuals, but ending up in the same bone bed does not directly tell whether it was several solitary individuals or a herd. But what becomes to presumed territorial behavior, there is no evidence that the long claws of Therizinosaurus would have been used in active defense or attack.

  2. I mean we will never know if they used their claws like that, but compared to every living thing with claws that use them like that, than I’d say it’s highly probable they did. Mainly looking at Megatherium and giant ant eaters.

  3. I think there’s reason for it to have been able to use its claws in defense. They did share their habitat with very large therapods and while the ground sloth comparison is a bit iffy it is pretty well accepted that ground sloths at least would have still used their claws for protection just as modern sloths, armadillos and anteaters will despite their claws not being specifically evolved for that purpose. I don’t see why it’s unreasonable to imply that therizinosaurus like the other animals with claws functioning for foraging would’ve also mounted defense with said tools.

  4. There is no direct evidence for it, but it’s actually unreasonable to argue the claws were not used as weapons, unless you think ground sloths never used their claws to defend themselves either.

  5. The evidence suggests they physically couldn't use their claws to attack. It's likely the claws were too long to actually be used as weapons as their sized caused them to be brittle and swiping with them may have shattered the claws on impact. Though it's possible they may have been used for stabbing or intimidation.

  6. Looks wise: Head’s too blocky, standard theropod stance rather than the more upright one, the feathers are actually believable. It was a big dinosaur so probably had less need for insulation.

  7. Im not sure if it was blind now, but it being extremely territorial, seems like plausible behavior, it has long claws, and claws are most commonly used as a climbing tool and a weapon.

  8. Therizinosaurus’ agent has spoken. They feel the portrayal in the film was “violent, malicious, and unintelligible.” The sound mixing made it impossible for any human to understand the lines. I expect lawsuits soon.

  9. yeah i expected it to attack rexy, since it would be in its natural instinct, and it clearly had a problem with other species

  10. ?? Nothing objectively suggests that Therizinosaurus was a highly territorial animal. It may have been, but we don't have any evidence for it.

  11. Not all herbivores are territorial 😂 Have you ever seen a sloths skeleton? Looks like a ferocious beast too doesn’t it ? Still, sloth are not territorial and couldn’t give less fucks about you passing by

  12. I'm pretty sure the idea was to make people think it'd eat the deer, when in reality the deer was in the way of the plants it actually wanted to eat.

  13. Obviously it’s impossible for us to tell how an animal acted if they’ve been long dead, but looking at its environment, it’s fairly rife with dromaeosaurs, troodontids and especially Tyrannosaurs. It would be in any herbivore’s favor to grow a fairly aggressive personality for the sake of its own survival, not taking any chances with anything, similar to most African herbivores today (even though Theri lived in Asia). It being blind only added to its aggression in the movie, as it was likely more a cautious and fearful aggression than outright pure rage. It didn’t know what the deer was, so it yeet slapped it into next week, then walked away dragging its claws to feel out its environment after dealing with Claire. Super aggressive Theri has always been kind of a meme, but most herbivores aren’t these cute kind creatures to begin with. Many of them are defensive and will strike when threatened. African species are like that to a whole other degree, so it would stand to reason that a Therizinosaurus would act similarly.

  14. Territorial reasons. A lot of large herbivores are actually a lot more aggressive than carnivores, to the point it seems senseless. Just look at hippos

  15. I think it was either because the deer was eating the berries, so the Theri didn't want competition, or because it mistook it for a threat due to being blind.

  16. The overall scheme of the creature is pretty solid, but it has issues. One it’s a bit too skinny, Therizinosaurs we’re usually pretty plump in the belly, and stood more upright. The feathering was good, but more modern evidence shows they actually would have had less feathering than this depiction, still solid though. The head is probably the worse aspect, the beak is good but everything else is just basic carnivorous theropod head. Obviously they weren’t blind either

  17. It seems the movie suggests that individual was blind or at least it had poor vision, as its eye was milky white, only noticed the deer when it made noise and it didn't manage to see Claire when she was hiding underwater, so it makes sense that it was particularly more aggressive. In general, I believe it is know Theri's claws could also be fit for attack, and considering how big it was, I think it makes sense that it wouldn't be defenseless. So in short, while there is no evidence it would've been so aggressive, it is a pretty plausible speculation, I think.

  18. From what I understand the fossil record shows very little evidence Therizinosaurus would intimidate the descendants of Richie Cunningham, their main targets were usually the descendants of Ralph Malph.

  19. Not the worst JW design, but they've basically stapled the arms of Therizinosaurus onto a generic theropod body.

  20. In terms of behavior, all JW dinosaurs are unecessarily violent unlike real life animals, which are complex and unpredictable regardless of species, and in terms of physics it is ridiculous how it pierced Giganotosaurus as if it was made of butter.

  21. I feel like the whole “stabbing things with claws” wouldn’t work in real life. Without doing any secondary research I’m assuming those claws were as hollow and air filled as the rest of its bones and would shatter at any moderate impact, let alone a Tyrannosaurus pushing a Carcharadontosaurus into it from ten feet away.

  22. It looks like they took a raptor, made it bulkier, added a short beak at the end of its snout instead of it just having a beak, and added claws and feathers and called it a day

  23. In terms of behavior pretty accurate, herbivores aren’t nice and will get aggressive if you’re in their territory or if they think you’re a threat.

  24. We know T. rex hunted and scavenged because of teeth fossils and bite marks inside herbivore bones. So there’s how we know behavior in dinosaurs. Another example for T. rex is that some of them have bite marks from other T. Rex’s, this suggests that they didn’t get along with each other and may have been cannibals. So that’s how we know behavior

  25. Good enough. Appearance wise, they could have done better. The head is too big and boxy, the legs are too long, it's missing its upright stance, but other than that, it's pretty good. We can't really know how the animal behaved though, only speculate, but considering its giant claws and the fact the theri in the movie was blind... yeah, I think the way it behaved in the movie was quite accurate.

  26. I felt it was Too aggressive. Instead of fighting the giganotosaurus at the end it probably would have just run. And it also would have just minded it’s own business through most of the movie.

  27. In terms of behavior? We can't really say for sure. It likely was irritable, as large herbivores tend to be, and protective of its food sources. It likely wouldn't get into a fight with two massive carnivores alone if it could help it though- it would be more likely to run away or be all bark if confronted like it was at the end of the movie.

  28. Not even close, while being territorial is definitely a possibility, there is no way in hell it would team up with a t.rex just because the audience has more nostalgia for it than the clearly superior giganotosaurus.

  29. Acted?!?! As in observed behavior? As one who has witnessed such acts, I can tell you they spent all day laying around scratching each other’s bellies with their claws. They adapted a great length to them because of….lazy.

  30. As accurate as anyone can considering we haven’t found many samples from it. Pretty sure there’s never been a skull found. It’s just inferred based off the claws and shoulders that have been found so far. It’s all speculated based off samples of other Therizinosauridae they’ve found.

  31. Wrong. They portrayed it was a good guy in the end. It’s not a good guy, the tickle chicken is a fucking piece of crap. Sorry, appeared on my feed so I shared my thoughts as an Ark player.

  32. Closer to a monster than an actual dinosaur. It's so annoying that for the first time a herbivore is shown as something other than a fodder for the big antagonist carnivore, it's depicted as this overly monstrified nonsense.

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