Immortal Reign name forcefully changed due to mass reports

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  1. Also happened to us after we lost the rite of exile. We think it was because the report button is in the middle of the graphic that shows when the reign ends, and when people go to tap the screen to close it, they accidentally tap the report button.

  2. I want to just mention, since I’m sure it will come up, that nothing about what has been happening among the Immortal clans and the Rite are “new” to Blizzard games…

  3. People reported my WoW username after 10 years of using it (just a normal name) because of in game hate. I was forced to change.

  4. Just change your name to "FascismIsBad" or "ProDemocracy" and wait for the mass reports, then wing it to the journalists. I have little interest in glorifying my own country, which has historically been quite aggressive. But also I'm not under attack by an evil bastard, and anyway if you want to call for self-determination in your country then good for you. Hell, the Diablo story itself is full of Jewish mythos sometimes word for word, and the struggle against bigots who would push you out is Jewish History 101 to 404.

  5. The more I play this game the more it feels like new world. So much potential but to many bugs, overlooks, bots, mass reporting, lack of updates, lack of end game. Lol.. I really want to enjoy the game but it’s starting to get old all the non sense.

  6. All the top players on my server were mass reported and chat banned despite not violating terms of service. Blizzard does an absolutely terrible job of sorting through reports. Either it’s automatic, or there’s employees who don’t give any effs.

  7. Personally, I am thrilled with what you express! But I hate to see the game so politicized. Whether they would force rename “I love America”, I certainly approve of them doing it. However, if actual cases of country-based rule enforcement were happening, then clearly everyone should get the same lens so .. they should have to show everything

  8. Honestly, I keep reporting "Make America Great Again" hoping they'll get banned. But that's representing a terrorist organization which is very different than national pride like yours was.

  9. Tell that to the guy who spent 100K on the game and can’t even play battleground anymore or rite of exile. 😂 blizzard doesn’t care.

  10. Maybe just keep politics out of video games? There's a reason people flee into these artifical realities. They don't want to deal with real world shit for a bit.

  11. Chinese control over the base code, no surprise freedom of speech is squashed. If you support this game you are pumping money into the CCP.

  12. I’ve received a dozen of emails at the same time saying that it was changed due to reports from players.

  13. Same as every online game. Even when they have russian servers to play on, they go pollute european ones and refuse to speak english

  14. To answer your question, a clan named “I love America” would likely get banned because we have tons of leftists in this country who hate this country.

  15. More of a bad look for Blizzard. This is why automated reporting systems are dumb, but Blizzard doesn't care because automated systems are free and they have to pay people. Where would they find the money in a mere $50 million a month in revenue?

  16. In case you're new to blizzards report handling, this is completely normal. They don't have a person reviewing the reports, they have a system handling them. If you get reported x number of times within y amount of time, your account gets penalized. In this case with a forced name change.

  17. Other reigns have had this happen with way more innocent names than yours. People mass report because this game has a trash automated moderator system, nothing to do with actual politics, just bad in-game politics of mass reporting stuff to troll and grief.

  18. You may wish to delve into the history of how Russia came into existence because of Ukraine, before you think it's political victimization rather than "Let's not glorify past genocide by repeating the battlecry"

  19. I think it has more to do with the sensitivity of current events than hatred towards Ukraine. If your immortal clan’s name is “Death to Russia” or something like that, the same thing would very likely happen.

  20. UPA and OUN groups were chanting glory to Ukraine while impaling polish minority children with pitchforks and nailing them to doors, killing poles en masse in Wolyn 1943-1945. For me Glory to Ukraine is no better than Heil Hitler.

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