"Destiny, why do you live the RP while preaching the BP to your audience?"

  1. I was like damn who's writing an essay white knighting destiny at 3am then I looked at the op and was shook.

  2. Do you have something for the RP dipshits who say you encourage your followers to go blue pill so you can steal whatever women you want?

  3. My lifestyle combines BP and RP stuff. I can lean into women because of my status and confidence, but at the same time I'm super respectful and courteous and never try to make anyone uncomfortable. I love fucking women, but I never call them sluts, or say they're "for the streets."

  4. I was slick about to say "why make a whole post when you could just comment. It's not like this is destiny who's making the post." I look again at the poster and it's Destiny 💀💀💀

  5. He could've just shot me a dm. I mean he's talking to me, and only me anyway, so why even make a new post?

  6. Imagine loving your wife 💀 never me. I only love them when they're fixing dinner as I'm getting topped off by my fifth side hoe.

  7. Also quit vaping you pussy, that nicotine and vapor in your lungs is going to kill you, and it’s unhealthy! What the hell is wrong with you?

  8. Yeah. That's the situation. However the reason Melina would be happy with a closed relationship is because she doesn't want another Nina situation.

  9. Is the last part really true? And I don't mean that in a rude way, it's not necessarily a problem, but I assumed Melina was pretty actively into open relationships as opposed to only slightly preferring them over a monogamous one or something like that. Or is Nebraska Steve just worth risking it all for?

  10. Melina was initially into polyamory and then scaled it back to open because of the, uh, questionable interactions I've had with people. But the big push for being open is on my side because I think I'd cheat otherwise.

  11. Genuine question! You’ve made it pretty clear on stream and in this thread that if you were to close your relationship, you’d likely end up cheating on Melina. I think you’d agree that’s not an indication of your lack of feeling towards her, it’s just what you’ve always done. So, I guess my question is, would it not be fair to acknowledge that behavior as a problem on your end that needs addressing? I mean, sex has to be more than just a meager fun activity for you to partake in if you’d be so willing to betray the trust of your partner/uproot a substantive relationship by cheating, no? I do appreciate your candor, it’s not something many would openly admit to doing.

  12. It sounds like he values his freedom to sleep with whoever more so than he values any close relationships. If he can have both, then great. If he can't have both, he knows he will choose the freedom to sleep with whoever.

  13. Totally anecdotal, but my experience agrees with Destiny. If you're not looking to have more children, get married, or do boring normie shit like camping or sports your pool of folks your age is very limited. I have the added bonus of being trans, which limits it further and tends to lead to relationships with folks younger than me as they are more accepting of my identity and lifestyle. By younger I mean in their 20s, legally able to do anything including rent a car but still significantly younger than myself.

  14. Wait? What? How is this a point of contention?? A lot of people are settling down in long-term relationships in their late twenties and early thirties. Your dating pool is much smaller.

  15. Destiny, definitely not a gotcha, more curious how you reconcile it cause it seems a little hypocritical, but how do you differentiate preaching to people about controlling urges, specifically those around casually hooking up with as many girls as possible and you keeping an open relationship because you enjoy messing around and think you'd cheat otherwise?

  16. No, they prefer young women because to them, just being young is a positive quality worth going after. I consider being young to be generally a negative quality, but most people tend towards monogamy so older, cooler girls are likely going to be in relationships.

  17. Good post, Dest. I had a lot of problems with that original post but it would've felt weird to defend a stranger's personal life on the internet so it's good you explained yourself here.

  18. The way that you talk about Melina here is really sweet, but also a little confusing in the wake of the FNF podcast. Why didn’t you bring any of this up on the show?

  19. I think that's because everytime he even tried to bring up the existence of chemistry or romantic love, they scoffed at the idea to begin with. As long as they don't acknowledge that it exists there's no point defending yourself with that. Bizarro world indeed.

  20. I think some of the Bob7 stuff might have really fucked Melina and Destiny's mind. Tbf, I'm genuinely shocked they're still open or even in a relationship after the Bob7 stuff because that was genuinely insane stuff. Intimate conversations between Melina about her relationship with Steven and so much else being leaked and broadcast live on Twitch was so so yikes. Steven and Melina needed to re-evaluate their entire personal lives if it was that bad where all his personal relationships were falling apart and then being leaked by someone who hated Destiny but Melina really liked. You have to take a step back at that point and consider how on earth it ever came to this lol.

  21. Considering how it all went down, you could argue Bob7 did the most damage to destiny and Melina out of anyone in the streamer verse.

  22. I don’t know nearly enough about Melina to talk about her intelligence. But being sociable and liking to travel seems like a low bar for why a girl around a decade below his age preference was so much more palatable than other 20 year olds. She definitely fills gaps in his interests and willingness to try new things, but I feel like he can get that from older people as well. Even if he’s dating Melina despite her age, it definitely LOOKS like he was searching for a young, submissive hippie girl. Even down to her letting him fuck whoever he wants just to be with him.

  23. Everything here sounds great. The only one that comes of as cope is talking about Melina managing her travel. That's a pretty low bar.

  24. I think this just goes to show what a weird kind of discussion this redpill stuff is; to be able to say anything sane to them, you have to slip through a hundred defence mechanisms relating to your life and partners:

  25. I was gonna call this the "least parasocial DGGer" because how they've written paragraphs and paragraphs on how destint would answer these.

  26. As a public figure you have an image to maintain, I've watched you for a long time and ever since you've started dating Melina I've heard that 'cuckold' insult hurled your way more times than I can count. It's probably getting pretty tiring for you despite how thick skinned you are.

  27. Had I listened to FnF in my early 20s, I'd come out of it super depressed, internalizing that there's something wrong with me for my goals in life, and blackpilled as shit. Listening to Destiny I learned that I would NEVER want to live his life or be in these types of relationships, but that this is normal and fine and I can achieve a lot of happiness being the person that I am (who, again, is very different from Destiny).

  28. I think a part of the problem is people have a hard time understanding different people need different advice. We aren't all the same. Steven is really good at seeing both sides and acknowledging what's true even if it doesnt agree with his positions.

  29. The other poster seems to really dislike Melina and is not aware of Destinys lore. Sounds lile a Zherka watcher that doesn't realize that Destiny is blue pilled.

  30. Ughgugh reads like every post of some dude dating someone too young and trying to defend it. "Too hard to find women in their thirties who aren't insane" aka "women in their 30s have their shit together enough to see through my bullshit and not want to put up with it."

  31. Some things I agree with and I get how you differ from the FnF guys, but some glaring criticisms have to be pointed out.

  32. The biggest counterpoint I would say is that you knew none of these things when you started dating Melina. As far as we know, you went and hooked up with her because you thought she was cool and pretty. You didn't know her maturity level. You didn't know how intelligent she was. You can barely know anything about someone in the span of a few days, even if you are extremely intimate emotionally with them. I remember you said that you don't really know someone until shit hits the fan. So the relationship began because of surface level interactions, as all relationships do, of course. But the difference is what you were seeking out when you began the relationship. If you were seeking out a deep emotional connection to a 20 year old, then it is ironic how you recommend people seek out someone their age for emotional fulfillment while you sought out a person who was much younger than you. If you were just looking for a surface level relationship, then that's basically a redpilled position: have sex with young and pretty women without any emotional attachment. Her being someone that challenges you emotionally and socially came as a coincidence if this was the case.

  33. I would believe you don't value her youth and beauty the most. But whenever you mention her, it's always "My 23y beautiful Swedish wife".

  34. Based. Fresh and fit will claim women don’t respect you till you get a nice car and make a lot of money and then will shot on women for “wishing you had a nice car and made a lot of money.” The world they build to explain women they’ll just as quickly attack. And while it’s easy to attack people for how they engage with their relationships Fresh and Fit are literally the last people on earth fit to critique them. Even if thier world view is limited to the most pretentious girls in Miami, they still deserve respect and to not be discarded the “moment a hotter girl is found.” They also fail to realize that their dating method that claims women should go after the guy who has more money and means any women they date should leave them the instant a guy with more money becomes interested in them. What’s even worse is they outright don’t believe chemistry had anything to do with relationship. Which is the same as saying humanity is irrelevant. By all accounts, if they followed their own advice, they should buy a harem of sex dolls.

  35. Melina is socially intelligent 🤣🤣🤣 does anyone actually believe that? Plz . This was a pathetic justification

  36. I don't know if anything happened with Botez but if we could trade all the psychos you introduced this season for her, it'd probably cure us from our hate towards women.

  37. Okay about the point with melinas age. That destiny dated women his age when he was you ger is no counter argument. In one of his RP talks he even acknoweledged that men hypergamy is dating down in age.

  38. Genuinely curious, what would take to convince you that your perception of your wife is not realistic and you might be seeing her trough rose-tinted glasses?

  39. I've been with her for 4 years now and she's put up with an unbelievable amount of fuckery from me. What on earth could I possibly be missing that some random on the internet could tell me?

  40. I think the only unsatisfying answer is the one about the travel and work. It's clear that your working on it, but have you had any tangible benefits you can articulate from this?

  41. Do you think you could build more trust in a closed relationship since both of you would agree that you are only seeing each other?

  42. Can anyone tell me how destiny's logic of women being against one way open relationships doesn't transfer over to fully open relationships? Sure she's now able to sleep around too, but her husband/boyfriend is still sleeping around with "younger" and "hotter" women. The only thing i see added from her being able to sleep around is that she's able to hedge for the possibility of being left, which at that point what the purpose of being in a relationship.

  43. That last line of "not actually her ideal type, physically", in context, is exactly why we say RP guys are inherently insecure, even when they aren't being actually insecure about anything in their own lives at the time. Believing that people genuinely think like this even while in healthy fulfilling relationships is an insecure world view. The entire lens through which they observe the world is just corrupted by having such a fundamental insecurity.

  44. the different strenghts of a human and attitude about living life / joy/pleasure and satisfaction is something any pervert about any field needs to remember / be reminded of at any time.

  45. He's too old and has experienced normal relationships it's too late for him . Forge on future cat lady for all of our sakes.

  46. Kind of irrelevant to the post but I saw she got an apartment in Austin. Are you still in Miami? Sorry if this was rude 🤔

  47. It's great seeing you interact with the redpill guys. I was wondering if as you have more interactions with them you'll push a little more with your positions or whether you'd keep the same energy? Hoping for a Tatestiny thrilla in Manila

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