Easiest way to discredit Andrew Tate

  1. I’m honestly surprised how many of these tate takes go under the radar, I guess it’s because the misogyny shtick is more shocking to general audiences. He has a lot of crazy ass conspiracy takes. Even went on Alex jones’s show.

  2. He is also fully convinced that the election was stolen. Also saw a video of him praising ISIS for being consistent and the "real" muslims unlike the "tolerant fake muslims" in the west

  3. That would work if rationality was the game he was playing. he’s a genius at appealing to what Destiny calls the “narrative style of arguing a point,” as opposed to what Destiny calls “my preferred autistic style of arguing , like listing premises that lead to a conclusion, citing statistics then explaining them, shit like that.”

  4. This. People love telling and listening to stories, regardless of how true or not they are. Sometimes especially when they’re not true.

  5. It's a grift. I'm not only convinced Tate doesn't believe what he's saying, but Alex too. Alex has been saying nonsense since 2000 to gain popularity starting with Y2K. He knows how dumb his audience is.

  6. This is why I don't buy the "men are turning to redpillers because RP'ers are willing to acknowledge hard truths that people on the left aren't". Yet they are all anti-vaxxers, conspiracy nuts who believe all sorts of completely inane bullshit. It feels a bit more like men are having a hard time in the dating market (objectively true) and have decided it's easier to become misogynists and hate women than reach a more nuanced idea.

  7. Full disclosure I find Alex Jones immensely entertaining and wish he was still in the cultural zeitgeist just for the memes...

  8. So his messaging here is responsible and his audience doesn't eat this shit up like its fact? Tate isn't even making speculations he's literally making empirical statements. How does that first line exonerate the next 2 minutes of strong claims.

  9. Youre trying to reason with cucks here. Andrew tate may not be a genuine role model but hes doing far better for low self esteem males than others out there. Everyone caters to women and social “norms” nowadays. People forget that this is what the next generation of men need. Instead we got a bunch of nerds online arguing about a man preaching his ideologies and standing by what he believes in. Beats listening to no names online simping and pandering to what the modern west says we should be to be “masculine”

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