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  1. Thing is I don’t think destiny ever swallowed a pill. Issue is these dudes want to inorganically be like destiny without “naturally” being like him

  2. Besides some of the weird assumptions(e.g. how does he know Melina can't challenge him?), I can see where he's coming from. Because at a surface level glance it does look like that.

  3. Destiny would say he's happy doing these things but doesn't think most men are capable of doing it. Or they would feel unfulfilled by it.

  4. Yeah I honestly don't disagree with most of the comment(I won't pretend to know the details of Destiny and Melina's relationship) except that Destiny is very upfront that his relationships and lifestyle are not at all what most people would want. I think that's the difference, FnF think that Steven or their lives are what most men actually want, Steven recognizes that actually most men probably wouldn't want to deal with half the drama he's dealt with.

  5. No you are completely wrong and you have fallen for the straw man just like destiny did. These guys have never said that everyone can live like tate. The only people that say that are haters that dont watch any of the content and just make assumptions of what RP argues for based on clips.

  6. Destiny is more similar to FnF than different; the main difference is their feelings, as dumb as that may sound. Destiny simply isn’t bitter or paranoid about his partner. FnF guys are insecure and don’t trust women. The difference is not ideological, it’s about emotional maturity.

  7. Something I always found weird was that in 2017(?) when he’d debate Andy Warski and that crowd, late 20s Steven said “Pedo shit aside, I’d never date a 19 year old because I’d have nothing in common with someone at that age”. Then early 30s Steve dates and eventually marries Mel.

  8. I mean I don’t wanna be that guy but have you seen how destiny and Melina met and got together? According to his previous position(s) in the Warski debate it’s borderline predatory. He’s backtracked a lot since I remember once he said it would be fucked up for a college freshman or sophomore to date a highschool senior due to the gap in experience

  9. I think the true reality is that the red pill doesn't realize that what they preach isn't special to them. Having boundaries and improving oneself is standard for a person looking to lead a good life and have good relationships.

  10. That fact is easier for those of us that are Red Pilled to grasp. One of the reasons people like Sneako or Fuentes constantly harp about how Destiny is "Red Pilled", is because they are able to identify the intrinsic characteristics and mindset that Destiny has that are much more in line with the "Red Pilled" sphere of thought. In reality Destiny is much more similar to a Fuentes than to a Hasanabi or Vaush type.

  11. I would argue that Destiny is in a sense red pilled but he acknowledges it's not for everyone. I think his core disagreement is that red pillers tend to push their world view as the ultimate truth

  12. Funny thing is that the only reason they'll listen even a little bit is because he kind of live a RP lifestyle, if he didn't they'd just dismiss him outright (they already are to an extent due to the bi/cuck thing).

  13. We are getting deep into the super cringy parasocial psychoanalyzing territory, but this post reads like someone who half knows the Destiny lore. Also it seems that they just really hate Melina, but I'm not really interested in trying to defend her honor or something like that.

  14. I don't think the thing with Melina is that she's smarter than him, but rather that she has a very different way of thinking, that's how she challenges him. You don't need to be dumber than someone to learn something from them.

  15. I mean any time they interact she seems smart. And she IS dgga so she's got that going for her intelligence

  16. To me, this comment doesn't take into account Melina being an ESL, from a different culture where expressing and interacting is different from Murica, and that there's different kinds of intelligence.

  17. it's true and anytime anyone who challenges destiny on any of this his goto is "yeah but im special!, other people's brains aren't like mine" which is ironic considering the critiques of the girls on that fresh and fit panel lol.

  18. He’s just really intelligent and successful, that’s it. Those are good qualities to have, but yeah him constantly asserting how unique he is seems really cringe. People with insane amounts of money often have poly relationships or constantly jump around between partners and it doesn’t bother them because they know they can get someone new in like an hour if they want to.

  19. If he truly was unique he wouldnt rage during league. He’s just as normal as the rest of us.

  20. Destiny might have gotten Melinas foot in the door to streaming but she has been a stand alone streamer for a while now. She also seems to have a good head on her shoulders, can grasp the concepts that Destiny talks about and keep up with him banter wise. Shes just young, so her "life" intelligence isnt at the same Level as Destiny.

  21. He actually doesn't need MDMA. When he got drunk with Hasan he was literally feeling him up and hugging him like he wanted to jump on his cock.

  22. Im sorry, I agree with most of your stuff, but do you realize how fucking stupid unlocking emotions through MDMA sounds right? 🤣

  23. destiny is hasan levels of hypocritical when it comes to the redpill. Also completly stole mel from her 19 y/o bf at the time. Then denies hypergamy on fnf.

  24. i thought this so clear that it was all openly acknowledged here. am i living on a different plane of reality

  25. Don't know how to reply to a certain part. But they definitely do want what we might consider incompetent women. By this I mean unintelligent, uneducated women who can do nothing well other than have babies, cook, clean, and answer the phone with unwavering loyalty to their man. That's just their definition of a competent woman.

  26. Redpill "philosophy" fails because it treats individuals (young men, and women) as static and uniform. It begins by making sweeping claims about "the nature of men and women." If granted, the truth-value of the conclusion follows in tautological form. Psychoanalysis does NOT treat all individuals as equal, and only seeks to rectify one's behavior with their desires and beliefs. Destiny's critique of redpill "philosophy" is simply that most young men don't actually want what redpillers preach, and therefore won't be happy if they enact such behaviors (even if they're successful). By assuming that all people are the same/want the same things you have unwittingly accepted the basis for redpill "thought" so you've snuck in the conclusion in your premises.

  27. as for the challenging part, destiny was talking about as a person overall. for example, he didn’t go to the gym until melina encouraged him to start exercising. and he’s said that she gets him out of the house more often. so she’s definitely challenged him to better himself. as for age, maybe melina was able to be an exception. i can’t speak on the rest tho

  28. He's has had other relationships other than Melina, and she's not exactly dumb (at least from the bob7 stuff - she can handle her own in a conversation). Especially if you take into the context of that statement where we are talking about the stereotypical "instragram influencer". I am not sure when she started streaming, but seems a bit weird to say she wouldn't be successful on her own. Everything I've seen from her says shes pretty independent. Not sure where that is coming from.

  29. Am I the only one who finds it extremely weird that people are so invested in the machinations of Destiny’s relationships? Is it the parasocial aspect or just a seething jealousy?

  30. I dont find it weird if its coming from the fnf people, they arent doing a parasocial thing. But its very weird if youre a destiny enjoyer lol

  31. i think its more like if this what you preach, but what you actually do i totally different, why should i listen to you?

  32. Yes, it's very simple - if you believe these things then are you following them in your own life? If not, then do you really believe them?

  33. Honestly. Steven and Brittany have alot of chemistry, i think thats why he has her on, and she likes Melina. I unironically think if those three meet irl, and they were all down there could be a threeway relationship between them. I think honestly based on how Melina talks that she wants a relationship with a girl and a guy at the same time. Maybe if Steven and Melina ever did meet a compatible girl (not saying it has to be Brittany) they would have a triadic relationship

  34. How he lives doesn't really negate his advice though. People give Jordan Peterson shit for his clean your room advice because his room is messy. Like so what. That isn't a criticism of the advice at all.

  35. I think when destiny says challenge him he means have the confidence to call him out on bullshit not necessarily be a 200 iq debatelord.

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