What is the feminist answer to red pill other than to call it toxic?

  1. Not a solution maybe, but a good first step would be to have more healthy conversations about issues men face. I'd love to see a podcast like fresh and fit but without the weird fixation on women being the reason for all the problems men have. Talk about mental health, the dating market, relationships, male friendships etc. some red pill talking points are actually interesting but they have no nuance when discussing them, and I say that as a feminist. It's just "women bad, women no empathy" etc. Then at the end, bring on a bunch of non-terrible women to talk about it.

  2. Every person I know who makes 6 figures alone pushes 12+ hour days normally 6 days a week. Do you really want to work 80 hours a week to chase your Bugatti? Even if you do make it to 6 figures, which is more than the top 10%, you won't have your 20 wives that's for 1mil salary people. If you do make it to that high value 6 figure man, and you do bite the 80-100 hour weeks: you are working like a dog for ultimately the wages of 2 2022 Mc Donald's shifts.

  3. This may be an unpopular opinion, or just a cop out depending on your perspective. But I'm pretty sure the ideology that is most responsible for pulling people out of TRP is TRP itself. It's simply not a sustainable lifestyle choice because it's unfulfilling, asocial, and energy intensive. I think for most men TRP is just a voyeuristic outlet and when try actually engage they either fail and abandon it or, ideally, synthesize the positive lessons into their lives but let go of some of the more extreme tenets.

  4. I think just having a healthy balance is good, I have some of the "red pill" stuff in the back of my mind when im with a girl. There is absolutely a different way in which I present myself and my personality changes when I'm with a female, ways in which the the "red pill" gets right and to be naive to that is sub optimal when dating the women i'm seeking.

  5. Honestly? I think giving people back a sense of community. I think that's why religion really took off, at least in Europe, North Africa, and the Mid-East. Voltaire was right in Candide - we must tend to our own gardens. Personally, I try to pseudo-adopt stoicism. I find that being super mindful and holding off from hedonism helps a lot. (Also helps to have achievable goals and ambitions outside of getting laid.) Idk tho, I know I'm very much outside the norm in that regard. Not sure if that's good for normies.

  6. Umm maybe just try to see and treat women as individuals with their own agency, not like a prize to be won if you follow the MRAs steps good enough… try and get some hobbies without the explicit purpose of trying to get a date, and you may just meet people there

  7. Talking to my female friends (who identify as feminist) a big thing for them is how redpill would probably help you form shallow relationships but not deep meaningful ones with women. It's kinda like what Destiny talks about, if you follow a lot of the ideology you can find a traditional woman, but to find a life partner who is your equal and wants to share experiences with you a lot of redpill views on women go against that.

  8. This is such an obvious one for me. They don't. There's a lot of revisionist history about gamergate and the rise of anti SJWs back in the day but make no mistake they became popular because a lot of feminists really were insane and just hated men. Modern feminism has all of the same problems with it that it did back then so its no wonder why they wouldn't be equipped to fight back against people like this.

  9. Everything men don't like about the current world is due to patriarchy, they are also oppressed in this system as replaceable and stoic bread winners, you can't win bread? You are a subhuman piece of shit to their eyes.

  10. Do you really think dismantling the patriarchy will make men at bottom of the totem pole any less replaceable?

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