This woman is out of this world.

  1. Wow all of her videos are really sad and concerning. I hope she's able to get some help. We shouldn't be making fun of someone with obvious mental health or possible drug problems.

  2. “Possible” lmao im sorry not all drug addicts are bad people but this person is obviously on a whole bunch of drugs

  3. Many people self-medicate mental illness. Sad to see. Those things killed my brother, and I'm not optimistic, looking at this young lady. I hope she gets help, but statistically, the odds are against her.

  4. latest video was posted "A month ago", and there are 250+ videos before it says "2 months ago" for the posted date. I'm hopeful she got help

  5. Wow. Appropos of nothing, I check out her channel and she has very long playlists saved. She's big on Slipknot, and saves all kinds of random shit. I'm guessing somewhere in the Midwest?

  6. I've worked on a hospital psych unit for the last 11 years. I've seen a lot of mental illness. This is something more. This is demonic.

  7. So do we just need to drain her blood or is this one going to require a full blown exorcism? How many centuries ago did you get your education or does sweeping the psych ward floors not require one?

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