Adam and Eve were not the first people.

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  2. There is a pretty strong traditional in Jewish storytelling to tell things three times. First they will usually tell a summary of the story. Second they will usually tell the details of the story. Third they will usually tell the conclusion of the story. This pattern of repetition has gone on the be a key component of most oral story telling and folklore today, because it isuch easier to recall the details afterward.

  3. No. Genesis is 1 is written after genesis 2. And genesis 1 tells the story in a different order. It’s not the same

  4. Oh my gosh. We know that genesis 1 and 2 are different versions of the same story. 1 was by P, the other was by J. They are different traditions.

  5. They’re not two different versions of the same story. They’re two different stories completely. Nor are they even stories. You just said that p and j are cited and as you can see in genesis 2, it doesn’t just source from P. There are FOUR sources made into one story. p, j, e and d.

  6. There were other people not made “ in the image of god “ bible is accounting for the beginning of a certain peoples history. Other humans were not pertinent to the narrative until much later.

  7. It never says through God's evolutionary process in the bible. That is your own reinterpretation in light of discoveries which conflict with the original narrative.

  8. Theres no reason they would go through an evolutionary process without conflict. Your just makeing inferences from incredibly vague scriptures

  9. If the ancient Jews knew to read Genesis as an allegory, why are we required to read it literally because some atheist on the internet said so?

  10. Why couldn’t they understand? God could have easily laid out evolutionary theory and told them everything they would need to understand. That’s such a weak argument.

  11. Or, and just bare with me, the bible was never meant to be a literal telling, and these creation stories are theological allegories to impart God’s wisdom.

  12. Aaaand I'm agreeing with a Catholic in a debate with an atheist in a religious debate sub. I think I'm going to need another mimosa..

  13. I’m always curious about answers like yours. Can I ask what method you use to determine what should and shouldn’t be taken literally in the Bible?

  14. Genesis 1 is the priestly source’s account while 2.4 onwards is an older account. This is why there are multiple accounts of the same story. Obviously this causes problems because each account recalls the events differently.

  15. Holy shit I just read some of the apologetics on this and I laughed out, essentially their argument is since Adam lived to be 900+ years old, he had many children and since sin is a curse that slowly degrades our dna, early inbreeding within the family was actually normal and healthy because sin had not had much time to develop the common birth defects we see today with inbred children.

  16. NO, the Nephilim have not disappeared. Their DNA is still in many of us handed down through the generations. That DNA may be watered down by the generations, but it can still be very powerful. Many of us who have Nephilim DNA from both parents are demonically possessed and there is nothing the Church can do to change it. Even exorcisms can not end demonic possession when it is rooted in one's DNA.

  17. Well, the awkward thing is that they don't disappear forever, even though the flood ostensibly wipes them all out. They show up later in Numbers 13:33. So it seems probable the somewhat awkward addition of "and also afterward" in Genesis 6:4 is the hand of a redactor, explaining their later appearance in the narrative.

  18. Mind blown. It's pretty clear that he blesses day 7 in gen 2:3, then makes Adam in 2:7, and eve in 2:21-23. But he clearly made male and female in 1:27. Interesting.

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