Waking up a 120 year old water wheel

  1. I feel like a lot more went into this than shown. That wheel would most likely have been rusted and unable to turn, right?

  2. It does look like a lot of work went into it. Notice it says 120 year old water wheel, not water wheel that hasn't been used in 120 years. It was spinning very smoothly. Your comment is on point though.

  3. Not to be pendantic, but the main bearings for the original wheel would have likely been simple sleeve bearings of babbitt (lead alloy) or hardwood. The better the quality of the main bearings were, the less potential energy would be lost to friction, and more available power to drive something. The main axle may have been steel or iron. It certainly could have gotten a bit sticky if left unused for years, but if it wasn't completely rotted out, probably not a big deal to get it running freely again.

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