What happens when one company owns dozens of local news stations

  1. What annoys me is that bias news are OPINIONS. What happened to journalism ethics?! They need to be held accountable for no longer being journalists and instead being opinion pieces - they are literally no different to a gossip channel on E.

  2. Imagine what it felt like the moment they realized holy shit I'd feel like I was in the matrix or NK or something

  3. During the run up to the Iraq war I remember flipping through the news networks in the morning and they all had the exact same stories on, making the exact same talking points, in even the exact same sequence. It's all a sick joke.

  4. A 2019 study in the American Political Science Review found that "stations bought by Sinclair reduce coverage of local politics, increase national coverage and move the ideological tone of coverage in a conservative direction relative to other stations operating in the same market." The company has been criticized by journalists and media analysts for requiring its stations to broadcast packaged video segments and its news anchors to read prepared scripts that contain pro-Trump editorial content, including warnings about purported "fake news" in mainstream media, while Trump has tweeted support for watching Sinclair over CNN and NBC.

  5. “We are the Borg. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile.”

  6. I stopped watching all television news years ago. Not only is it mostly dribble, they take forever to get to the point and rarely provide any analysis of what the impact of an economic, legal, or international event will be. It's always "this shit happened, what's next Bob." It's much faster to read news, skim over the fluff, and find analysis when you need it.

  7. America is actually the closest in realization to Orwell's 1984 where there is this pervasive entity that watches everything you do (big data and NSA) and then manipulate you (mainstream and social media) and the rest of your society into a way of thinking that benefits the ruling class (rich ratfuckers). What Orwell could never imagine is how pervasive and subtle it can be, and how powerful the American media can lock the language and thus the range of thinking that Americans are allowed to think in.

  8. Opening up the machine and watching the gears turn is a much different perspective than just watching the output.

  9. I'm of the belief that this was done so blatantly because it was intended to undermine trust in all news organizations. People use this clip as proof that Trump was right and the mainstream media can't be trusted, despite the clips all originating from a right-wing media organization.

  10. Yup and these "reports" all hit the air right around the time of the 2016 election, just in time to brainwash the masses into gobbling up Donald Trump's "fake news" mantra.

  11. Yes, exactly. Like everything in American politics, "free" means the absolute liberty of wealthy property owners to purchase and control whatever they can. When they say the troops are fighting for freedom, this is what they mean.

  12. Unanimity is almost impossible the to create organically. You'd have to dictate everything word for word and threaten people who oppose with harm or job loss like a...

  13. Sinclair Broadcast Group owns or operates a total of 193 stations across the country in over 100 markets (covering 40% of American households)

  14. Worse in Turkey. Not one company owned, but one political party (akp) is managing 99 percent of all news stations.

  15. When everything around you is being financed by corporations, including your education( yes because corporations financed your politicians and so the rest), then the so called democracy is in reality a coporocracy.

  16. Actually it's called an oligarchy. Government run by corporations, who buy politicians, who supports corporate welfare while taking away food stamps for the poor hungry masses. The results of Reagan and trickle down economics. If you want an example, look at the end of the Colorado River as it trickles into Mexico.

  17. The worst part is that they keep repeating the lie that the US is a democracy, when it is clearly a plutocracy.

  18. Now what’s even worse is all the people on social media being fed the same bullshit by some algorithm. And it’s not even being done by 15 other companies, it’s just one company, Facebook.

  19. I studied journalism in college, and I'll never forget one of the first things my Editing professor told us: "There is no such thing as 'liberal media'. All of the major news organizations in the world are owned by just six or seven people, and they're all crotchety, old white guys in their 70s. If you think they're voting on the liberal side, then you probably shouldn't be trying to work as a journalist."

  20. Sinclair owns them and funny how they all say it's extremely dangerous for our democracy when democracy is NOT what they want. Funny not haha

  21. Welcome to Australia where one man controls 80% of all media and his buddy owns a portion of the rest.

  22. Americans are so concerned over government takeover that they never realized they gave the keys to corporate takeover long ago.

  23. Sinclair Broadcasting, so right wing I can't watch the local station they bought 5-6 years ago in my area, eastern Iowa.

  24. Too gut wrenched to barf. I worry about my US American brothers and sisters. They are getting brain washed and most people don't even realize they are being fed the same damn narrative.

  25. This isn't just about the size, or breadth of station ownership groups. This is about Prez Billy Bob Clinton pushing through the 1996 Telecommunications Act.

  26. Before looking for source, I knew this was Sinclair Broadcast Group. This is right out of their playbook. I worked for them for a few years - their news operations is completely run by one family that owns SBG.

  27. Dozens?? Sinclair owns 294 broadcast stations in 89 markets. People like to shit on Disney and Warner for buying up IPs, but owning the broadcast stations is the real threat.

  28. Synclare (sic?) media made all of their news stations read this to give the world the impression that local news is independent. Totally false.

  29. No TV or any big media co. news is real anymore. They all have an agenda. The entire planet is corrupt and you can't believe shit anymore. Makes me feel like a wacko survivalist but unfortunately it's true.

  30. And most of you don’t think you’re being controlled/brainwashed by the media. They tell you what to believe then you regurgitate it all

  31. American newscasters look scary. Like robots. The women give off a Stepford Wives vibe. The men look like reanimated corpses. You can tell it's very image focused vs actually reporting.

  32. It's hundreds of local news stations. Sinclair has been treating local news stations as right wing propaganda arms for years. I can specifically remember when my local station became "conservative". It wasn't even subtle.

  33. Sinclair media owns these local stations. They’re very pro trump and are projecting their sins on to the competition because why the hell not.

  34. In other words, a story was given to local stations to present instead of having it done by the national broadcast. People tend to trust their local news presenters.

  35. Not necessarily unpopular, because in these verbatim examples, you’re right. But Sinclair is a machine that openly pushes a specific agenda and this video demonstrates what a wide reach they have.

  36. In this instance perhaps you're right, but what's troubling is that there is a system in place for disseminating "public service announcements" under the guise of local news.

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