An 800 year old book called "The Devil's Bible", The book contains a full page portrait of the Devil and is said to be written by a monk "who sold his soul to Satan".

  1. Kinda. They took nightshades and hallucinatet very heavy. This is also the way our Religions are out there. All this crazy shit was just people over 2000 years tripping balls.

  2. Probably got rye poisoning and went on a 12 hour suedo acid trip and build this book then died from the rye poisoning lol didn't monks distill alcohol? And a rye based alcohol could maybe cause ergot?

  3. Yes the story goed the monk did such an unspeakable sin the devil told him to make this bible and so he did in one night.

  4. The weird part is it's actually all written by one hand. Also: Give it back, Sweden! It's part of our cultural heritage and you stole it!

  5. acandinavians love stealing books, denmark has almost all of my countries ancient scripts and books and refuse to give them back.

  6. Wow. I saw something very similar painted on a rail car and it just kinda stood out to me. I can’t post pic I took in comments but I have it on my phone, creeped me tf out when I saw it.

  7. Well you have to believe the bible first to believe there is a satan and also a monk, otherwise it’s just another Netflix series plot.

  8. The old testament, or the new testament? Because the old testament (as we know it today) is a collection of stories gathered in pretty much the same way as the Grimm's brothers collected theirs. Told by word of mouth until someone wrote them all down. Most have some sort of historical accuracy. The new testament was apparently written and put together by the Romans when they decided what Christianity was going to look like. (That's why there's so many 'lost' texts from the disciples the Roman's decided not to include.

  9. Can someone explain, why would someone sell their souls to the devil, if they know afterlife exists 100 percent?

  10. The bible say that satan is extremelly charismatic so there is the whole fall into tentation thing. Plus most people are not know for long term planning

  11. Wow! For 800 years it’s in great condition, no bent corners no rips or tears and no holes in the paper! Amazing it’s been kept so Un-holey over the years!

  12. This was not written by an evil monk. The page containing the devil is flanked on either side with protective wards, abjurative spells and a depiction of a heavenly city. The book itself is an extra large, ornate vulgate Bible. The old and new testament are located within, along with other religious texts. It has a history of the area of its creation (Bohemia, or modern day Czech Republic).

  13. Irony of making things bigger to enact grandeur and Deity. But in the end is something like this; satanic, to cause confusion to the masses and to insult God himself. But on the other hand you have the bible, smaller in size but holds the truth, but people will have more interest in looking into this satanic bible.

  14. They say he wrote the original and then lost it. He had to rewrite it from memory and it wasn’t really anything like the first book. This is the greatest and best book ever written…tribute.

  15. As the story goes, the codex was requested by the monk to satan and when the deal was made the book was able to be created within a single night.

  16. So the monk experienced sleep paralysis and just had no idea what it was lmao I had that happen to me a couple times when I was in college and "saw" almost that exact demon thing and almost convinced myself to call a priest for an exorcism, until I did some research and learned was sleep paralysis was 😂

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