Has the Cronos Blockchain a real usage?

  1. The Cronos DeFi space still seems to be somewhat lively and there are a lot of dapps. In my eyes this still seems to be the most promising aspect of CRO. And currently it seems like there aren't that many of these promising aspects.

  2. Yeah, I'm sensing that they are putting distance between CDC and Cronos (the coin) to avoid regulatory issues. That pressure is building up for sure. Hard to say what that would mean for CRO, though. Maybe it's the only way.

  3. Have you looked at Ferro? Curious your thoughts as you’re obviously well studied on this ecosystem. It’s the first project I got in on, almost didn’t because of the past records of other launches on CRO, but it looks promising right now.

  4. So you and pretty much making CRO from holding another coin. Which that just says CRO is worthless. If you are getting it for free just by holding another coin. Yep I will now be dumping all of my CRO.

  5. The ecosystem is awesome. I love it. And they are continually improving on it. Ya rewards were nerf'd a bit, but compared to other certain platforms CDC is doing well and staying afloat. They are making smart decisions based on the current and forecasted economy like everyone else. Some complain about the reward nerf but atleast they didn't cut it completely. My 180days were up months ago but I have kept my cro locked into the stake. My % cro back with the visa card dropped by 1 so instead of 3% its now 2%. I'm completely fine with that. I still make most purchases on it and send what I get to defi wallet for 12.2%(current pa) stake. I'm dedicated hodl with cro. The dapps are great. Lots of utility. Stay strong CRO fam.

  6. You know the problem I see with everybody in every single Reddit group not only with cro or CDC but with every single crypto coin and even stock out there.... is the fact that none of you stop complaining. If you get off looking at the market and just look around at what’s going on in the world all over the globe you’ll see that it’s pretty obvious that nothing right now is going to make any type of real big moves. And the people or companies that are able to hold out in these dire situation’s are what I would be doing a lot of research on and about to see how they’re holding out and to see if they are able to sustain where they are now well into the future for me to even think about throwing money at such a low cost to make any type of profit either sooner or later. Personally I use the DeFi Wallet for CRO and I gotta say it’s pretty damn good compared.

  7. Yes exactly. Lately many posts are complaints and fear driven. If they actually did some homework and research they wouldn't be sh!t posting every damn day. It's getting really old. I have come to find humor in it though and it's sometimes entertaining to read posts of panic and ignorance. I used to reply sincerely and give honest opinion and feedback in the beginning but now I just sit back relax and eat my popcorn. Lol.

  8. I bought in to a few Cronos projects and they're all absolutely rekt now. Having been in crypto for a fair few years now, my gut feeling is it'll be a ghost chain come next bullrun, and BSC will probably blow up again (as well as unique layer ones like Kadena) - my honest opinion at this point? Get out while you can.

  9. Well many people(U.S. excepted) seem to forget about being able to stake cro on their exchange for lower trading fees and else so this might still give it a usecase and who knows maybe when the next bullmarket is close cdc might return the layed of benefits

  10. yup. low fees and fast transactions. lots of utility and continuous improvement. user friendly. solid finance management and marketing which contributes to healthy levels of trust supported by historical stability and organization. In short, they have developed a strong financial, organizational, and progressive foundation which seems to improve upon preexisting exchanges and ecosystems.

  11. I’ve been converting all my CRO rewards now to XLM. No more CRO for me. I mean if crypto wasn’t money then Cronos is one of the best if not the best platforms out there IMO. Lots of fun on there but not worth putting my money into anymore

  12. I see Cronos as a strong NFT chain over defi. At some point it will reach gaming (they have a programme for incentivation on this path) and my bet is that they will involve closer with sports (betting, frontend of team merch / tickets / shop) is my envisioning only

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