This subroup have become like a whining place for people

  1. All the posts whining about people whining are more annoying to me tbh. Let people say their piece without trying to censor them yeah?

  2. CDC was a very good alternative to other crypto platforms. WAS. But their value proposition doesn't add up anymore if you do the math. It has nothing to do with the bear market.

  3. Oh god, not this again. Bear market has nothing to do with anything. We know we are in one. And people do care, that's why we're all here to discuss things. Get a grip.

  4. Donmt complain and whine all day long. If you don’t like the setting, go make a change. Leave it. In silence. Nobody cares! NOBODY.

  5. I care and the reason they brought back some of the rewards after the big cut was due to customers giving their distain or complaining. Squeaky wheel gets the grease.

  6. Don’t complain and whine all day long. If you don’t like the setting, go make a change. Leave it. In silence. Nobody cares! NOBODY.

  7. I think we have 1 more leg down, where some people commit suicide over losing their ass in the market. It wont be the bottom without some blood.

  8. Nah, I'll stick around and whinge. It might stopsome crypto newbie from jumping on board with one of the worst crypto platforms available if they see all the people complaining on Reddit.

  9. It would be different if they had a goal. If there was an actual problem or glitch that others need to be aware of (it’s usually just personal error, or they violate TOS and get got, or they’re moaning about something that’s not news). What response are they going for? Do they think that because THEY are dissatisfied that everyone is gonna jump on the bandwagon and leave with them? Do they think other people don’t see thru the ones that are either lies or nonsense? Are we supposed to play along? Are we supposed to “feel their pain” or give them a hug or something? Cuz we’re not allowed to be honest or we’re “fanboys”. If you suggest honest possibilities to why they’re having a problem, it’s always “it’s not that” and they pivot their story to explain why it’s definitely not the answer you gave. Probably haven’t even attempted resolving the issue with CS. When all they want is for somebody to feed them some confirmation bias. And I swear they have zero self awareness with demanding they be shown something akin to empathy. And sometimes OTHER PEOPLE JUST DON’T CARE.

  10. This cro platform I think will become stronger, transferring crypto is fast. Unlike Coinbase where it took me hours to transfer my solana.

  11. Seems like a common thing to find on a crypto sub. It's just people trying to vent about how they feel online.. most of them get told to get lost or stop crying, and that drowns out any helpful constructive comments. Posting anything to this sub seems like a shit show but here I am getting involved haha

  12. It's a great gauge for when people capitulate. When the whining starts to die down is when you should buy big.

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