My Experience With CDC After 8 Months. Honest and Unbiased Review

  1. Great and well written review. Glad to see a fellow Canadians opinion. Another pro for me is CDC being one of the few places to earn interest on CAD stablecoins (namely trueCAD). Everywhere else it’s always the USD stables and not everyone wants to deal with the exchange back and forth.

  2. Yeah for sure! I haven’t seen enough on trueCAD to use it myself yet but the more I hear, the more I’m interested.

  3. And I think Cro is actually being utilized, even if it’s just for cards. I haven’t seen many coins doing anything to attract people other than monero eth and btc.

  4. I honestly forgot about this one. I upgraded my card and was expecting a charge but I never got one and thought they forgot to charge me. Good eye!

  5. Great points. I understand the spread as at the end of the day, this is a business And they need some way of generating income to run the expensive ads to pull in more customers. You’re definitely correct about the Jade card being great for the stake and earn rebates alongside the entertainment rebates they provide. I think if you use the card enough and compound your interest on DeFi, you could earn your stake amount back rather quickly since the price of CRO is still relatively low. The CSV and tax files are 100% broken though. Using their own free tax service gives me hundreds of errors even though the transactions come only directly from CDC themselves. I think their tax and csv export function is something that needs to be much more extensively tested. As for the US exchange, I can’t speak on their behalf but there’s two to blame. Regulatory issues and growing pains within CDC.

  6. What cards have you been eyeballing that are competitive to Jade, that require a similar level of investment (or less)?

  7. Fellow canuck here, this very much echoes how I feel. My biggest holding is TCAD for Earn, which works flawlessly with CDC. Celsius supports it too, but on-ramping seems problematic (no e-transfers?) and earning interest in kind is awesome.

  8. If you check my other post on here you can see the photos showing the discrepancies. Support chat also has a video of the fail too and has admitted to it. There’s small bugs here and there for the app but yep make sure to voice it. Being silent is literally going to cost you later. Hope that helps eh!

  9. How do you use the exchange as a Canadian? Do you buy CAD stable coin and transfer it to the exchange somehow? Is it cheaper to buy BTC on the exchange then on the app if all I’m trying to do is HODL the BTC? Thanks, great review!

  10. Yup. E-transfer Cad, convert Cad into BTC in the app or convert it to USDC or other coin that has BTC/OTHERCOIN pair. Whatever you do the first conversion will be in Cad to a crypto and the rate is horrible with the CDC App. Once you have the crypto you could move them into exchange app and then enjoy the better spread there.

  11. The big turn off for me is the poor communication and lack of explanation fir big changes leaving us their customers speculate online. For example the earn rate reduction that was supposed to happen 4 April was then changed over night without any clear explanation or reason why leaving people speculating if CDC really was as a healthy company safe to keep our funds safe. This made me start to move funds out sadly.

  12. So thoughts on the earn rates. I think the SEC had something to do with that hence why they expedited the rate drop. Am I sad it happened? Yeah. Anyone would be if you were earning 10% just to have coins sit there.

  13. I agree with everything stated in here. This is great research and definitely some major pain points of CDC. I will say that, they do need to have a way of making money to keep the app running which would explain a few of the tactics described. I would not call your post FUD or hate towards them so I’m curious why they wouldn’t let it be posted. Will definitely keep an eye out for the above. Thanks!

  14. I get the legal obligation part however it’s the fact that I’ve had instances where I didn’t get diamonds that was kind of annoying. Every this is not reported is another instance showing that CDC can get away with it because it’s so small. This will undoubtedly lead to larger errors down the pipeline. Hence why I would voice my opinion no matter how small and make as big of a deal out of it as possible to get things solved. If they want to be the forefront of Web3, they have to be accountable for all the rights AND wrongs. User error is definitely a thing for sure though.

  15. Appreciate it. I really wanted to post my issues with viable solutions in hopes that it either helps someone or gets noticed by the staff. It’s very upsetting to see people post their issues without them ever getting solved here. Hopefully this gains some traction.

  16. Ah so this number is only good for transactions itself and things such as card disputes. They don’t really help with anything app related or app errors. What I was hoping was that there would be a way for support staff to determine if an issue is necessary to make a call or for them to choose to call so that they can get a better understanding of the problem. Then they could schedule a call with the user and that way the issues could be relayed faster rather than typing it out and possibly misinterpreting the issues.

  17. It’s a clean simple interface. Simple enough for anyone to figure out. Are there better looking apps? Sure. Did I miss something?

  18. I’ve never experienced the bugs you described with the diamonds and with defi transfer and I use the apps daily.

  19. Fair enough. Currently in my biotech job I do software development and testing so perhaps the way I see things is a bit different. I think if you spend a day to click around all the buttons in the app, it’ll help get you more familiarized. Maybe I should’ve included that in my background info haha. Appreciate the reply :)

  20. I got the card recently, I really like it so far. The only issue I'm having is not being able to use the card for Netflix. Neither Netflix nor

  21. I would fight tooth and nail until they figure this one out. That is a huge problem considering its one of the big selling points of the card. What happens when you try to connect your card to Netflix?

  22. Great and well written, the customer service part was spot on they're friendly but don't really provide much help. Also when you have an issue it takes weeks to months to be resolved

  23. FWIW I managed to get customer support on the phone when my card was frozen for some unknown reason. It connected very quickly and the issue was resolved within minutes.

  24. The Visa support line is very different from the app support staff. Both are two separate entities sadly.

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