Who is a good validator in the Defi wallet who charges a fair fixed commission?

  1. That's not how it's calculated. For simplicity, we'll take the 12% expected APR. If you leave 100 CRO staked, you would expect to make roughly 12 CRO in one year, but if your validator has a 9% fee (close enough to 8.9), he's charging that from your rewards balance, not expected APR, meaning 91% (100 - 9) of that rewarded 12 CRO is what ends up with you, which is roughly 10.9 CRO. They're NOT taking 9 out of the 12% and you're only left with 3.

  2. This. To make it simpler. If you receive 100 CRO from your stake they are getting 9 CRO and you are getting 91. That being said there are plenty of other options charging less commission or none at all.

  3. "I think that if I were with a validator that charged a constant fee of say 5% so I got the other 7% I would be happier."

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