Banned from Paypal after trying to register my Visa card. My card kept being refused. More in comments.

  1. My PayPal got banned with $100 in it. They wouldn’t explain why it was banned. And they won’t give my $100 back. Thankfully it isn’t much money. PayPal is literally stealing peoples money.

  2. Hijacking the top comment to share why the card was refused in the first place. Useful for anyone using the card in SG or HK from Payrnet (your card provider is written on the back of your card).

  3. Mine works with paypal, are you sure you didn't try to connect the virtual one? Because that one has different expire date and cvv.

  4. The biggest issue I would have with this is they hold your money for 180 days??? That is insane what if you have a lot of money that you need in there?!

  5. Is there any reason to keep money in the paypal wallet? Since it's free to transfer funds out, I always just transfer money out of paypal.

  6. Exactly. Cdc holds your stake for 180 days and pays you rewards every week, yet people are being crazy because they can't dump now because of the recent announcements. PayPal just says fk you

  7. I can’t wait for crypto to become the standard p2p payment system. These financial middlemen need to go. I stopped using PayPal years ago and recently cut out Venmo as well

  8. seems like another issue thats caused it not because of the card you used, like 99% of the replies here I use my CDC card on paypal for a year and a half with no issues

  9. Fuck Paypal. I hope they go bankrupt and all their employees go to jail. After being screwed over by a lying greedy buyer, who Paypal naturally sided with, and then sent debt collectors after me, I decided never to use them again.

  10. This paypal account was specifically created for my CDC VISA card (never used paypal before) so there was no other activities or payments made. Literally the only thing i tried to do was adding the card :/.

  11. If you're based in HK, more than likely, you have a Payrnet SG card which means that it wouldn't work on Paypal (because foreign SG cards can't be used on paypal)

  12. Do you have some funds on it for the confirmation payment that Paypal does (and refunds). You'll have to load up your card first.

  13. PayPal is the soup nazi of payment methods. F em’. After seeing them banning people and companies over political leanings I decided they were garbage anyway.

  14. I never got mine to work with PayPal either. Didn’t ban me. Also didn’t work. And most places I would use it wouldn’t accept it so I emptied the card and quit trying. I keep 4 dollars on it to keep it open. Even CDC won’t accept it! Lmao! Tried to empty it by buying cro, they wouldn’t allow it. So I just don’t use it.

  15. I contacted my CDC card with Paypal a while ago, I also transfered money to CDC from Paypal multiple times. No prblems on my end. EU user.

  16. Paypal is not great honestly, I’m contemplating closing it mostly because of lack of use. But my experience is terrible with it, I usually settle my disputes through my credit card company and last time that’s what I did when I was charged for a subscription that I no longer use. The company wanted to keep my money and I opened a dispute with my cc and got a credit asap. With paypal I remember it being a nightmare to settle disputes in my favor.

  17. Huge nightmare and they are even worse to vendors using their payment system. Guilty until proven innocent every damn time

  18. Honestly fuck PayPal, they banned my account without any good reason I turned over 900k in my business with them over a few years and they just suddenly banned my account and wouldn’t even tell me why

  19. This is worse than I thought, they even lock your funds for 180 days. How can people still trust Paypal?

  20. Have you opened a PayPal account in the past? About 10 years ago I had an inactive account that was banned because it was hacked and used fraudulently. Later on when I tried setting up a new one the new one was banned because of my old one. I eventually got my old one unbanned

  21. I remember reading the founder’s story saying they don’t like the bank and wanted to simplify the process for the users. But they fought financial fraud hard. I think in the end they are too cautious and still make it complicated.

  22. I have mine connected to PayPal and it works when I use PayPal. It’s that’s the nightmare company for me. They have done inappropriate things with my account without explanation or cause 2 - 3 times.

  23. I’m not sure they can hold on to your money for 180 days. What takes 180 days to clear? What legal terms do they have to keep your money after they terminate the relationship? I would demand to get my money back asap if not seek legal action

  24. PayPal locked my Eth for 180 days for using a VPN. Lesson learned if you don’t have the keys it’s not your crypto.

  25. I’m actually having issues with also my account has been restricted I have been waiting over an month for them to explain to me what is going on.

  26. I have my card in PayPal since I have one, since 2 years. No Problems so far. But I also have other cards (non DEFI) in the PayPal wallet, maybe this is the issue?

  27. Got my card recently and I cannot use it to pay Spotify, add it to Paypal or add it to Apple Wallet, WTF?

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