Why did they take my rewards back, see photo. It was a walmart purchase for food.

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  1. This happened to me as well, they are actually really vague with the cashback, so even if you try your best to buy stuff that are eligible, they can say no anytime.

  2. Did you get cash back from the till? If you did, then that is the reason the CRO rewards were taken back. You would have pay for groceries alone, then get cash from an 🏧.

  3. If only everyone would understand that infinite cashloops don't work, and are intended to not work so that we can still enjoy all perks.

  4. Was it a Walmart Grocery purchase? If so I have the same problem. My workaround is to buy gift cards.

  5. This has happened to me 3 times. Chat support didn’t seem to really understand. They said they would investigate further as they agreed that I should have received rewards. That was a month ago now and they never followed up…

  6. Nice proof you didn't return something. Even if this is true and they snagged your rewards from Wal-Mart (never happened to me before) just buy a gift card to go shopping. You get bonuses for shopping with gift cards anyway and it keeps transactions off your bank ledger.

  7. I think they are betting people won't read the fine print and will assume they are getting rewards for everything even though they aren't. For me it makes the card rather situational - I currently use it for Spotify. I use my Coinbase card for basically everything else.

  8. I don’t understand why I got ANY downvotes on this… why would anyone not agree? This is not the way the card should function and it’s obvious. Do people like the situation where you never know when the card will work, if you are going to get rewards?

  9. Can you ask support which merchant code was used? It has happened to me a couple of times for some Amazon purchases, for some reason, the MCC was for gift stores which are except.

  10. I really dont want to have to figure out all that when i get my card - This is why I will just use earn and defi staking, stick to my 5% GUARANTEED cash back credit card .

  11. Agree. Once my stake is done of my 4k, i determine the state of cdc and cro and determine if i fully switch to coinbase card. All crypto purchases are now through kraken. Even though im heavily invested in cro for jade card, the 10% back is nice

  12. Crypto .com is starting to suck the same issues over and over plus data isn’t up to date showing on dashboard can’t tell real-time pricing and they claim to go big with those useless adds instead of aiming for the moon they should hire competent engineers and techs or invest in new servers ! No one can afford losing money over data not being available on a trading platform it’s a joke !!!

  13. Did you notice right above the less than one cro that was offset thy you got incoming 4K cro? .69 Cro is like $0.25. Maybe purchase too low for the card fees. I paid more than that swapping 50 doge from vvs to cronos bridge today. maybe you just had a fee reversal?! Or maybe got paid twice for same block?! Lots of reasons even if Walmart wasn’t on a blacklist or easier too up card balance with cro or sell to fiat then it’s just money on a Visa card 💁 Better stay away from #eth anything - $72 gas to withdraw 20 matic lp reward. Hard pass

  14. I recommend you guys get Coinbase 4% cashback they given me cashback for every purchase ive made in the last 2 months, i had it accepted everywhere, i also have the red crypto card very unreliable and for 2%, i do continue to buy cro every week maybe once i get the icywhite it will be worth it

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