Terra's Do Kown Denies Reports That Authorities Froze $39.6M of His Crypto

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  1. Next week he will start denying that he denied runing or having his holdings frozen. He is truly inception levels of crazy.

  2. tldr; TerraForm Labs CEO Do Kwon has denied reports that South Korean prosecutors have frozen another $39.6 million worth of his crypto assets. Kwon is accused of violating capital market rules in connection with the collapse of his stablecoin, TerraUSD. A South Korean court issued an arrest warrant for Kwon on September 15.

  3. "Hope they use those funds for good". It's funny how being a crap human catches up with your conscience. He is trying to convince himself, that he is a decent person.

  4. I've been seeing all these crypto "news" site report on his arrest, warrant from countries everywhere, notice from Interpol for months now and it all turned out to be fake news for clicks.

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