We're in this bear market for 11 months now. You shouldn't give up if you've come this far.

  1. Yeah but the thing is that the stock market recession is not going to get better anytime soon. So I would not expect any profit from crypto in the short-medium term. People are not going to invest in crypto when the stock market is going down.

  2. Don't think people are giving up, they're having to liquidate because cost of living is so high. But I get what you're saying.

  3. Bear markets are sales. This is when u actually get shit for cheap and sell to the next round of fools who jump in deep in the next bull run

  4. I don’t think the people are still here are planning to give up, maybe they just ran out of fiat, having the financial situation in the world.

  5. It can't last forever? I guess technically accurate, but Japan's economy stagnated for like 25+ years and their major stock index still hasn't recovered the high set in 1989.

  6. What if the universe, being in constant expansion, brings us everyday one day further from the next bull run? 👽🛸👽🛸👽

  7. In 2017 or 2018, some people bought ETH during its 1700 ATH then it proceeded to go down all the way to 80 something. 4460 to current prices pales in comparison. But I feel ya, I bought some around that time too since I DCA. 👍🏼

  8. Love the positivity! Don’t forget staking! As interest rates climb and banks slow lending. Opportunity’s to loan at interest through liquidity pools using smart contracts will become more mainstream. Fiat is going to implode and everyone will be forced to move in a different direction. Watching Jamie Diamond talk about how crypto should die, is very very telling. Web 3 is the future, fiat is a Ponzi. Central banking is a Ponzi. Read the creature from Jekyll island, the fourth turning, manufactured consent and 12 rules for radicals if you want to have a clearer picture of what the next 10 years will look like.

  9. Even if it does fail at least I’m dca’ing into something I studied and believe in, it would at be an educated failure, but I’m buying more and holiding

  10. Yeah I know im still buying more and more. Just now i bought some more. I expect to go only up from here. Even if we dip another 20% down cuz that's nothing compared to what 2024/25 bull run will look like.

  11. Well everybody who complained about missing on the last bull run and wishing for another chance to buy lower have it now presented to them, unfortunately many have burnt themselves in last 11 months and left.

  12. It's reminding me that I went into this with the expectation that it generally takes years to determine the quality of your investment. Hard to be patient in this economy... Giving up lets wallstreet win. Never feel bad about taking profit whenever you can. HODL when you can't

  13. If this bear is anything like the last few it's gonna get super boring and feel like a second eternity before things turn back up.

  14. If you followed the common advice to only invest what you can afford to lose a bear market is only half as bad. Sure, you might have a lot of unrealized losses, but as you don't need the money to pay for your food or rent you can afford to just sit it out and wait for recovery if you really believe in the projects you invested. Also if prices are low you can get more coins for the little money you are able to invest.

  15. I remember me being greedy and buying btc when it was at like $60k. I know in the future I'd hate myself if I didn't try everything to accumulate and dca during these times and that's what I keep doing.

  16. That's as long as I've been in crypto and have experienced nothing but pain. On a side note I'm trying to read the comments but being constantly distracted by everyone's very cool avatars.

  17. The other day I read a post about a guy who got out of crypto after the Ethereum merge dump because he punched his TV when there were 22 guests over for his daughter's birthday party.

  18. Sorry to break this to you. But the bear market doesn't end until everyone hanging on to hope gives up. This kind of post won't be around at the bottom

  19. I've had a lot less money to invest with this year than last, but last year I was buying on the way up. My bags are so much fatter this year. When the bear does end, it will be glorious.

  20. I think things will still get worse before they get better, but as long as you're prepared for it mentally you can really take advantage of the blood that is gonna spill. Some will be our own blood, but I won't be fazed by it.

  21. I just hope to still see you guys on the other side. We'll buy our own island when the bull run resumes and BTC finally breaks 100k and Moons get to 10$

  22. This has proven time and time again to work. People need to ignore the short term losses and believe in it.

  23. I feel a little bit of dread at the idea of waiting till 2024 for a new ath which is what a lot of people are thinking. Imagine another whole year of this sideways down action. True winter

  24. Tbh that's been longer than I thought. How long historically have bear markets usually lasted for?

  25. Bought in BTC at 60k. Kept investing every "drop" until 34k. Then it dropped below 34k I stopped buying. I'm just gonna let that sit until I get my money back (maybe with a little extra) and I'm out.

  26. I think if you allow yourself to be the kind of person who gives up on an investment, you likely aren’t even sure why you invested in the first place

  27. When I began buying crypto, I expected the bare market from the very beginning. Because I did research. So I'm all good, no surprises here. This is my opportunity to bag up some more at a cheaper price.

  28. Shocking how everyone buys at the top based on hype but still panic selling this low. Hold on and buy when you think at bottom. Then ride it up. The more news saying we’re goiNg to drop more makes me think we are close. Media and wealthy are manipulating mother fuckers

  29. Rates aren’t going down until mid next year, which sets the cost of using the global reserve currency. Money gets tighter everywhere as a result of fed choices, and they’ve been clear January is when they can see some consequences of their previous moves not tied to investor behavior. I’m enjoying the opportunity to DCA with a small % of my paycheck

  30. I mean, if you guys do give up and sell, it will drive the prices just a tiny bit lower, allowing me to buy more crypto before it goes back up. You'll be happy to finally be rid of crypto forever and I'll be happy to average down more. Personally I'd say you already rode this far down, why not stay on the ride a little longer?

  31. This is my first crypto cycle. 2 things I learned that has helped me immensely with conviction and staying the course have been the following (the 1st being the absolute most important):

  32. The thing is, if you bought high, you should buy low. The technology has not changed. I have to admit tho that the energy crisis in Europe will move my dca from the beginning of the month to what remains at the end of the month. Times are crazy yo, fuck putin.

  33. I reckon bull market come 2024/2025 which is a damn good amount of time to buy cheaper crypto and stocks.

  34. I have had the most amount of Bitcoin I’ve ever had at any one point since I first bought in because of these dips all while not compromising my FIAT to continue paying my bills and afford food.

  35. I think a problem for many is that they are holding shitcoins and they think they will go to all time highs next bull market(whenever that is)

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