From OpenSea Statistics, Reddit Avatars May Truly Have Revived NFT's

  1. The amount of things I've missed out on in crypto over the years which were right in front of me is baffling and I just did it again with Reddit nfts

  2. I realised last night when purchasing my first non-free one, that you can actually use your Google Play Store balance on it. I get a few surveys pop up from Google every other day or so, usually totally about £0.35 per survey. I had £4 built up and didn't have anything to spend it on, so it went towards my Possum. Now I know you can use that balance I'm eager for Google to send me some more surveys.

  3. I had $35 in play credits that I used on NFT's from surveys. Can also use your play points which add up quick when buying NFTs lol

  4. The fun thing the Reddit NFT's do different is that they are "mix and match" you don't like something just hide it away? Like the cone ? buy it for the cone and put it on another NFT.

  5. The swappable parts is what sold me, I don't use use cases for most NFTs I can't just screen shot and use, the mixed Match parts let's me build something unique.

  6. It's funny, one free giveaway has turned this sub from "stupid overpriced jpegs" to "wow, these are the future"

  7. Reddit attracts collectors. Look at all of the subreddits for passionate lego collectors, watch collectors, CIB game collectors, etc. These avatars fit right in: they're the newest form of pokemon cards, and they have cache on one of the most popular sites on the internet. Charizards all around, baby.

  8. Got one on the first day when they were announced, they are selling for around 6x what I originally paid, and I get higher offers every day, not bad!

  9. Same same. I bought about six of them when they were first rolled out, got the whole Wearing Your Emotions collection, foustlings etc. I had never bought an NFT before that. I think I'll hold for a while though, see what happens.

  10. The Mind's Eye(s) set. Still way undervalued. Only on opensea now, though. (Yes, I'm shilling the avatar I'm wearing, lol, but only because I like it)

  11. Go to the avatar page and just snag one directly from reddit while you can. Just get whatever looks good for you

  12. If I look around the space and try to time the market a bit I would try to catch a Cone before they are 0.5 ETH they are now 0.15-0.2

  13. Do your own research there are a few easy floor sweeps about. Smircs are a good example both the genesis and legacy’s, and they are working on creating a fashion line with a Swedish designer inspired by the smirc brand. But again don’t take my word from it, money at risk blah blah

  14. All Reddit nfts have not moved more than 150eth. A new collection that gets traction on twitter can do that in its first day by the time you have breakfast lol. There’s a general movement on eth, sol and thanks to reddit, polygon. But we are not even started with reddit avatars.

  15. Some of the Reddit collections were like the top 3 in OpenSea. I get it’s not a lot, but OpenSea isn’t seeing a whole lot of action lately.

  16. Honestly, they genuinely just "work". If nothing else, their customizability is a fun toy to play with. Combine that with ease of access and relatively limited supplies and I'm not surprised.

  17. Exactly, moons are going to have a truly mad run at some point it almost makes me laugh. I’m holding until it happens, multi years if required

  18. I never cared about NFTs, now I have one free one and bought two more (plus one by accident). Reddit’s free NFTs were a gateway drug to real NFTs. I’m even gonna buy a couple of Algorand’s FIFA NFTs packs

  19. This is really great news. I've been saying it all the time, the general crypto market might be cold bear, but it's nothing like that in the avatar market. Things are booming.

  20. Hell yeah! IMO, Reddit Avatars are the fresh air that the NFTs need. It does something so simple that a lot of NFTs overlook, which is to display and show off art.

  21. That's just it isn't it. It's so simple but so effective and appreciated. Plus the artists are actually being supported. Good all around.

  22. Especially within a community. It’s cool rocking a sick style and seeing how your Reddit brethren rock theirs. Lots squads here lesssgoooo cone squad!

  23. I agree, never been a fan of nft because I didn't understand its use case, but reddit nfts definitely have a use case. Love mine :)

  24. To be fair I never thought something like this would interest me! Honestly though I think some of them are class, just gutted I missed some of the nicer collections

  25. Hindsight is a bitch, could have bought some of the nicer ones aswell but it is how it is. Dont stress too much, who would have thought that these will skyrocket in price. Kudos to those who took a risk and made nice profits. Even tho i think even those still available will make some decent gains after some time. Be ready for the second batch if you want something nice.

  26. Honestly I wont grow tired of saying it. Didn’t care about NFTs at all untill these reddit avatars. They are ridiculously fun to collect and mix and match. Also the ease of purchase.

  27. I didn't care that much either, I got the coingecko NFT's, Algorand and one on Stargaze before the Reddit avatars. I can't wait to get a look at the next offerings.

  28. This is exactly my opinion and I look at them like Lego bricks... Just mix and match and build your own personalized avatar!

  29. Honestly dude I’d do what they say I snooped more then I need I don’t like every one of em but I’m not making a loss on any of em regardless aha

  30. I bought one for $75 and sold it for ~$5,000 (4 ETH). I’m still impressed on the gains of this one! Normally I lose the moment I buy something.

  31. Okay. MF’er. I saw the hype for this and realized I’m too late. But, just Fomo’d either way. Decided to go fabulous with the last few remaining.

  32. The whole market is kinda recovering, you can see it just in volumes and prices, heck VLX and ALGO rand up the ass for the past few days, BTC had a nice hit as well, ETH idk anymore

  33. Short answer is no, look at the sale volume, each collection has like a few sales a day, might even be fake sales.

  34. There were more NFT’s sold on OpenSea in the past 2 hours than reddit NFT’s sold in total, lol. You’re terrible at doing simple research that would only have taken you 5 minutes.

  35. I hope there is a slight cooldown period before the next ones drop so I can pick up some more of the ones that are very expensive at the moment.

  36. It is not only reddit NFTs, it is the market as a whole feeling better now lol, I saw this on my Angelblock and the offers are going up and just overall volume as well

  37. I missed the boat on The Senses, so I bought other ones that I liked. I know I should just buy a Mouths or Eyes on OS now because they’ll only be going up, but the current price tag is already too much to swallow.

  38. Ultra curious what other utility these nfts may bring in the future. Used in web3 games or collaborations?

  39. I like the avatars. Might pick up a few others to mix and match. Shoot might even buy a custom one if the price isn't insane.

  40. Not a great analysis to be honest. Its entirely impossible to draw a correlation between Reddit NFTs and overall sales from the data you have presented. With this logic, any graph which follows this general trend could equally be argued to be the "cause" - like the fact that this graph strongly correlates with the overall crypto market, which is a far more likely theory imo.

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