Today is the Day - FOMC - Be Very Careful Trading!

  1. This is where I disagree. Everytime there has been a rate hike recently, it's been expected, and the market dumps in the days/week before. And then when it's announced, it dumps again. Unless he comes out and says no rate hike, it's going to be a red day all around.

  2. Powell: Money printer was going brrrrrrrr, now it is time to be responsible and scale it back to just two brr's. Thank you for coming for my TEDx Talk

  3. Personally I dont think that markets will go up in the current situation. If the market goes up it will be temporary for maybe days/ few weeks with the Europe Energy Crisis and the german state even saying that a recession is likely to happen

  4. Europe is definitely in a bind now, the Euro zone member states have too complex of a problem set and raising rates will hurt some more than help.. but they need to tackle the energy and inflation issues.

  5. Was pretty much confirmed in the news today(Norway) that the country is in a reccession. This will be a very rough winter for most countries. Personally I dont think the markets will rebound now or in the near future, rough times ahead boys.

  6. yeah saw that news this morning. I know they spent the past year shoring up their holdings and trying to get aligned with potential regulations.. hopefully thats enough.

  7. They said they dont have too much worthless Chinese paper. Cant we just take their word for it?

  8. We’ve been here so many times before. Hope for the best, expect the worst. Either way there’s nothing we can do to control the markets

  9. The wife and I are just getting ready to move into our brand new refrigerator box up the alley.

  10. ETH emissions are down significantly, over time this will be reflected in the market. But on a lower timeframe yeah I am inclined to agree with you. Just hope J POW doesn't come out swinging today

  11. Staying away today. Not gonna be one of those that get ran over by a gigantic 3 minute dildo. I've learned my lesson.

  12. BIg players already know about this, we will see now if this was a sell off because the news are going to be bad or if this was a plan for them to accumulate some more at lower prices.

  13. 230pm Eastern US time. I'm personally watching the stream on Tom Crown's channel. But you can search YouTube for plenty of other streams, or direct from the Fed.

  14. Today is never the day. No days are important. Nothing much will happen. Shit will continue to be normal af and trade sideways for two more years.

  15. if a 100bp hike, the potential rally later is just from dipping into some strong liquidity/demand .. but not a sustained rally, just reminding people basically that the infamous bart pattern is quite common on days like today

  16. lol its a quick edit I did on some other stock photos and J POW's face. He would make a shitty Bond. Maybe more of a Mr. Bean.

  17. Isn't it always the day? there seems to be a meeting or some announcement happening every other day that will affect prices negatively.

  18. European energy - fricked. China lockdowns and loan forgiveness fricked Inflation - fricked Russia - definitely fricked Emerging markets have no forex for trade - fricked The war - fricked Food shortages - fricked Mass layoffs - fricked Inflation tricking everyone

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