Atom has moved into the Top 20 coins by market cap, why is that?

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  1. My only regret is not having more money to invest into ATOM, I really believe that the Cosmos network is gonna be the one that will become the premier network on the crypto space

  2. It’s a great interoperability based coin that I would argue is versatile. It has a competent team and the general public consensus is that it could be the winner in the interoperability sector

  3. What's the best wallet to do this with, or the best wallet in general? I'm a crypto n00b so I'm still on exodus

  4. Keplr is best for Cosmos coins and offers 18% staking rewards at the moment. You can put your Exodus seed phrase into Keplr wallet and use it

  5. You need Kepler + you need to stake your coins with non CEX validators + staking with validators which takes some commission. Then you will be eligible for Airdrops on cosmos.

  6. Do you have your Atom in Keplr, staked with a validator outside the top 10? If so, you'll definitely have some Airdrops waiting! Click through all the claim links in my app and try! (Do it on Chrome on PC)

  7. Is there a website that can aggregate airdrop data and tell me if my wallet qualified for any airdrops in the recent past? I hate having to manually connect wallets to check it.

  8. Don't think that's currently possible unfortunately, you'll have to manually click claim for each one in my app.

  9. Airdrops also massively incentivize moving coins off exchange. Exchange validators are almost always excluded from airdrops. Less supply on exchange = less potential fuckery !

  10. A buddy of mine holds 6 figs worth of atom staked for air drops plus rewards for staking idk where he stakes but I grew up with this man and 6 figs would change his life but he won't sell so hodl my friends

  11. Look at the 90 day trend for ATOM. From 6 to 15 on a long, steady climb. It's doing this despite the market at large crabbing (at best) along the same timeframe.

  12. Also if you are staked through a centralized exchange like binance or something or with your ATOM staked to a centralized validator you are not eligible.

  13. Do you have them in Keplr, staked with a validator outside the top 10? If so, you'll definitely have some Airdrops! Click through all the claim links in the app on Chrome on PC!

  14. Oh yes, had some crazy rides holding ATOM! But I like what it's doing in the space at the moment. So many decent projects coming soon.

  15. Atom price needs a good support check at 5-6 dollars. I am waiting for that price rebound. This 15-16 dollar rally was actually lower high and I shorted it from 16.

  16. Yeah, they're not "free" as such. Just an added reward for Atom, that many don't take into account. In a bear market, the Airdrops add a decent amount of Alpha.

  17. You don't stake the coins for the airdrops, you buy them because you believe in the Cosmos ecosystem and you stake them to earn interest in the hope that they'll be worth more someday, same as any other cryptocurrency.

  18. Apologies, more wanted to share the tracker that I had built, as many holders of ATOM don't realise half the coins that are claimable right now.

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