What Does the Launch of a Crypto Exchange Backed by Wall Street Mean for Coinbase? | The Motley Fool

  1. Citadel ? wasn't them one of luna's supposed attackers that took down the coin?(conspiranoia alert).

  2. I read that as well, not entirely sure how true everything is, but I remember someone doing blockchain forensics and coming to the conclusion Citadel and Do Kwon robbed everyone purposely. I believe it honestly.

  3. May not be entirely bullish for Coinbase, but it's bullish for crypto in general. The constant FUD about the safety of exchanges is a big factor stopping people from getting into crypto. An exchange backed by established Wall Street players will probably look like a safer option, whether it actually is or not, and may get a bunch of new people investing.

  4. Another exchange. is good because is more option for someone that needed. I would just like to see more decentralized.

  5. I say not a great deal CoinBase it always going to be one of the longest standing businesses in crypto. They have the best stable coin $USDC that never moves up or down. Idk maybe there is some bad..?

  6. Talk about going into a lion’s den: one their partners is a high frequency trader known for front running - moreover they will allow co location which means some clients can put their terminals straight into the exchange -

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