Reddit should change the free nft's up

  1. Keep commenting more and maybe get more post karma, its vague as to what constitutes a “top contributor” so just try your luck! Scroll on desktop sometimes, heard it only appears there for some.

  2. Reddit gives it for being a “top contributor” which is vague, so just continue to post and comment more to try your luck! Scroll on desktop sometimes, heard it only appears there for some.

  3. I know what you mean but I think reddit did a really good job overall, so people didn't feel left out and I think these free nfts did nothing but bring some joy and especially attention to nfts!

  4. I mean there are ‘more exclusive’ nft’s which are the ones you pay for. Some of which are only 100 minted off. But I guess you’re talking about free ones

  5. The way they are playing it is smart. It’s fair and simple, you claim if it’s available and voila you have a free avatar. If anyone can get it, good. It’s freeeee.

  6. They have helped NFTs and that will in turn help crypto, if there is actually a “wave 1” and “wave 2” of the NFTs the separation will just be in the mint number and that’s fine

  7. If you want an "exclusive" NFT then get the ones on the store. There are 4 different free ones and each NFT is different so there is plenty to choose from lol.

  8. The free NFTs are only to promote Reddit NFTs, if you’re into exclusivity then check out the Reddit NFT shop where theres only a limited number of mints on some very unique designs. You are asking for too much knowing Reddit is giving it out for free.

  9. Be cool of they created one that did something. I mean, technically the ones we got do but I don't know. If I did I'd be minting and selling my own. But it would be nice if they gave you a nft that could do.. well anything I guess.

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