Daily General Discussion - August 30, 2022 (GMT+0)

  1. Bitcoin have been oversold for a while now. I've noticed that bears have failed twice today to break below the $19.5k, so we have a strong support level at this price.

  2. There’s a saying that goes something like “something can be oversold for months” and I’m sure it applies to crypto also. Stocks have plenty of room to go down further and BTC will most likely follow it. I wouldn’t be surprised to see $15k-17k in the upcoming months but I won’t be shocked to see some rally to mid 20k range either.

  3. TRB got shorted hard today. Currently there is 4m TRB in open interest but there are only 2,4m TRB in existance.

  4. I was buying TRB at $7-$9 2 months ago & sold at $25 & it pumped to $40 shortly after. I’m not mad tho.

  5. When Etherium changes from proof of work to proof of stake around Sep 15, how will that affect mining? I hear that it will lower energy costs by 99 percent and transactions will be faster and cheaper.

  6. I'd imagine they will release more in the future as a way to generate revenue, not sure on the timeframes in which they will do the drops, though

  7. Sitting in a corner at the fiat mine , time to go on this sub and do my side fiat mine , how are you guys doing today ?

  8. Anyone read that "How to DeFi" book? Is it worth reading? I have bellow the basic understandment on DeFi and want to learn more about but not sure if that is right book for learning.

  9. Ive always used Coinbase pro but they are migrating to regular Coinbase later this year with an option for ‘advanced trading’

  10. I kind of want that one, but I'm guessing it's one of the free NFT's that goes for a nice price already.

  11. I was busy talking to someone in real life that said that I can't prove who I say am I even though I have an state-issued identification card, social security card, birth certificate and lots of other documents proving that I say I am who I am. I ended up walking out of the building and gave up and planning to leave them a bad review for his business. I mean...like...how in the world...that guy has to be the worst staff member in the history of staff members...

  12. There are gonna be approximately 1 billion scammers out there offering post-merge ‘support’ to ETH holders, stakers, fomo buyers, etc. An event this big is gonna bring motherfuckers out of the woodwork. Stay vigilant friends and remember that literally every person who DM’s you on any platform is trying to steal your crypto.

  13. If I get a Reddit Avatar NFT does it automatically become my avatar? I would take my free one but I want to continue not using an avatar.

  14. Sitting comfortable with my ETh staking. Going to be exciting unstaking in 2024. MY BODY IS READY FOR THE BULLRUN!

  15. Been out the loop a while, I want to set up a new DCA schedule and wondering what people are using for best fees, recurring buys with some exchanges or buying manually? Not sure if coinbase or cdc are decent options anymore, any advice is appreciated!

  16. our GDP is ass mate , no big flex there. We are 13th and have millions of deadly snakes, how pathetic . We should be asserting dominance.

  17. I’m the opposite, never been more motivated to accumulate, but of course I’m fiat poor rn so having to work the staking and Defi pretty hard to keep the stacks growing. It’s gonna pay off big in the next bull no question.

  18. If it’s over posted on this sub compared to its market cap it will probably end up failing or tapering off, has happened time and time again

  19. You begin to realize that most of the time it's pretty boring, and that you should set notifications for when things get interesting.

  20. CRO earn period ended today and, call me crazy, but I entered it into another stake period. At this point its a long term hold and stacking more CRO through the earn period will help when it comes time to sell.

  21. Coin bureau guy chilled that coin a while back but im honestly not sure if i have the balls anymore to invest in anything outside of btc and eth.

  22. Why is the daily so slow these days? Is it because markets crashed or the sub stopped paying moon farmers? Last year this thread had 30 comments a minute.

  23. What happened with moon farming? I've been inactive since Friday because my computer crashed and I had to reinstall everything, then I started back to work on Monday.

  24. Am still wondering if I should sell my bag of ONE.. what used to be my second biggest holding has turned out to be quite worthless now :(

  25. If you’re in crypto long term, it does not matter when you buy as long as you don’t sell. If you want to be a trader, go ahead, but if you’re holding long term you will definitely be rewarded. That has been the case since the existence of Bitcoin.

  26. Or sell when it is up and then reinvest when it crashes and make even more money. The whole hodl forever thing is a bit ridiculous in these type of markets.

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