Daily General Discussion - August 16, 2022 (GMT+0)

  1. Did anyone else get a NFT avatar? How many categories are there? Is there a site where you can see them all?

  2. Anyone have a quick answer as to why the looping l2 wallet only allows 10,000 lrc per transaction? Trying to get off CDC but don't want to pay 120 LRC (CDC takes 76, 44 to layerswap) for 2 transactions.

  3. Acknowledging that the prices are the “if only I bought when…” prices are here gets me hyped knowing we can actually make tons of money with the bear market.

  4. Upside is crazy fast transaction speed, low cost, and a ton of development. Downside is occasional network outages, high VC ownership and more centralized than others. It has a lot of potential if they can fix the bugs. It’s got it’s fans and haters on here so do some research before you listen to either. Most just parrot what others say bc they want to spread FUD and pump their own bags

  5. Right now it is wise to wait a bit before you buy - I just got back to crypto, thus a hefty downturn is around the corner.

  6. Theoretical question: let's imagine that the merge goes perfectly, and lido becomes the de facto ruler of Eth.

  7. I have BTC and XTZ in atomic wallet. ETH and AMP in metermask. ATOM,JUNO OSMOSIS in keplr wallet. ALGO in myalgowallet.

  8. I can’t speak on the other projects you hold but you can connect your ledger to keplr wallet. You can interact with your cosmos projects (stake/governance) on keplr but you’ll still need to confirm each transaction on the ledger device.

  9. Hope we find a low cap one worth $0.000000001 now and turns $1 by tomorrow. That's how we'll be rich overnight haha

  10. It's like $0.26 to send ETH or like $1.50 to swap on Uniswap right now. I'd consider that relatively cheap for transacting on a popular layer-1...

  11. 2) enjoy while the nfts still in a bear... Because as soon as a new stupid mammal collection gets enough hype we 'll experience again the Eth hands syndrome. Whatever there's a merge le not.

  12. I like how a community full of people who are into crypto seems to have so few prople understand that mainnet is not the end and final form of a project, but the beginning.

  13. If you guys use the new moon bridge, please be careful. I backed out of the prompt at the last moment and I lost my moons. It says that I don't have any points to claim using my external address

  14. For a space that should be focused on decentralization, why be a maxi of anything at all? I like the open source space. Everything can have a different role to play, even if that role is just a catalyst for something better than itself.

  15. I just walked into a16z’s office barefoot, smiling, and long hair flowing, and they just gave me $250 million for my idea I came up with on the spot

  16. If tamadoge raised 5M with nothing more than a pixel art webpage and a promise, maybe my only concern is that you should ask for more.

  17. Are there any plans to make Moons easier to use for users so they’re able to bridge easier and don’t have to worry about gas fees or anything?

  18. Why did my moons go from being...cute, cuddly , tasty little balls of .10c moon delights to the most complicated cross platform vault transfer metaverse you-can't-use-those-here dichotomy paradoxin tokens in like 2 fuckin days .

  19. Moons left the playpen and now see what the real world is like. There is no free lunch and you have to pay to go anywhere.

  20. The added complexity is all an elaborate plan to make people hold their moons instead of sell them 🤯

  21. Just fyi for anyone trading perps, Bingx is no kyc and offers the cheapest fees, even less than kucoin. Also, there’s a way to get even lower fees rn

  22. I literally spent the last 10 hours trying to mine BTC in my backyard , come in with fat ass blisters, covered in dirt and debris ; log into my PC and have the same fucking amount as this morning . So demoralizing.

  23. I imagined when moons would go to mainnet you would just magicly be able to send them to some CEX with 1 click and then you could use/sell them from there.

  24. Will I ever be able to see my loss carnage by clicking on my balance number on CB again? They removed the feature a little while ago and it always bums me out.

  25. Even though it might seem doom and gloom now, in 3 years it will all be forgotten and you'll be so happy you bought at these prices. My personal bet is getting some DOT rn, but I think every top 20 is gonna do awesome.

  26. If you held moons outside the vault at the time of mainnet migration you can now use this bridge to bridge from testnet to Arbitrum nova:

  27. I tried to import my moons and then I backed out at the last moment because I didn't have the eth, but now it says that I don't have any moons to migrate. Did I lose my moons?

  28. With all the things i know / do not know in life , my head is getting pretty full . Can you just do this for me so i don't have to read whatever page that link takes me too , i'll give u 1000 of my moons & a back massage.

  29. This crabbing is starting to become annoying, either pump or dump but don't leave us in suspense.

  30. Lock up periods are one of the biggest issues I have with staking. I thought crypto is about self sovereignty. That & P2P interactions was the main value proposition right? Did I miss a memo?

  31. Just had a great night out with my best friend. Remember to enjoy life while you can and cherish your loved once ☺️

  32. It probably just needs to mention that you need to select the arbitrum nova chain before importing.

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