Moons became useless because of the way mainnet was implemented

  1. What I find funny is, we are a community of crypto enthusiasts, most of us hold moons, and yet we are completely incapable of coming up with and implementing stuff where moons are utilized... like common, even the banano community has implemented stuff where banano is used as a currency. I know banano tv is not exactly the stuff of legends, but at least they are trying...

  2. A community of crypto enthusiasts not a community of crypto pros. I bet half the people in this community could not tell you what the blockchain is.

  3. Banano also provided the best offramp for moons for like a year. I sold all of mine through the test net swap and couldn’t be happier after this botched implementation

  4. Banano community might be the most active to develop every kind of fun stuff. It's really different than other so called 'memecoins'.

  5. Do we have any bounties for making applications supporting moons? I feel here we have expect mods to create and manage applications and bots.

  6. There's a lot of different utilty for moons. It just hasn't been advertized too well. Most users don't even seem to be aware of even half of them. They seem to think there's only like 3 or 4 things you can do with them.

  7. Banano is a real currency, you can't compare that with moons. Not even in the same realm. Moons are more like worthless v-bucks

  8. There are a lot of propositions in the meta sub just waiting for admins to implement it but I'm not sure if they are gonna do it.

  9. Being enthisiastic about something does not mean that you are good at it. Also most just invest in crypto for the quick money they are not viewing it as a currency themselves.

  10. Banano also has a minecraft custodial wallet implementation. I've been on a couple servers with it. Fast and feeless works really well to transfer balances between servers and tip in game. All transactions are done on chain.

  11. Honestly, we should have used Banano for moons. They have a working network that's feeless and inclusive which is perfect for tipping.

  12. The video player doesn't work and the servers are down 3-4% of the time. You're dreaming to think that MOONs were going to work imo.

  13. I think this is the step that everyone has trouble with, it‘s not common knowledge that you can just do that, and if you don’t know this then you are stuck with the completely useless vault.

  14. Moons main usecase is governance polls which is unaffected. Not sure why so many people here think they will be valuable, there a fun niche coin for the sub but that’s it

  15. To be fair OP has a point about tipping. They are a fun niche coin that, in addition to governance, also had a use of sending recognition or rewarding redditors for good content.

  16. People think they will be valuable because they are desperate for them to be valuable, and have seen others say they will be.

  17. I absolutely agree about the tipping moons. I doubt we’ll see much of that now that we have to pay gas fees. It would be much better if it took the fee directly from our moon balance.

  18. What was even the point of moons to begin with? I more or less stopped posting here once they were implemented bc all my posts were drowned out by moon farmers. To me it felt like moons ruined the sub.

  19. Lol. Yeah, moons. I got a few. What can I do with them? Fuck if I know. Are they worth anything? I don’t even know how to check or sell them if they were. It’s a pretty bullshit, vanity, merit system. Make sure to throw me some upvotes so I can get more of that useless shit.

  20. But that's just such a halfassed solution. Like I like the idea, but did nobody think of this?

  21. OP has never actually tipped a Moon… It’s just a post for more Moons. Stinks we lost a little utility but not the end of the Moon

  22. Maybe I’m missing something here, but I thought Nano was feeless, and moons are a reskinned Nano. Why are we using ETH for gas? And why are we forced to buy it on FTX?

  23. Nope. Moons are an ERC20 token. Banano is a Nano clone which is why they don't have an issue with fees

  24. I don't think most of the users here actually know what crypto is or how to use it if they're complaining a 2 step bridge is too hard to use. Lot of chaff in the last few years.

  25. Getting ETH “officially”?! Sorry but that’s just a dumb way to think about your RCPs and vault. The FTX option is just the option Reddit announced because of the partnership. Don’t wait for an official announcement in which Reddit will hold your hand to help you interact with another wallet. Do it for yourself if you don’t want to use FTX.

  26. It’s very easy to understand who has any crypto knowledge and who doesn’t when one reads articles like this. Their problem I say.

  27. Yeah I don't get it, Reddit partnered with FTX because is easy to use and cheap to withdraw ETH directly to Arbitrum.

  28. Cool but most people already fail to realize that you can import your vault seed into another (less useless) wallet like metamask and go from there. All this is way above the average user‘s head. People don‘t even find the link to buy ETH on FTX, it‘s a complete usability nightmare.

  29. Arbitrum Nova is as cheap and fast as Algo and Algo would have the same issues if implemented the same way

  30. Yeah I agree that the gas fees are a huge barrier. A lot of people don't even have metamask, let alone import your tokens there then bridge eth to nova.

  31. I’m actually going through the process of testing this all out now. I sent a few bucks of ETH to my mainnet L1 wallet and used the bridge to get it across to L2, convert some Moons to ETH and then bridge them back to L1. Now I’m waiting the 7 days before I can do anything else :) It’s… not ideal at the moment but I imagine bridges will be coming along soon enough.

  32. At least it’s still a way to get them out there. I’m sure things will get easier in the future, for now might as well stack em!

  33. So, are there any exchanges that swap moons for something else? They had them for arbitrum, but what about mainnet?

  34. I didn’t need to buy on FTX. It was as simple as moving ETH to layer 2 nova arbitum , the bridge back well that is 8 days kinda an annoyance but is for security…

  35. This is a chance for the community(I assume 40%is totally crypto illiterate based on posts and comments) To step out side of their comfort zone of coinbase -CDC ,centralized exchanges and actuarial be apart of crypto, you have been gifted tokens to experiment and learn with. Their will be hurdles along the way maybe some people never used MM maybe some people don’t truly understand layer 2 or gas fees. Here is an intro payed for by your interaction with the community.

  36. I think it's also important to consider that Moons is an experiment. The efficiency of the performance does not matter much. What matters are the hypothesis being tested.

  37. I was saying this multiple times when people were crying 'wen mainnet'. People completely overlooked fees. I was hoping that we will be able to pay in moons, implementation is even worse.

  38. Agreed, multiple steps to even use them is rather problematic design and the charge to use I don’t believe will help.

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