I read all the news on r/cc today so you don’t have to

  1. I’d worry about all the ops fighting for the TLDR summary. It’d get annoying really fast but it would be nice.

  2. At the very least give 0 karma to posts that are nothing but a link and not even a comment stating their thoughts, right? :)

  3. haha thanks the for the vote of confidence, but I’m sure other moon farmers are busy trying to outdo me as we speak :)

  4. The great thing is, even though all the posts have the same content they each get their own supply of likes :) Supply and demand I guess.

  5. I try to not be that because I do recognize its a problem. I've been submitting link posts to this community but not blindly. I try to be active in the comment sections for the articles I post because I think there are fun and interesting conversations to be had around the news. But I do agree with you, a post that I might make among hundreds in a day does indeed look like spam.

  6. I am truly sorry to deprive you of the opportunity for now. But in my crystal ball I see many more opportunities incoming in a few minutes.

  7. Well, I’m under an NDA so I can’t tell you until tomorrow but it rhymes with splurge. And you’ll not get another word out of me on the subject.

  8. The best way to get an answer is to ignore all the many posts about it and just make a new post demanding the answer. After all, you’re very busy but obviously no one else is.

  9. Dude! Now I’m going to have to release my post revealing that 10min from now instead of 5min from now. Not cool!

  10. I can already tell you the top comments will be “wen lambo” and “wen moon”, combined with some combination of 420 and 69.

  11. Thank you for doing most the effort , But I’m super lazy so Can you also post clever or humorous comments me.

  12. I’m afraid I don’t know how to write either clever or humorous things. This is the best I’m capable of.

  13. Tune in tomorrow for the next thrilling installment of IRATNORCCTSYDHT to find out. Name might need a bit of work.

  14. Nothing, assuming 'The Merge' goes without a hitch. On the other hand, if something goes wrong in the process of 'The Merge' then what will happen to ETH is... also nothing.

  15. Does anyone know what date is the Ethereum merge suppose to happen? I've been searching for ages

  16. I’m going to guess “wen lambo moon lol 420 69 casino buy high sell low” would be a good start :)

  17. If you write this script like description daily, I’ll produce it into a video and publish it as

  18. Sadly, you’re in a vast minority there. Those are the posts that generate the most likes by far :)

  19. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Surely they tore the whole thing down, killed the inhabitants and brought in fresh meat a few times before they got it right, right?

  20. Thanks for the info but are there any more sources that say the Eth merge is set for Sept 15th? I need more confirmation

  21. In the time it took me to write this I feel sure at least one more post will have been written. Keep the faith!

  22. Tune in tomorrow to find out. OK don’t twist my arm. I’ll give you a hint. In the play, Julius Caesar was killed on this day + 6 months. Gonna have to DYOR on that one.

  23. You need more than one day to actually read all the articles we get here. And most are the literally same thing and the other ones are older news articles that don't have any influence now.

  24. The ones with the older news that is no longer relevant are some of the best, because they generate comments and upvotes from people who are tricked into thinking it still is relevant.

  25. Sadly it’s the only thing they can do. There are no other coins they can mine, and there never will be.

  26. Your forgot about the merge of one of the biggest cryptocurrencies, was either ETH, BTC or LUNC, can't remember.

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