What are some blockchain based games that are functional right now and fun to play?

  1. Gods unchained is probably the most well developed Blockchain game. It utilizes nfts as trading cards, it is very similar to hearthstone. It is less polished than hearthstone, but fully playable and the strategies are more complex than the last time I played hearthstone.

  2. I love QUDO!! It has more than 20 games to download from the apple store and google store! I've been playing Bumper Cubs all the time and I'm looking forward to the release of Juice Cubs! I play and earn tokens, I love it! My children also play it, they are 11 and 9 years old and they already have their little portfolio😂

  3. There's a game where you can earn Nano. It's old school and sort of like Zelda, not sure if it's still kicking. Can be played on mobile

  4. I think you're talking about NanoBrowserQuest. But that's more like you play through the whole game once, and you get a few cents worth of Nano. It's more like a fun way to get people into Nano, rather than a blockchain-based game.

  5. Most P2Es are focused on earning and stabilizing the game economy... so this take away the "fun" in them.

  6. Undead blocks is pretty good even tho its in open beta, it's like COD zombies almost. You can get a weapons pack as an NFT and play. They have a scholar program when the game releases this quarter and you can rent a pack for a portion of your winnings so you don't actually have to purchase the NFT to play. They have open tourneys going on and for some you don't have to be a weapons holder to enter.

  7. I played townstars on gala games. It seemed very childish and unfinished at first but then it really got me. I spend many hours building my strategy.

  8. Not yet out but having tried some early access stuff, city states medieval. City building kinda game, no barrier to entry and generally I think it’s really quite fun, reminiscent of clash of clans, but you know rather different.

  9. There’s a game on Algorand blockchain called Alchemon. It’s pretty fun, but I also don’t love video games, so I might not be the best guy to ask. I just checked it out for investing purposes.

  10. Most games i know are just getting their funds started and getting things going for their blockchains like funding, valuations for taxes , the one I'm looking forward to is on evmos (orbital apes) they're the biggest validator on evmos so a decent small bag to start would help out to make money for the games when they start going, since it will be play to earn the more the better, but the basic cards only sell for $80 usd, put another $200 usd in you'll be set for fees like I said when its released :)

  11. I’ll have to check this out I’m already staking Evmos. Didn’t realize orbital apes had these plans, I’ll need to switch my delegation

  12. Skyweaver is actually a well made and fun card battle game (think Hearthstone) and is way better than Gods Unchained. It has NO price barrier to play, you can unlock all the cards for free, last time I played at least. The NFTs are cosmetics (gold/silver cards) that can be earned through a ranked mode or an arena style mode that has a paid entry. I don't think it's quite what you're looking for for her though.

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