Why are people still DCAing / investing in Doge or Shiba ?

  1. If there are any lessons to learn from this bear it's this and it would have been almost impossible to believe a little over 3 months ago: DOGE and SHIB were better investments than LUNA.

  2. Why is it so hard to believe? LUNA was a scam from the beginning, it was mentioned in the whitepaper and several CT influencers advised and explained why to avoid it

  3. Because these are the two most high profile memecoins. Better to invest in them than some new shitcoin that has a tiny chance of mooning but will most likely just disappear.

  4. If I’ve learned anything, it’s if this sub hates it there’s a 70% chance I’m going to make money off it.

  5. Dude you're a dumb ass shib did a 50,000% upward move in it's first year of life and it's a still a shit coin and trash to all you emotionally attached investors. Y'all won't ever admit you messed up judging coins by there symbols. You're still an idiot and will continue to miss out as long as you miss the point there is value in meme coins.

  6. Arguably the most important factor in "will it pump?". We can consider usefulness, purpose, technical background all we want. But if people buy €300 white t-shirts because it's from brand X, I'm banking on Shib and Doge to pump in the eventual bull market over anything other than BTC and ETH.

  7. I missed out on doge. Plus Shiba is so cheap u get millions for 20 bucks. Shiba is building an ecosystem and they have a burn portal. Makes more sense than doge but do have FOMO for meme coins

  8. Stepping stone cryptos. Feel bad for those that bought Doge at 70 cents or so though, they probably won't want anything to do with crypto anytime soon

  9. Same, my buddy got me to buy in during 2014-2016ish and I had almost a million of them. Sold them all in Jan. Before it shot off because it had no use lol no one could have predicted it going to ~75 cents. The same buddy about 6 months ago randomly sent me 2k doge for free lol he apparently still has a few million of them 😵‍💫

  10. Doge is one of the only (if not the only) actual meme coin. Every other one (excluding banano for weird reason) is a meme token.

  11. I had some doge at one point, forget how much but it was about $100 worth at a < .002 cost basis. I only remember because I always saw the doge ticker with the price $0.001xxxxx after it. I held it for a bit, sold when I was up 5% and bought another coin. Thought I did my part in the crypto meme-world, and made out with profit. If I had held until q2 2021 I would have had a nice chunk of change. But hindsight is 4/20. There is no guarantee I wouldn't have sold at $0.05. Now that I've been in the market for longer I know that if I'm buying anything, I'm fuckin holding unless I have an exit plan.

  12. I’ve just learned to take profits. I bought $2700 in Doge when it dipped to 5.3cents. I don’t think it’ll catch that 75cent moment again but 25cents 30cents? Why not. I’ll take that profit and invest in coins with more potential.

  13. Doge isn't really a joke anymore. It's what LiteCoin wishes it would be. That said, I'm still not touching it, even though I know i probably should.

  14. 50% are people that don't know anything about crypto and trends, 50% are people that know too much about crypto and trends

  15. Honestly, people that where to late to btc and eth. Personally, I took a gamble with 100 on shib very early. I don't think I've ever dipped below that initial investment currently at 350. Didn't most people do that with crypto in general at first? I know not the same with btc and eth in terms of usefulness and whatever else but, what if?

  16. Doge and Shina are the definition of “under promise and overdeliver” they haven’t claimed they are the future of finance, or real estate, or that they are the blockchain of blockchains providing cross-chain interconnectivity. That can’t fail at any of those things. Lots of coins have competition because they’ve picked a lane and are trying to win it it. Doge and Shiba are just blockchains with a pic of a cute dog. They have A LOT of volume already. If anyone starts developing in them, bag holders will do very very well.

  17. They also delivered nothing of use and never will. But hey they didn't promise to so it's okay.

  18. I am one of those. I really like what the project and community is building and a genuine use for the coin in the future, along with a serious passion by the community and team to make it happen.

  19. Because memes play an important role in the construction of group identity and social boundaries. It's digital art expressed through digital means.

  20. They are following whales...what every one fails to identify is that whales dont need large price movements to profit smh

  21. Well Shib just did +30% so there is that. Also in the next bull run these two will probably go up considerably, because people buy them thinking they will get rich off "cheap" coins.

  22. Because the payout is 35:1 and at the end of the day we’re all degens gambling at the casino. If you think otherwise you’re deluding yourself.

  23. I made some good profits off of shiba when I decided to chuck some money at it, straight gamble. But it seems like they’re trying to put out some decent use cases for it

  24. Their up 300000% since Feb 2021, they have their own swap coming up, and they have a project coming up in metaverse. Why not buy a chunk and let it ride?

  25. Is this seriously your pitch? Read what you just wrote one more time but slowly… if a shit coin is up 300,000% you want to invest in said shit coin? Haha you missed the boat bruv

  26. I know I sound nuts, but IMO, DOGE is tried and true as the original memecoin. It has its own blockchain that works. It has spawned literally thousands of copycats. It has history of being fun and lighthearted. It’s not going anywhere.

  27. Doge and shob have more upside than btc at this point. The maxis won’t agree but that’s only because they got in early.

  28. We hate you but we love you. We hate you because you’re irrational and making the CC space look r3tarted, we love you because you’re irrational and make the space look r3tarted

  29. The sub went through a phase where pro Dogecoin stuff could get upvotes and then the entire market shat itself for 8 months and now it’s back to obnoxious hate.

  30. Doge should be viewed as a derivative position on retail involvement in crypto. When normies start flooding to crypto it will go nucking futs. When retail gets bored of crypto it crashes hard. Normies will return. Buy low, sell high.

  31. Because its been around for 8 years and likely not going away. It did 300x last bull run so just $100 bucks would have made you $30,000. Anyone who doesnt see that just cant math.

  32. Doge has been around for a long time, but Shiba is a bit more of a mystery. I feel like it's just a momentum thing, once it gets enough traction the hype is self-sustaining

  33. You know how lottery ticket sales skyrocket when big jackpots are reported in the news? It's the same kind of phenomenon, low-knowledge people hear about big pumps in the news or on social media and then think they might as well try their luck or catch the momentum. Then the sharks that were waiting for these chumps to pour in dump their holdings when FOMO is high and wait until things cycle back down.

  34. That’s what people are hoping for. They hope either of the coins stay relevant through the bear market and pump on the next bull run. Simple as that.

  35. They seem volatile enough to day trade for some people, and just look at what happened to these memecoins, they just exploded in price for no real good reason besides hype

  36. I thought my friend talking me into buying shib when it first came out was the stupidest thing I’ve done... until it wasn’t...

  37. Doge, Shiba and Dogelon Mars were all in the top 10 gainers on CDC yesterday. Shiba and Dogelon Mars are in top 10 today. A lot of folk including myself believe they will all perform very well when the next bullrun comes.

  38. Bought a load of doge just in case it ever hits £1, if it does, I'm rich (by my standards), if not, then I wasted £20.

  39. Easy, they are fun to buy and tell your friends. It's clear your frame for the crypto space is "blockchain technology" and "use cases." That is perfectly fine and rationale.

  40. In my understanding the DCA in DOGE is fueled by the satelite launch spacex( fully funded by doge) which is for september. As for shiba im same as you.

  41. They're both important cryptos and they have passed the test of time especially Doge. Why shouldn't people invest in them?

  42. I don't know why it is so hard to do your own research or use google, but Shib has a former VP from Activision/Blizzard games developing a AAA game for them, also a mobile game being released soon. Also they have a payment platform, yield farming and staking, a swap, an NFT marketplace, and a stable coin pegged to a cent.

  43. SHIB actually has shown great resistance throughout the last few months. Its utility is being developed and it's actively shown more so than other coins. So IMO, I think this plays a lil part in it. I invested last year before the ATH, and honestly, no regrets. Its interesting to see where this project will go and honestly, its worth the gamble considering my initial investment

  44. Tl;Dr: SHIB is growing a very strong ecosystem and community, and then I get on my soap box about the crypto community's hateful tendencies.

  45. I bought $250 worth for my grandkids in early 2021 to be cashed out in 2030. When it pumped in October I thought about selling it for a 7 times profit and invest it in a real coin but it is not mine to sell so I am sticking with the 2030 cash out. I’ll let you know if it was smart or stupid move in 2030. Cannot say either way now because crypto is so unpredictable

  46. Or people really believe the projects or people are into the fallacy that they invested to much to stop now.

  47. When memecoins are out of the top 30 coins you’ll know the industry is the real deal and it’s matured. Just use the shitcoins as a barometer to plan your exit. As long as dumb shitcoins are top 30, you’re early

  48. I wouldn't be too sure. Certainly not my cup of tea but doge has proven to have staying power. But who really knows with these memecoins

  49. Yea days like today are great for traders to trade but there must be more that makes both be the choice over all the other Alts below top 15. Which are a lot of unique and solid projects

  50. Doge gets a lot of slack for "being a meme" despite being a solid payment coin that does not take itself too serious. But somehow the fact that the logo is a meme dog takes away from all the fundamentals that people otherwise claim to care about...

  51. I know there is burning of SHIB, but from my understanding, it’ll never be anything significant to have a huge impact on price. Then again, what the fuck do I know, and watch SHIB get to $0.01 somehow.

  52. DOGECHAIN is coming thats why and SHIB has something coming as well. look into it. by far the most money will be made with PULSECHAIN...

  53. Doge bottomed out at 0.05. It's actually above 0.08 so that's a 60% recovery, better than bitcoin. ETH has doubled. Polygon has tripled.

  54. My experience with doge is that the community is very welcoming to newbies and veterans, lots of smaller art projects and other efforts have come and gone over the years to try and make doge as much as a currency and not just a speculation. So for me it's not a terrible idea to bank on the community continuing and growing which translates to the coin itself also continuing and growing.

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